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Creative Agency for Medical Marketing

Whitecross is a privately owned full service agency. For almost 20 years
they successfully combine informed medical know-how with fresh
off- and online creativity. The design of this CMS-driven Site is usable,
simple and clear and was enhanced with many surprising transitions
programed in Javascript.

Role: Director User Experience for white-x
Technology: Drupal (CMS), Php, Javascript, CSS

2010                                                                        3
Product Website – Natural Treatment of Menopausal Symptoms

Main target group for this site are women between 45-55 who suffer from menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats and
mood swings. To optimize the site’s usability and effectiveness for this particular group of visitors, user centered methodologies were
applied. Interview results directly influenced the design of the site as well as the amount and the presentation of words on each page.

Special attention was paid to search engine optimization. Another important target group were pharmacie assistants. An online train-
ing about the alternative to hormone replacement therapy for menopausal symptoms was provided.

Role: Director User Experience for white-x
Technology: WebEdition(CMS), Php, CSS
Usability-Testing: NetFlow

                                                                                                                                          Menopause Self-Test

2010                                                                                                                                                            4
CeBit 2009 Touch Screen Information Kiosk

The number of people travelling is growing. More and more passengers
are being transported in ever bigger aircrafts. Demands on border con-
trol are growing – for instance, with the checking of biometric features.

Bundesdruckerei’s Border Control Solutions (BOCS) reflect the specific
process layouts of present and future border control scenarios. The inter-
active exhibit simulates impressively how BOCS supports higher security
standards while processing large numbers of passengers more efficiently.

Role: Interaction Designer and Flash Developer
Technology: Photohop, Illustrator, XML, Flash AS3
Concept and architecture: Office for Spatial Identity

2009                                                                         5
Clean, modern, usable, aesthetic.

A clean look makes this site look simple. Even though the extend of
the information is quite large, the interaction design concept makes
navigating the information comfortable and easy. The site needed
to be up to par with modern interactive technologies. Its core is the
program-calendar page. The viewer saves his favorite picks into a “My
Film Selection” list, which he then downloads into his favorite calen-
der program. The site’s navigation follows established usability con-
cepts. Halfway through the film festival’s run, the number of unique
visitors had already increased by 65% from the previous year.

Role: Interaction Design, Art Direction, Flash Programmierung
Tools: PHP, Flash, XML, Photoshop, Illustrator
CMS: WebEdition

Backend programming:

2008                                                                     6
Visually luscious, site emulates the Aveda Lifestyle Salon experience

This site hints at the experience of what it be like to have an appointment at Sev-
ensenses - an Aveda Lifestyle Salon. The salon offers styling, color services, make up
and spa treatments, while exclusively using Aveda Product, known for highest quality
standards and environmental consciousness.

Aufgabe: Interaction Design, Art Direction und Flash development
Technologie: Flash, XML, Photoshop

2007                                                                                     7
Prada Epicenter Store, New York City: Staff Device

At the center of this technology-based service scenario is a
staff device developed by IDEO London, and Icon Nicholson.
Connected to the store database terminal, the wireless staff
device provides up-to-date access to inventory and customer
information. It serves as a interface to other elements of
the service scenario: reading radio frequency identification
(RFID) tags that identify products, staff and customers via a
personalized customer card. The device also controls video
displays throughout the store.

Bronze Winner 2002 Idea Award

Role: Senior Flash Developer for Icon Nicholson
Technology: Flash, JSP, Java Servlets, Oracle DB

2001/2002                                                       8
Company’s Production Catalog

Platform for artist and filmmaker Susanne A. Homann who lives and works in Hamburg and L.A. Ms. Homann has
produced art since 1986. This site’s demonstrates the breath of her work and structures the information to be easily
browsable. Conceptually the site recalls a movie production company and includes a “screening” area and teasers
for quick reference to her newest works. Pure lines and coloring of the site mirrow the aethetics of her work.

Role: Interaction Designer, Art Director und Flash Developer
Technology: Flash, XML, Photoshop

2007                                                                                                                   9
Mash Up Site explores literature and its settings

This web 2.0 site lets readers enter the places and settings of books they have read
into a map. An atlas of literature evolves over time which allows the exploration
between the world map and literature.

Aufgabe: Interaction Design, Art Direction
Technologie: XHTML, AJAX, Google Maps, Panaramio, Photoshop

2007                                                                                   10
Design applies User Centered Design principles

D-LABS does User Centered Design. While working at D-LABS as a Senior Interaction Designer I lead
the company’s efforts to introduce a new corporate design while simultaneously develop their new
web presence. D-LABS’ special catalog of user centered methodologies was used to optimize the
site’s usability and effectiveness.

Aufgabe: Project Director, Senior Interaction Designer
Technologie: Typo3, CSS, Photoshop, UCD Methodologies

2008                                                                                                11
Corporate Design Essentials Presentation Software

This project is based on “Corporate Design Essentials”,
Gold medallist of BCP Best of Corporate Publishing.

Concept, navigation, animation and commissioned music
work together perfectly to communicate Volkswagen’s
Corporate Design principles emotionally and to the point.

Role: Concept, Interaction Design and Flash Development
for Metadesign, Berlin
Technology: Flash, XML Jetta Web Special

Web special for the 2005 Jetta helped to change the car’s
grandfatherly reputation into an elegant and sporty choice
for a younger generation.

Role: Concept, User Interface Design, Flash Development
for Tribal DDB
Technology: Flash, XML

2005                                                         12
T-Gallery                                                                                    2005

The Deutsche Telekom headquarter in Bonn presents innovative and visionary telecommunication
technology at its T-Gallery. It is a architectural multimedia platform for permanent and temporary
exhibitions, cultural as well as commercial events thus representing Deutsche Telekom’s products
and brand effectively.

Role: Flash developer for Qbus, Berlin
Technology: Flash, Flash Communication Server
                                                                                                      T-Gallery 05

Cebit 2004 T-Online Stages                                                                   2004

T-Online’s presentation at the worldwide largest computer convention. Three stages presented 22
shows a day. Each stage coordinated 6 computers, multi user games, live video and internet feeds.
The hosts navigated the shows through touch screen panels.                                           Cebit 04

IFA 2003 T-Online Stage                                                                      2003

Multi screen media wall at the International Funkaustellung in Berlin (Consumers Electronics
Unlimited) to showcase T-Online’s latest developments and particularly the new T-Online Portal.
Moderators navigate through presentations, multi user games and live internet connections via
touch screen interfaces.

Role: Lingo developer for Q-Bus Mediatektur, Berlin
Technology: Director 8.5, Flash, After Effects.

                                                                                                     IFA 03          13
Custom label printing software for MINI dealers

This all Flash desktop application features precise printing abilities on custom made
paper in addition to font size selection for various display conditions. An adjustment
tool saves user settings for either laser or ink jet printers externally.

Role: Interaction Design and Flash Developer for Studio 38, Berlin.
Technology: Flash MX

2003                                                                                     14
Wireless Interactive Installation

The work receives viewer’s text messages from either the
internet, web enables wireless devices or cell phones.
During periods of inactivity, it keeps and repeats previously
posted messages. It at once communicates (life) and archives
(death). The work is presented in two display cases.

Role: Artist, coproduction with Han Gene Paik
Technology: Flash, WAP, Java Servlet, Database, LCD
monitors and handheld devices with Internet connection

2002                                                            15
Digital Wishing Well

Thesis work: As a technological object, this coin operated
wishing machine is contrasted with magical thinking
(wishing, hoping, praying).

Role: Artist
Technology: Director 8, Sensor Technology, Flash 4
Actionscript in combination with Generator 2.0, Coldfusion,
Access database.
Hardware: NT server, Apple Studio Display, Handyboard.
Other materials: Aluminum, plexi glass, f luorescent light

2000                                                          16
An interface experiment for a handheld device

The on screen environment is filled with ‘water’ and e-mail
objects are suspended in it. While moving the sensored
handheld device, e-mails are ‘caught’, sorted and read by
sifting them through filters.

Role: Artist, with Han Gene Paik
Technology: Macintosh Computer, ADBIO interface, LCD f lat
panel monitor, tilt sensors, potentiometer and Macromedia


1999                                                                          17
Software and Computing

     Programming: Flash AS 3, Lingo, xHTML, CSS, XML
     Digital: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
     Prototype: Fireworks, Flash Catalyst, Omni Graff le ...

Areas of Expertise

     User Experience Consulting
     Interaction Design
     User Interface Design
     Flash “Usable Motion” Design

     Graduate Faculty for Design and Technology, User Experience Design
      Interaction Design Workshops and Lectures

     Performing Arts - modern dance
     Bilingual German/English


     MFA in Design and Technology, Parsons School of Design, New York, 2000
     MFA Dance, University of Cologne, Germany, 1985
     High School Diploma, Heinrich Nordhoff Gymnasium, Wolfsburg, 1982