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									Will the best pick up lines work for you?

That is the big question when it comes down to finding and using the best pick up
lines is will they work for you? A pick up line isn’t just about the words that are
said it is also about the delivery of those words. You can tell the funniest joke in
the world but it if it’s not delivered in a funny way no one will laugh at it. The same
thing applies to good pick up lines. If you walk over and stammer your way through
telling a girl she looks like one of god’s angels fallen to earth in your eyes, she will
probably roll her eyes and turn back to her drink. However if you look at her all
confident and witty and tell her she looks like one of god’s angels right here on
earth you might get to buy her a drink. And who knows where it will go from there
you may even have found Mrs. Right. And the
Pick up lines you used will now be the
center of many conversations that you have with other people. So when you are
thinking about pick up lines make sure you think about how you will look or sound
delivering them.
How to Make Them Work
Some of the best Funny lines to say are well rehearsed and thought out. Yes, you heard
me right they are rehearsed. It never hurts to look at yourself in a mirror and recite
the line a few times with a few different looks. You don’t want to look like a bad
actor reciting them either. You want it to look natural so keep that in mind. If you
have a couple of friends that are girls to try them out on that would be even better.
They can give you honest feedback not only on the line but also on the delivery of it.
When you are going through the pick up lines make sure to read quite a few of them
out loud to yourself. If the line just flows with your speech pattern it may be the
best pick up line for you. Following these few small tips could mean the difference
between getting to know someone better and getting shot down. So don’t feel silly
taking the time to read and get to know some Sweet pick up lines for your next night out
on the town.

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