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why Aveda


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									why Aveda?
    Aveda believes in conducting business in a manner that protects the Earth, conserves resources and does not compromise the ability of
    future generations to sustain themselves.
    We support values that cultivate a sustainable economy and culture. We find inspiration for doing so in nature and believe that nature
    is not merely something to be cherished and protected, but also should be emulated as a model of sustainability.
    Our business mission at Aveda is to partner with salon/spa professionals around the world in developing sustainable businesses.
      I   We create high-performance, professional products based on revolutionary botanical science and aromaology™.
      I   We retain guests by delivering the “Aveda Experience”, consisting of professional services, value-added wellness rituals and retail
          product recommendations for home use.
      I   We connect with network artistry and provide cutting-edge and wearable inspiration.
      I   We define and quantify salon and spa business strategies to help owners effectively lead their organisations and grow their

what are Aveda Lifestyle Salons & Spas?
Aveda’s lifestyle concept is a salon, a spa and a retail business all under one roof. Aveda has an established retail know-how and a
genuine environmental proposition to attract today’s discerning client.
Aveda Lifestyle Salons & Spas are the ultimate representation of the brand’s philosophy in terms of service, ambiance and space.
Through the doors of the Aveda Lifestyle Salons and Spas every guest can experience our unique aromas and relax with stress-relieving
rituals performed by the staff.
I Independently owned businesses that are co-branded with Aveda
I High Street retail locations in major towns or cities, resulting in one third of your business in retail sales
I Connecting beauty, well-being and the environment with a passion for service and retail

join an established selective brand
I   Co-branding with Aveda                                               I   Customised marketing and PR support
I   Continuous business support tailored to your salon                       – advertising and public relations with national and
    – a proven format that builds profitability                                local campaigns
    – quarterly business reviews to boost service and profits                – reaching internet users via aveda.co.uk
    – design solutions from our experienced retail planners                  – special events
    – structured programme of frequent in-salon support from                 – sampling programme
      Aveda’s Salon Development Partners and Technical Educators.        I   Inspired education programmes
                                                                             – creative programmes that focus on client retention and
                                                                               business strategies
                                                                             – artistic technical training at the Aveda Advanced Academies
                                                                             – in-salon training with customised yearly modules
dun’s house
Business partners Sheona, Dean and Duncan became involved with Aveda when they launched a day spa offering only Aveda products
within their first salon. The team and customers alike were soon hooked on the brand and in 2001 James Dun’s House decided to take
all Aveda’s domains and converted to Full Spectrum™ hair colour. A visit to Aveda’s Minneapolis Congress in 2002 gave the three
partners an in-depth understanding of Aveda’s philosophy and business potential prompting them to move locations, open an Aveda
Lifestyle Salon & Spa and convert to Aveda exclusively. They now have a thriving salon with a management structure in place covering
all departments (hair, beauty, retail, café) and other business disciplines (HR, marketing, finance) for the team of 70 employees.

                                                                                                  square metres                  465 sq m

                                                                                                  number of chairs               25

                                                                                                  staff retention                85%

                                                                                                  number of treatment rooms      4
aberdeen, scotland – uk
Tony and Sonia Byrne upgraded their first salon in Chiswick, London by implementing the Aveda Business System and converting to
only carrying the Aveda brand. They redesigned the lay-out of their retail area incorporating the Sensory Journey and five Aveda rituals.
Consequently, the Redchat business doubled over 12 months and the Byrnes saw a huge potential in opening another Aveda Lifestyle
Salon & Spa. Redchat Richmond is prominently located in an affluent London suburb and offers four floors of beauty rooms and stylist
stations. In the first six months of business, the Richmond salon’s turnover was more than their Chiswick salon had generated in its
first two years of trading.

                                                                                                      square metres                   130 sq m

                                                                                                      number of chairs                20

                                                                                                      average retail per week         £6800

                                                                                                      number of treatment rooms       3
richmond, london – uk
Joy Hawkridge’s first Aveda salon in Dublin was a great success from the outset. As demand for spa treatments grew, Joy needed to
find a larger location and, with Aveda’s guidance, an ideal retail unit was secured just off busy Grafton Street. Joy is adamant that all
clients are offered an Aveda ritual when they enter her salon – an important value-added touch that helps encourage conversion to
retail and/or service clients. Aveda’s strong brand image generates the necessary publicity to attract a steady stream of shoppers to
this successful Lifestyle Salon & Spa.

                                                                                                      square metres                   160 sq m

                                                                                                      number of chairs                12

                                                                                                      client retention                90%

                                                                                                      number of treatment rooms       3
dublin – ireland

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