NON-TENURE-TRACK FACULTY
                                   ELEMENTS OF THE LETTER OF OFFER
                                                                  July 2008

The letter of offer is an opportunity to specify not only the recommended conditions of appointment,
but the expectations that the department and College have for non-tenure-track faculty. Non-tenure-
track faculty are evaluated annually on the basis of expectations and duties defined in the Letter of
Offer. A new letter of offer must be extended each time an appointment is made.

In keeping with the UFWW Agreement:

      Contracts offered to all non-tenure-track faculty shall be presented in a Letter of Offer
      that states departmental assignment, non-tenure-track faculty title, the effective dates
      of the appointment, salary, benefits, the FTE, a description of responsibilities, and
      any other accommodations negotiated by the faculty member. Non-tenure-track
      faculty will not be expected to perform duties outside the responsibilities outlined in
      the Letter of Offer.

The attached template for the letter of offer provides standard language for the standard elements. Depart-
ments may have different expectations; the template can be revised to accommodate departmental practices.
Specific elements which should be included are:

Title (“Rank”)

Non-tenure-track faculty employed on a temporary basis or outside the usual structure of rank and tenure are
normally designated as Instructor.

Non-tenure-track faculty may be appointed as Senior Instructor, Affiliated Faculty, or Visiting Assistant
Professor, Visiting Associate Professor, or Visiting Professor, provided the individual qualifies for the rank and
the appointment is for a designated term.


The salary is determined in consultation with the Dean’s office. Salary offers cannot be made without prior

The salary normally varies depending on the number of credits taught or the number of courses taught. If the
salary differs by quarter, this should be specified in the letter of offer.

For example:               Fall:   History 101                    .1111 FTE   $3,000
                           Winter: History 101 & 102              .2222 FTE   $6,000
                           Spring: History 220                    .0833 FTE   $2,250

If the appointment in any quarter exceeds .3333 FTE (full-time), the FTE and salary can be spread evenly
across the quarters of employment to stay within the .3333 FTE as long as the heaviest workload is in the first
quarter of the appointment.

(If a supplemental appointment creates an overload, the supplemental appointment must be paid as a one-time
pay. The letter of offer must specify that the salary will be a one-time pay at the end of the quarter of

Appointment Lengths

The standard dates for the academic year and individual quarters are always:

                                 Time Period                From              Through
                                 Academic Year              September 16      June 15
                                 Fall Quarter               September 16      December 15
                                 Winter Quarter             December 16       March 15
                                 Spring Quarter             March 16          June 15


Non-tenure-track faculty are employed on a temporary basis to teach necessary courses. Non-tenure-track
faculty responsibilities are defined in the Letter of Offer and normally consist primarily of teaching.

Teaching. It is the expectation that faculty teaching will reflect both the highest standards regarding content
and the goal of engaging students actively in their own learning, including discussion, writing, and data
analysis. It is the expectation that faculty provide students with feedback on their course work and
examinations, and be available to students through adequate, regularly-scheduled office hours.

Scholarship. It is the expectation that faculty remain current in their discipline. A sustained program of
scholarly activity and productivity is not required for non-tenure-track employment, although it is recognized
that this can contribute to the quality of instruction.

Service. Non-tenure-track faculty may be invited, but are not required, to participate in department activities.
Non-tenure-track faculty may have voting privileges on department affairs at the discretion of the department,
but they may not extend to issues of appointment, tenure, promotion, or other personnel matters.

Rarely, there will be specific expectations for non-tenure-track faculty, which should be described following the
general expectations for all faculty.

                        TEMPLATE: NON-TENURE-TRACK FACULTY
                                               LETTER OF OFFER
                                                   July 2008

                       Highlighted blocks need to be completed.
 Unprotect the form to add conditions specific to a department and adjust margins, etc.
           Blue sections are provided for reference and need to be deleted.


We are pleased that you are interested in teaching in the Department of        . This letter is an
offer of appointment and an outline of the conditions of your appointment. A formal contract will
be prepared upon receipt of your signed letter.

This position is non-tenure-track at the rank of      . [ See Elements], beginning         and
ending         . There is no expectation of continued employment. Your responsibilities will be
to teach         . This is a       FTE appointment and the salary for this period is $    ,
distributed as follows: [If applicable]

Western Washington University offers benefits for eligible non-tenure track faculty as defined in
the UFWW Contract. Benefits include: leaves as provided in section 11 of the faculty contract;
medical, dental, life, and long term disability insurance; and a retirement plan. To find out what
benefits you may qualify for, review the Human Resources website:
Contact the Department of Human Resources for specific information.

The Department, the College, and the University value teaching and we expect you to be an
exemplary teacher; to be current in your discipline; to engage students actively in their own
learning, including discussion, writing, and analysis; and to maintain high standards regarding
course content. We expect you to provide students with feedback on their course work and
examinations, and to be available to students through adequate, regularly-scheduled office
hours in keeping with department policy. We expect you to have your students evaluate your
course(s) using the standard University evaluation forms and to make those evaluations
available to the department chair and faculty for annual review.

We invite you to participate in scholarly and/or creative activity. This is not required for non-
tenure-track employment, although it is recognized that it can contribute to the quality of

We also invite you to participate in department activities. [ See Elements]

All faculty have a duty to comply with The Code of Faculty Ethics in the Faculty Handbook and
with conventions within their discipline.

Your teaching performance will be evaluated by me in the manner established by the
department. This review will include an opportunity for you to discuss the evaluation with me
and respond to it before it is submitted to the Dean. The evaluation will include review of
student evaluations of all courses taught. In addition, It is strongly recommended that you invite

tenured faculty to observe your teaching in order to enable an informed judgment to be made on
your performance.

The Agreement between the Board of Trustees of the University and the United Faculty of
Western Washington/UFWW and the WWU Faculty Handbook serve as guides in matters of
faculty employment, welfare, rights and responsibilities.

This offer of employment is contingent upon a complete background check satisfactory to the
University and your ability to meet federal employment eligibility requirements.

If you accept the conditions of this letter of offer, please sign below and return this letter to me
no later than       . After that date, this letter will no longer constitute a commitment to these
conditions on our part unless extended by mutual agreement. Following receipt of your
acceptance of these conditions, a contract will be prepared.


     , Chair
Department of

ACCEPTED:______________________________________________ DATE:_____________________


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