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					We Unite for Water
      Annual Report 2009-2010

                                                                                        International Programs                                   4
                                                                                        Stories from the Field                                   6
                                                                                        Public Engagement                                        8
                                                                                        Fundraising                                             10
                                                                                        Finances                                                12
                                                                                        WaterCan Thanks                                         15

                                                             Photo: Peter Bregg, 2009

                                                                                           Watercan loses board member and
LeADeRSHIP                                                                                 dear friend
                                                                                                                          We are saddened
                                                                                                                          to announce that
Honourary President
Margaret trudeau
                                                                                                                          our longstanding
                                                                                                                          board member, Steve
WaterCan Board of Directors
                                                                                                                          Simmering, passed
James Knight, Chair
President & CEO, Association of Canadian Community Colleges                                                               away in the fall of
Ron cheek, MSc., P.Eng.                                                                                                   2009. Steve had been
Retired (formerly Vice-President of J.L. Richards & Associates Limited, Consulting                                        involved with WaterCan
Engineers, Architects and Planners)                                                                                       for several years in
Greg chesley
                                                                                                                          various capacities.
Canadian Forces, Retired
K. Bruce Dean, P.Eng.                                                                                                     He was elected to the
Principal, Director of Water Resources, Calgary Office, Golder Associates Ltd.                                            board in 2005 and
Arlene McKechnie, BSc (Hons), L.L.B.                                                                                      served as a member
Corporate Counsel, Mitel Networks Corporation                                                                             of the Executive
Dr. elizabeth MacSween
                                                                                           Committee and Chair of the Audit Committee. Steve’s
carl nicholson                                                                             contributions to WaterCan can only be described as
Executive Director, Catholic Immigration Centre                                            exemplary. We, the board and staff, will miss him; his
Rudy Putns                                                                                 legacy will remain with us always. Condolences are
CEO, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada, Retired                                  extended to Anne and the Simmering family.
Andrés Sánchez, P.Eng.
Senior Program Specialist, EcoHealth, International Development Research Centre
carole Sheppard
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Bron Vasic
Principal, OTUS Strategic Financial Business Planning Inc.                              WaterCan
Andrew Wilson                                                                           321 Chapel Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 7Z2 Canada
Wilson Law Partners LLP                                                                 Tel: 613 230 5182 or 1 800 370 5658 Fax: 613 230 0712
Senior Management                                                                       E-mail:
Gary H.J. Pluim
Executive Director                                                            
George Yap
International Program Director                                                          WaterCan is a registered Canadian charity
                                                                                        Charity registration #119288934 RR0001

Message by James Knight, Chairman of the Board and Gary H. J.
Pluim, Executive Director
The old adage “In Unity there is Strength” rings ever
true for many organizations, and for WaterCan this
is a proven reality in our focus to provide resources
for safe drinking water and sanitation facilities in
developing countries in eastern Africa. In summarizing
WaterCan’s activities for 2009-2010, it is clear that our
growth is the direct result of many individuals, groups,
and organizations. People from different walks of life,
and of varying ages, have come together to achieve
extraordinary results – results we could not possibly
have achieved on our own.

As you read this report, it is apparent that while we all
come together to support a common cause, we are             James Knight                   Gary H. J. Pluim
drawn to the cause for many different, equally valid        Chairman of the Board          Executive Director
reasons. Joseph Caruso, long-time friend of WaterCan,
recently shared his rationale for “uniting for water”: “I
unite for water because it is water that unites us all!”
Joseph, Vice President of Sales, Collega International
joined his colleagues at Aveda and Collega to
successfully raise over $290,000 in their iwalkforwater
events held across Canada during Earth Month 2009.          We are grateful to Margaret Trudeau, WaterCan
                                                            Honourary President, who continues to give unselfishly
As WaterCan’s 2009-2010 fiscal year drew to a close,        of her time to convey WaterCan’s vision.
my tenure as Chairman of the Board ended June
30th. The past decade has been an exciting time of          It is a privilege to work with a group of dedicated staff,
continuous growth for WaterCan and it has been an           a diverse group of volunteers who assist in various
honour to serve as Chairman of a Board of skilled,          capacities including the Board of Directors, and capable
capable business leaders. I would like to convey my         partners in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
personal thanks to retiring board members for their
individual and united efforts and extend a special          In closing, we would like to express our sincere
tribute to long-standing board member and friend,           appreciation to you, our supporters, in your own unique
Steve Simmering, who passed away last fall.                 roles, for a united effort for water.

                                                                                                   Photo: Peter Bregg, 2009

     “I unite for water because I have the opportunity to assist my people in
      improving their lives.” ~ Elizabeth Mekonnen, WaterCan’s Ethiopia Country Advisor

number of 20L jerry cans filled with
clean, safe water this year:

*Based on calculation of the approximate number of litres/person/day consumed in 365 days.


Year in Review                                                fuel costs continue to
                                                              rise in the region, though
WaterCan presently works with 15 local partner                to some degree this has
organizations in eastern Africa to provide safe drinking      been alleviated by the
water, sanitation, and hygiene education to vulnerable        strength of the Canadian
communities. Through these strategic partnerships,            dollar over the past year.
WaterCan is effectively and efficiently supporting            In parts of Ethiopia,
grassroots efforts aimed at increasing the quality of         drought conditions
life for children, women, and men, in poor rural and          have undermined some
urban schools and communities. Our countries of focus         communities’ abilities
continue to be Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.         to participate in community development initiatives. At
                                                              some sites, this required WaterCan to shift from labour-
The past year saw the start of a major new program,           intensive hand-dug wells to well drilling. In southern
complementing WaterCan’s ongoing work overseas.               Uganda, heavy rains made the timely transport of
CIDA’s approval of a new $2.11 million grant in early         construction materials and field teams to some rural
2009, provided a major boost to WaterCan’s efforts            field sites difficult.
in eastern Africa. Over the next three years, the grant
will be used to fund the East African Water Sanitation        Capacity building of local partner organizations
and Hygiene Education Program (EA-WASH) to assist at          continues to be an important focus of our international
least 40,000 people living in rural and urban areas of        program. Planning and training workshops, combined
Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda.                                  with using local water and sanitation experts as
                                                              project advisors, are among WaterCan’s methods. In
During the first year of the EA-WASH Program,                 May, 2009, we sponsored project staff from partner
WaterCan’s local partner organizations conducted              organizations to attend and share experiences at the
detailed technical field surveys, complemented by             34th Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
thorough consultations with community members and             Conference held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
local government officials, to help identify and select
suitable sites for water supply and sanitation facilities.    WaterCan’s flexible and adaptive approach to capacity
Such an approach, while time-consuming, is absolutely         building is also well illustrated by its Capacity Building
critical for properly mobilizing and engaging local           Fund, created to meet the unique training needs of
residents; it also helps ensure project activities properly   individual partner organizations in a responsive
complement local development plans. The initial water         manner. The first round of activities supported by
and sanitation facilities completed under the EA-WASH         the Fund includes practical initiatives such as
Program now benefit over 4,500 people.                        upgrading accounting systems, refresher training in
                                                              participatory monitoring and evaluation techniques,
WaterCan was also busy carrying out Phase II of its           and strategic planning.
Clean Water for Schools Program. Launched in January,
2009, already completed school projects benefit               Next year promises to be another exceptional year,
more than 9,500 students and their teachers. Upon             as we launch Phase III of our Clean Water for Schools
completion of all 58 Phase II school projects, by mid-        Program, and as a large number of projects begun
2010, we anticipate more than 43,000 students and             this fiscal year reach completion. As always we remain
their teachers will have been assisted.                       committed to our core program principles of supporting
                                                              sustainable, long-term development initiatives through
Deteriorating economic conditions and severe weather          small-scale, community driven projects that address the
conditions in parts of eastern Africa offered various         unique water and sanitation needs of the communities
challenges to WaterCan. Construction materials and            with which we work.

StoRIeS fRoM tHe fIeLD

Community Pulls Together to Bring Clean Water to Kotetni
Primary School, Kenya
For the boys and girls at Kotetni Primary School,
located in rural Nyanza province of western Kenya,
gaining access to clean drinking water and finding a
safe and private place to relieve themselves was a
daily challenge.

With no water supply to speak of and very few toilet
facilities, the school, a place that should foster the
healthy development of young children, quickly became
a place marred by a devastating cycle of illness,                                             Video
absenteeism and poor school performance. Parents,
teachers, students and community members all agreed
that this situation needed to change.

We believe that partnership and participation lie at
the very heart of successful water and sanitation
programming. As such, WaterCan and our partner
organization SANA actively encouraged community
members to participate in every phase of the project’s
implementation—from planning and construction to
management and maintenance.

The school and local community demonstrated their
commitment by raising a portion of the funds required
for the Clean Water for Kotetni Primary School project
through a Harambee—a Kenyan tradition of self-help
events organized to support development initiatives.
Harambee literally means “all pull together” in Swahili.    Basic facts and figures
Through careful collaboration, WaterCan supported
                                                            Countries                         Ethiopia Kenya Tanzania Uganda Canada
the construction of two rainwater harvesting tanks, 17
latrine stalls and hygiene education activities. These
                                                            Population (millions)                   79         36      39      29    32
efforts have had immediate impact. Head Teacher Mrs.
Mary Onyango explains, “ [With the] new latrines, and       Water supply coverage (%)               22          61     62      60    100
the separate blocks for boy and girls, there is less
sexual harassment, the school population has increased      Sanitation coverage (%)                 13          43     47      43    100
and test results have also improved. We [teachers
and parents] are also happy as our school is now like       Child mortality (under 5 years)
those in the big cities, with water tanks and sanitation    per 1,000 live births                 164          120    122     136      6
facilities that are gender sensitive and child friendly.”
                                                            UN Human Development Index
                                                            Rank (out of 177 countries)          169th    148th      159th   154th    4th

                                                            Source ‑ UNDP Human Development Report 2007‑2008

Clean Water Brings Health and Hope to Dame Village, Ethiopia
                                                            situation we were in. We all feel reborn. I feel sorry for
                                                            our elders who passed away and never got to know this
                                                            better [life]. We can now wash our clothes in our village
                                                            rather than walk to the river or carry the water home.
                                                            We take better care of ourselves, including [washing]
                                                            regularly. We have less skin diseases and don’t have to
                                                            go to the clinic very often anymore, which saves us time
                                                            and money.”

                                                            “Our community is happy,” she says. “We manage
                                                            the water as if it were one of our children, because
                        Video                               we never want to return to the previous situation and
                                                            lose what we have now.” Jitu knows, as do millions of
                                                            others around the world, how precious water is, and how
                                                            access to this resource can’t be taken for granted.

Jitu Dadi’s story is one shared my millions of women
throughout Africa and around the world. She is a
loving single mother, a provider, a homemaker and
an active community member. For years she endured
the hardships associated with the lack of clean,
safe drinking water – walking hours each day with
backbreaking loads of water drawn from local rivers,
caring for ill children and elders, and even giving birth
to her daughter without even a glass of water to quench
her thirst.

In 2008, WaterCan and our partner organization OSRA
began working with the Dame Village community,
ultimately supporting the construction of a community
well to serve 57 households. More recently, we finished
construction of a borehole well and latrine facilities at
the local Keta Insilale Primary School. A short time ago,
we sat down with Jitu to learn how life in Dame Village
has changed as a result of WaterCan’s assistance.

“There are no words to reflect my happiness,” she
explains. “Justice has come and lifted us from the

   Regardless of differences, we strive shoulder to shoulder... Teamwork can
   be summed up in five short words: “We believe in each other.”

 “I unite for water because I truly believe it is our basic human right and
  we have a responsibility to ensure everyone has access to it.”
    ~ Raffaela Caruso, Sr.VP Finance & Operations at Collega International

number of people who participated in
collega for Aveda’s 2009 Walk for Water
on earth Day:
PuBLIc enGAGeMent

Year in Review                                             outreach strategy.
WaterCan’s public engagement and communications            YouTube videos
efforts over this past year have been a great testament    have this year
to the power of collaboration.                             alone exceeded
As in previous years, WaterCan used the occasions of
World Toilet Day (November 19) and World Water Day         Over the past 12
(March 22) to draw attention to our work and vision.       months WaterCan
Water: In Focus, an online photojournalism contest for     has received an
youth, was launched on World Toilet Day, while the week    unprecedented
of World Water Day marked the launch of Water for Life:    amount of mass
An African Photo Exhibit. This exhibition, featuring the   media coverage,
work of internationally renowned photographer Peter        including in the The Vancouver Sun, Capital Style
Bregg, is expected to tour Canada during the coming        Magazine, Chatelaine, CBC Radio, and Entertainment
year. The exhibition was launched on Parliament Hill at    Tonight to name a few. Of particular note were in-
an event graciously hosted by The Honourable Peter         depth editorials based on field research, facilitated
Milliken, M.P Speaker of the House of Commons, and         by WaterCan and written by Ottawa Citizen reporter,
Margaret Trudeau, WaterCan’s Honourary President.          Chris Cobb.
The public education benefits afforded by our              In January 2010, WaterCan’s annual Study Tour
corporate allies cannot be overstated. Our Earth Month     introduced eight WaterCan supporters to our work
partnership with Collega International and the Aveda       in Ethiopia. Supporters, who travelled at their own
network in Canada, in particular, has provided us with     expense, discovered firsthand the profound impact of
a national platform. On April 22, 2009, nearly 2,000       their contribution. Participants visited a wide variety of
walkers participated in the Walk for Water hosted in 17    WaterCan project sites in both rural and urban areas. It
cities across Canada. In March 2010, Collega for Aveda     is our hope that participants return with a strong desire
hosted their inaugural Wine for Water gala in Toronto to   to continue spreading the WaterCan message.
mark the launch of their 2010 Earth Month Campaign.
                                                           WaterCan continues to serve as the national
We continued to place a high priority on building          coordination office for Sanitation and Water Action
the capacity of youth to engage in global water and        Network Canada (, a coalition
sanitation issues. New H2oh! Learning Series curriculum    of 18 Canadian non-governmental organizations
was developed, and our WaterCan@Schools program            advocating for increased Canadian foreign aid
experienced significant growth, as the number of schools   investments to the water and sanitation sector to
contributing to our second annual School by School         help combat global poverty
Challenge increased by 120% over last year.
                                                           Looking ahead to this coming year, we see it is ripe
Expansion of our network of young supporters relies        with potential as we continue to build upon our many
heavily on our ability to communicate through innovative   partnerships. We will remain committed to adding
online mediums. Over the past year, WaterCan has           value to WaterCan’s work through education and
placed great emphasis on effectively integrating Web       advocacy, with a view of building a strong constituency
2.0 tools such as online slideshows, blogs, videos,        of Canadians who both understand the need, and
and social networking applications, like FaceBook,         generously support our clean water and sanitation
Twitter and YouTube, into our communications and           programming in eastern Africa.

 “I unite for water because I know that people aren’t living the life that I
  am in Canada with easy access to clean drinking water.”
     ~ Jayden Nielsen, WaterCan Youth Ambassador

contribution made by canadian schools
and youth in support of clean water
projects this year:

Year in Review
This past fiscal year was an exciting time of growth and
innovation for WaterCan’s fundraising department. As
the economic downturn continued, our donors, despite
experiencing economic challenges, remained loyal
to WaterCan’s cause. WaterCan and our East African
counterparts have been privileged by this continuing
support of our work and vision.

Our corporate partnership with Collega International and
the Aveda network in Canada continued with another
successful Earth Month Campaign and Walk for Water,
raising $291,170. We were pleased also to learn
that WaterCan was again selected as Aveda’s official
                                                              Another innovative on-line tool introduced this past year
Canadian Earth Month partner for 2010.
                                                              was My WaterCan Fundraiser, which allows donors to
For the second time, WaterCan was invited by National         develop their own fundraising webpages, set fundraising
Event Management to participate in the Go Green Expo          goals, and track progress online. Dozens of individuals
in Ottawa, as well as in Calgary. WaterCan was honoured       signed up to raise funds for WaterCan in lieu of birthday
to be the charity of choice at these events, where            gifts, through marathons, dinner parties, etc.
our honourary president, Margaret Trudeau, acted as
                                                              Our quarterly direct mailings have been well received.
keynote speaker.
                                                              Despite feeling the pinch of the recession, our donors
LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, purveyor of natural            remained loyal and increased their average donation.
body products, announced their continued support for          Thank you to all of our donors who continue to support
WaterCan through their Charity Pot Initiative. Proceeds       our work.
provided over 1,100 young students at Dawello
                                                              This past year we have seen our school and youth-based
Primary and Junior School in Ethiopia with clean water,
                                                              fundraising gain great momentum. Our School by School
sanitation, and hygiene education.
                                                              Fundraising Challenge was met once again this year,
Despite tough economic times, our 15th annual Embassy         exceeding the goal of $18,800, while our WaterCan@
Dinner, hosted at the historic Aberdeen Pavilion in           Universities chapters raised $26,784.11. We also saw
Ottawa, raised over $105,000. We couldn’t have done           many youth host fundraisers independently at their
this without the generous support of Ottawa’s diplomatic      schools to fund specific projects.
community, corporate sponsors, media sponsors, and
                                                              Our achievements are possible only through the
almost one hundred volunteers.
                                                              generosity of the Canadian people, and we are grateful
Last fall, we were pleased to announce the launch of our      to all friends of WaterCan for your unwavering dedication
online gift catalogue Gifts of Water in time for the 2009     and assistance in working toward our vision of Clean
Holiday Season. This green and innovative initiative was      Water for All! As American journalist Albert Pike once
our solution to the traditional paper-driven gift catalogue   wrote, “What we have done for ourselves dies with us;
used by many other organizations. Gifts of Water was          what we have done for others and the world remains and
well received by our donors, raising $13,823 during the       is immortal.” We share this belief.
inaugural three-month Holiday Campaign.


Auditor’s Report on Summarized                            SUMMARIZED STATEMENT OF REVENUE AND EXPENDITURES
                                                          (year ended March 31, 2010)
Financial Statements
                                                          REVENUE                                          2010         2009
To the Board of Directors,                                Canadian International Development Agency     371,356      155,471
WaterCan/EauVive Corporation.
                                                          Donor Contributions                          1,438,072    1,188,045
The accompanying summarized balance sheet and             Other Income                                     5,143      18,459
summarized statement of revenue and expenditures          TOTAL REVENUE                               $1,814,571   $1,361,975
are derived from the complete financial statements of
WaterCan/EauVive Corporation as at March 31, 2010         EXPENDITURES                                     2010         2009
and for the year then ended on which we expressed a
                                                          International Programs                       1,639,400     723,496
qualified opinion in our report dated May 14, 2010. The
                                                          Public Engagement Program                     265,425      214,374
fair summarization of the complete financial statements
is the responsibility of the Corporation’s directors.     Fundraising Program                           296,511      232,376
Our responsibility, in accordance with the applicable     Canadian Administration                       111,786      113,135
Assurance Guideline of The Canadian Institute of          TOTAL EXPENDITURES                          $2,313,122   $1,283,381
Chartered Accountants, is to report on the summarized
financial statements.                                     REVENUE IN EXcESS of EXPENDITURES           ($498,551)     $78,594

In our opinion, the accompanying financial statements
fairly summarize, in all material respects, the related
complete financial statements in accordance with the
                                                          SUMMARIZED BALANCE SHEET
criteria described in the Guideline referred to above.    (as of March 31, 2010)
These summarized financial statements do not contain      ASSETS                                           2010         2009
all the disclosures required by the Canadian generally    Current Assets
accepted accounting principles. Readers are cautioned     Cash and short-term investments               171,225      688,976
that these summarized financial statements may not        Accounts receivable and prepayments            44,121       65,851
be appropriate for their purposes. For more information   Advances to Projects                          115,495      201,599
on WaterCan/EauVive Corporation’s financial position,                                                   330,841      956,426
revenue and expenditures and cash flows, reference        Capital Assets                                  6,223        2,501
should be made to the related complete financial
                                                                                                        337,064      958,927
                                                          Accounts Payable & Accrued Liabilities         49,751       28,454
                                                          Deferred Revenue/Due to Projects               62,091      206,700
                                                                                                        111,842      235,154
Chartered Accountants
                                                          NET ASSETS
Ottawa, Ontario, May 14, 2010                             Invested in Capital Assets                      6,223        2,501
                                                          Operating Fund                                218,999      721,272
                                                                                                        225,222      723,773
                                                                                                       $337,064     $958,927

Who Made our Work Possible in 2009-2010

                                                            Other Income 1.9%
                   Walk for Water 16%
                                                                                    CIDA 20.5%

      Special Events 5.8%
                                                                                            Foundations 4.3%
        Schools 2.4%

          Corporate 2.5%

                                                                                            Direct Appeals 18.2%

              Unsolicited Gifts 28.4%

                                                              Revenues 2009 – 2010
                                                                              Other 1.9%

                                                              Canadian International
                                                              Development Agency 20.5%

                                                                                                       Donor Contributions 77.6%

                                                              Expenditures 2009 – 2010

                                                                        Fundraising 12.8%
                                                                                                      Programs 82.4%
                                                                    Administration 4.8%

                                 Photo: Peter Bregg, 2009

 “I unite for water because the need is so great and water is the start.”
  ~ Margaret Trudeau, Honourary President, WaterCan/Peter Bregg, 2009

number of children, women and men whose
lives you’ve helped to improve through access
to clean, safe drinking water, sanitation and
hygiene education this year:
tHAnK You!
It is only through the united efforts of thousands of generous Canadians that we at WaterCan are able
to continue taking great strides toward our shared vision Clean Water for All! Thank you so much for
your continued support. What we have been able to accomplish together this past year is a true testa-
ment to Margaret Meade’s reflection: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people
can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

While it is impossible to list all who have contributed, we would like to give special recognition to the
following who provided support to WaterCan between March 31, 2009 and April 1, 2010.

Foundations                       Other Organizations            St. Mildred’s-Lightbourne      Genivar Consultants Limited
Albert Friedland Foundation       All Charities Campaign-          School                          Partnership
Donner Foundation                    Manitoba                    St. Theresa’s High School      Golder Associates Ltd.
Fitzhenry Family Foundation       Ottawa South Rotary club       Symmes Jr. High                Grey Horse Corporation
Howick Foundation                 Rotary Club of Ottawa South    Tom Baines School              IBI Group
KENOLI- Ken and Oli Johnstone     Several United Ways across     Warman Elementary School       Integrity Canada Inc.
   Foundation                        Canada                                                     Intera Engineering Ltd
Lamb Foundation                   Stittsville Lions Club         WaterCan@McGill                J.L. Richards & Associates
Mary’s Hope Foundation                                           WaterCan@TowsonUniversity         Limited
The Derick Brenninkmeyer          Educational Institutions       WaterCan@UniversityofToronto   Keller Williams VIP Reality
   Charitable Foundation          Buchanan School                WaterCan@Western               LUSH HANDMADE
The Laura L. Tiberti Foundation   Catholic Education Centre      WaterCan@WilfridLaurier           COSMETICS LTD.
Victoria Foundation - Annette     Chinook Centre School                                         March Networks Corporation
   Marie Hart Fund                E W Norman Public School       Corporations                   National Event Management
Victoria Foundation -             Earl Haig Secondary School     2Keys Corporation              Nitro Microsystems
   Dr. Roy and Mrs. Ellen         Ecole Quarterway               AECOM                          PBC Sweetnam Holdings Inc.
   Sutherland Fund                FA Hamilton Primary School     Alpine Value Drug Mart         Pengrowth Energy Trust
Viva Con Agua                     Fort Saskatchewan Elementary   ATJ Enterprises                Robinson Consultants
                                    School                       Aveda International            Scotiabank
Faith-based Organizations         Heritage College               Bilt Designs                   Tree World Plant Care
Bracebridge United Church         John Paul I High School        BMO Nesbitt Burns                 Products Inc.
Central United Church             Lord Selkirk Regional School   CH2M Hill Canada Limited       Wilson Law Partners LLP
Doon Presbyterian Church          Mackenzie High School          Cleland Jardine Engineering
London Road West United           Moscop Secondary School          Ltd.
  Church                          Northumberland High School     Collega International
Notre Dame Visitation Province    Pierre Elliot Trudeau High     Colourgenics Inc.
St. Andrews United Church           School                       Dessau
  Niagara Falls                   Provost Public School          FanXchange
St. Bartholomew Church            Rosedale Public School
Wexford Heights United Church

WaterCan appreciates the continued support of the Canadian International Development Agency

     Photo: Peter Bregg, 2009

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