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									BOARDING PRICES                               Please call or visit our website at:              feeding special diets. Again, please put your
PER PET                                                 name on any food items that you bring with
                                                                                                your pet. If your dog has loose stools while
Inside Kennel     Daily       Holiday         REQUIRED VACCINATIONS                             boarding, we may try another dog food
Cat                $17.00     $20.00                                                            during your pet’s stay with us. Please let us
                                              CATS:                                             know if your dog has had loose stools while
Dogs                                                                                            boarding in the past.
                                              FVRCPC, Feline Leukemia (FeLV), Rabies
Under 15 pounds    $19.00     $23.00
16-35 pounds       $21.00     $25.00                                                            CHECK IN/CHECK OUT
36-89 pounds       $25.00     $29.00
                                              DHPP, Bordetella, Rabies
90 pounds plus     $31.00     $36.00                                                            Check in hours for boarding are between
                                              Upon check-in, please provide proof that          8:00am and 5:30pm Monday thru Friday,
Suite              Daily      Holiday
                                              your pet has had all of the required vaccines     and 8:00am and 1:00pm on Saturdays. There
                                              and dates when they were last given. If your      is no check in or check out on Sundays or
Under 15 pounds    $27.00     $34.00
                                              pet is not current on his/her vaccinations, we    Holidays. You can check your pet out during
16-35 pounds       $29.00     $36.00
                                              can update the vaccines at the clinic. If your    our regular business hours. If you pick up
36-89 pounds       $33.00     $40.00
                                              pet is a patient of ours and has had a            after 12:30pm, an additional day of
90 pounds plus     $39.00     $46.00
                                              physical exam within the year, there will be      boarding will be applied. If you wish to
Outside Kennel     Daily      Holiday         no office call/exam fee. If your pet requires     have a friend or relative pick up your pet,
Dogs                                          vaccines and has not been examined by our         please let a receptionist know this and write
16-35 pounds       $19.00     $23.00          veterinarians with the last year, an office       their name down on your boarding check in
36-89 pounds       $21.00     $25.00          call/exam charge will be required.                form. Otherwise, we will not release your
90 pounds plus     $26.00     $30.00                                                            pet to them.

Dogs are taken outside to our grassy area
morning and evening and again mid-            If your pet is on medication or needs
morning for a 10-minute playtime.             injections please bring in written                Payment must be made in full when your pet
Additional 10-minute playtime may be          instructions. There is a daily fee of $6.00 for   is admitted. Payment can be made with cash,
purchased for $9 per day.                     oral medications and a maximum fee of             check, MasterCard, Visa or American
                                              $9.00 if injections are required.                 Express credit cards.
Boarding Deposits – A deposit equal to the
cost of a single night reservation will be                                                      BATHING
required for all boarding reservations and    FEEDING
will be deducted from the final bill. The                                                       If you would like your pet bathed before
                                              We feed dogs and cats twice a day. Dogs get
deposit will be forfeited unless the                                                            your pet goes home, please let the
                                              ¾ of their meals in the AM. We feed dry
reservation is canceled 24 hours in advance                                                     receptionist know when you check in or
                                              SCIENCE DIET dog and cat food. If your
by phone with the exception of holiday                                                          when you make your reservation. We will
                                              pet is on a special diet or you would prefer
reservations, which require a 7-day advance                                                     bathe your pet the day prior to pickup. There
                                              to bring in your own food, please make
cancellation notice.                                                                            is a 10% discount on baths for boarding
                                              arrangements at the time of boarding. There
                                              is no discount for bringing in your own           pets.
                                              food, as it is actually more time consuming
TOYS AND BEDDING                                appointment in advance. Please consult with
                                                the doctor if anesthesia is necessary.
You are welcome to bring in your pet’s
personal items; as long as they are clearly     A flea product such as Vectra or Frontline
marked with your name or your pet’s name.       will be applied if excessive fleas are found
Sometimes items can be lost during              on your pet. There is a $20.00 charge for the
cleaning. We make every effort to get your      application. Please apply one of these
pet’s things returned to you. Blankets and      products within 1 week of your pet’s stay
beds will not be washed before discharge.       with us.
Some dogs will chew and destroy their
bedding when they are away from home.           Kennel Tours
Please understand that whatever you bring in
may not go home in the same condition.          We recommend that you come and see
                                                our kennels before you board your pet
BATHING PRICES                                  with us. We are proud of our facility and
                                                encourage you to take a tour.
   (Nail trim included)        $31.00
   Nail trim                   $13.40

   Less than 30 pounds         $35.00
   31-50 pounds                $41.00                                                           CAT BOARDING
   51-89 pounds                $46.00                                                           DOG BOARDING
   Greater than 90 pounds      $68.00
   Nail trim                   $16.50                                                             BATHING
Take advantage of our bathing specials
while boarding at MVPC!                                                                             Business Hours
                                                                                                   Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm
Price includes blow dry, and brush out. We                                                           Sat 8am-2pm
use our favorite hypoallergenic shampoos.
                                                                                                   4329 Twain Avenue
Breeds with long or curly coats that require                                                      San Diego, CA 92120
grooming will only be combed out
superficially. Unfortunately, we do not offer                                                     Phone: (619) 281- 2934
grooming.                                                                                          Fax: (619) 281-0379

If your cat is matted and requires anesthesia                                         
to have the mats removed, or you wish to                     Prices current 6/1/10
have a lion cut, please make this

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