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									                            HE PRAIRIE POST
Volume 9, Issue 4               our vision and ethic is to bring the science of ecology to all land use decisions.              April 2005

       From the Editor’s Desk                                                               Comings and Goings
 Cindy Whitehead – Editor                                                                                            WELCOME
 April is here! Spring is blooming, trees are budding, birds are
 singing and the clocks have been set ahead…                                     I'd like everyone to welcome Lynette Nelson to the AES staff
 March was a very busy and exciting month. We had our Annual                     here in Brodhead, who will be working as Steve's assistant and
 Meeting in March, and had a lot of exciting news given to us.                   also helping Dale with Marketing. She has a very strong
 Carl started off with a Teamwork approach, followed by Corrie                   background in administration at various places and grant
 giving us the news on the Nurseries. Steve stepped in and gave                  preparation, so will be a helpful addition to the staff. Please
 us an update on the Latin American projects. Troy gave us a                     refer all correspondence regarding Steve to Lynette, as she will
 presentation on Contracting’s latest news. John Bell                            be keeping his schedule straight and know exactly where he is
 congratulated John Larson on his career path goals. Ted and                     at all times. Lynette can be reached at the Brodhead office,
 Jason Dresma introduced KC 1 and Jia Ma as our GIS                              extension 27.
 Analyst, the KC office moved on March 7th to their new office.
 Michael and Kim brought down the Minnesota news. Mark                           We welcome Shari Emerson as the Marketing and
 praisied his great team in Dundee.                                              Administrative Support Coordinator for the Minnesota Office
 We then went on to meet about the exciting new layout for the                   and Jia Ma as our GIs Analyst in the Kansas City office.
 Brodhead Office from the “Best Fit” to the “L”-plan. We took
 a break and heard from Dr. Roger Kuhns on the “Geology of
 Door County” before pouring over the new landscape design.
 Looking forward to a very exciting April…!

                                                                                   WANT ADS
                                                                                   House Raffle: Dale & Edie’s house raffle has been extended to a
                                                                                   May 1 drawing. Win a nice house in Janesville! Tickets are $100.
 1    From the Editor’s Desk / Comings and Goings /                                Proceeds help support Spotlight on Kids, Edie’s nonprofit
                                                                                   children’s theater organization. Please see Dale for more info.
      Want Ads
                                                                                   Available: full size office desk - metal with wood grain top - $100
                                                                                   full size oak office desk - $145 large dog cage - $45 bird cage -
 2    Nursery Notes / Birthday and Anniversaries                                   approx 2' square x 3' high - some accessories - $30 if interested,
                                                                                   see Teri
 3    Know Your Handbook / Life With Pets / Chicago
                                                                                   It's for my sister, not me! With all the young parents in the
                                                                                   company, I thought there might be some resources here.
      Wilderness                                                                   Wanted: Items for a new baby such as crib, basonette, changing
                                                                                   table, stroller, and etc. - Nancy-Jeanne

                                                               The Prairie Post 1
             Nursery Notes
By Corrine Daniels, Nursery Manager
As most of you know, in the Month of March the Nursery
restructured job responsibilities. We are very excited
                                                                         BIRTHDAY/              ANNIVERSARIES
about the efficiencies and service improvement we expect                 AND OTHER SPECIAL EVENTS
to see as a result.
Changes were effective, March 21, 2005, to better utilize
                                                                         Due to the HIPPA laws we need permission to publish
the talents of our team and to reflect changes in the                    your birthdays and hire dates in the Prairie Post. Anyone
composition of our business. Please pay particular                       who would like to have their Birthday and/or Anniversary
attention to items 2 and 5 as this affects those of you
                                                                         published in the Prairie Post can submit the information to
needing materials from the nursery.
                                                                         Cindy Whitehead.
1. The positions of Farm Operations Manager and Seed
Processing Manager have been combined into one
position, Seed Production Manager. Tom Adkins fills this                 BIRTHDAY
role                                                                     Jason Dresma                          April 23
2. A new department, Shipping and Inventory                              Steve Zimmerman                       May 5
Management, now exists. Dawna Engleking is Manager                       Teri Foret                            May 5
of this department. All shipping of nursery materials at the             Steve Apfelbaum                       May 5
Brodhead office is now Dawna’s responsibility. She
handles ordering of materials, substitutions and inventory               ANNIVERSARY
information. In addition Dawna handles seed inventory                    Cindy Whitehead                       April 14, 1997
and seed order filling for the Spring Lake office. Spring                Patrick Daniels                       April 20, 1994
Lake continues ordering and shipping its perennials and                  Charlie Halbleib                      April 28, 2002
woody material.                                                          Tara Hering                           May 1, 2000
3. Tara continues as Perennial Production Manager.                       Troy Anderson                         May 3, 1999
4. Lori splits her time between managing the Tree and
Shrub department, and Sales.                                             Earth Day                             April 22
5. The position of Assistant to the Nursery Manager                      Arbor Day                             April 29
(a.k.a, Cindy’s job) is now a Customer Sales and Service
position. All Brodhead Contracting orders are funneled                   NEXT EDITION OF PRAIRIE POST May 6
through this position. This position handles Taylor Creek
wholesale and retail quotations, all Nursery Invoicing, in-
coming phone calls and walk-in customers.                                        Employee of the Month
We believe that this reorganization of duties is a very
positive step for the nursery; however, there may be a few                                    March 2005
hiccups while we get used to the new roles over the next
                                                                        Tara has worked diligently in the Nursery Division of
few weeks. We ask for your patience and welcome your
feedback.                                                               Applied Ecological Services to bring our greenhouses and
                                                                        plant production to a new professional level. She has
                                                                        continued to improve and give valuable input from the
Cindy Transitions to IT. By the time you read this
                                                                        technical end of growing through creative solutions for the
newsletter we intend to have a new hire in Sales and
                                                                        nursery as a whole. Most recently, Tara has taken her
Service. Cindy will continue part-time in the Nursery until
                                                                        leadership and team building skills to a whole level and was
Corrine returns from maternity leave, filling in as needed
                                                                        instrumental in developing a new nursery personnel
and training the new Sales and Service associate. The
balance of Cindy’s time will be transitioning to IT.
                                                                        This season Tara has overseen significant labor efficiency
Field Spraying. Remember to watch for and obey the                      improvements in the Greenhouse department. She also,
posted reentry periods in the fields! Tom Adkins                        with the help of Janet House and Damon Wilson
completed spraying the beds this week. Most beds look                   facilitated the successful 2005 propagation of several
excellent. We are very excited about the condition of the               species with which we have long struggled.
beds this spring. It appears that we have really getting a
handle on the weeds.                                                    Tara is continuing to improve on and test the limits of her
                                                                        personal capabilities and those of our nursery. Thank you
                                                                        Tara, Applied Ecological Services employee of the month
                                                                        for March 2005.

                                                         The Prairie Post 2
          Know Your Handbook                                                 From Chicago Wilderness Bulletin,
This section represents an effort to help our staff remain familiar
with the contents of the company handbook. If you should have                March 23, 2005
questions regarding any of these policies, believe your handbook
is not up-to-date or have not received a handbook please see                 CW and Aveda Partner to Save Endangered Plants for Earth
your direct supervisor.                                                      Month in April
                                                                             The Chicago Wilderness consortium was recently chosen as
      (Exert from page 17 of your handbook)                                  an Earth Month Partner by Aveda, and is one of only 12
                                                                             organizations across the country chosen as such. Aveda, The
Parking is provided for our employees in specific areas of the               Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences and
parking lots. Please do not park in the areas reserved for visitors          maker of plant-based hair care, skin care, perfume aroma and
or the disabled. There are two reserved spots for visitors and               makeup products, has raised more than $3.5 million in
one reserved spot for the mail delivery person a/k/a Authorized              support of the environment during the last five years.
Personnel only. All company vehicles must be parked in fleet                 This is an exciting first for the consortium, and has the
parking, including consulting vehicles. Any vehicle that will be             potential to generate much-needed funds for local
parked overnight must be parked in fleet parking. All                        conservation efforts. Purchase any Rosemary Mint product at
greenhouse staff must park by the greenhouse leaving the area in             participating Aveda salons, spas, and Experience Centers in
front of the overhead door free for deliveries.                              Illinois and Wisconsin during the month of April, and a
                                                                             portion of the proceeds will help plant restoration efforts in
You are expected to drive carefully and safely in our parking                the Chicago Wilderness region.
areas. Employees speeding or showing disregard for other
employees’ vehicles may be disciplined.                                      See the list of participating salons at
The company assumes no liability for any theft, damage or
personal injury incurred in the parking lots.

      Life with Pets

                                                                  The Prairie Post 3
                                                                                 Green in Minnesota
                                                                      By: Michael Sofio- MN branch manager

                                                                      The MN office is pleased to announce that the birds have
                                                                      returned. We are welcoming spring by gearing up for the
                                                                      upcoming season. New to our MN Team are Shari
                                                                      Emerson and Wes Rufenacht. We expect them both to
                                                                      be fine additions. Burn, burn, burn, is all I hear from
                                                                      Contracting. They have fire in their eyes as they
MINNESOTA MEANDERINGS                                                 anticipate the coming of the burn season. Chris R. thinks
By: Louis R Armstrong- MN Contracting branch                          of nothing else. Marty and Jessica have been busy
                                                                      preparing for our growing season as well as the
                                                                      construction of a seeding cleaning facility here on site.
                                                                      Kim, Lee and Doug have been working furiously on
Mike Sofio and the Minnesota Branch welcome Shari                     proposal work and have been patient with this new guy
Emerson as our new Marketing and Administrative Support               who keeps talking Marketing. At least they don’t think
Coordinator. Shari will be assisting the staff with a variety of      I’m beyond help. We have several large projects we are
administrative duties as well as being an integral part of our        anticipating to be upon us and look forward to new faces
Marketing efforts. Shari has a background in Administrative           WORDS FROM KANSAS CITY
                                                                      and new opportunities. Ciao from MN.
Support and has a degree in Multi-Media design. She has
already had a positive effect on our office by participating in       By: Ted Hartsig – KC branch manager
several new Marketing pieces and has been of great value in
easing the administrative burden at our branch. Please help           Most people in the company know that we’ve moved our
us in providing a warm welcome for her.                               office, leaving our ancient teepee ring and into a real
                                                                      building. Our visitors from the Brodhead office have
The Nursery is excited to announce that the over wintering            commented that it’s a nice office, but they’re a little
flats have been uncovered and are ready to begin their next           uncomfortable with so much empty space. We’re
journey while the plants in the fields are poking their way           working to fill it however. Our new phone number out
skyward.                                                              here (close to the old west town/basketball mecca –
Consulting continues to interview, write proposals, and is            according to Frank – of Lawrence) is 785-542-3090.
looking forward to increasing billable hours. At the end of
the month we’ll be at the Living Green Expo with Shelly               We’d like to introduce Jia Ma, our recent addition to the
Tompkins of CPDC (Inspiration is a CPDC project).                     KC office. Jia is a GIS analyst completing her Ph.D. in
                                                                      Geosciences and Computer Science & Informatics at
In Contracting, we welcome a new crewmember, Wes                      University of Missouri- Kansas City. Originally from
Rufenacht. Wes has just returned from a reforestation                 China, Jia completed her MS degree in GIS and Remote
project in Guatemala and has returned to AES for a second             Sensing from Peking University, China, and her Bachelor
tour of duty. Previously Wes worked for AES – MN in 2002              of Science in Geography, Beijing Normal University,
during the installation of Little Long Lakes’ bank                    China. Some of her research at UMKC has included the
stabilization.                                                        development of a GIS-based Decision Support Tool for
                                                                      Wetland Management (EPA funded project), the design
Nature Notes:                                                         and development of a prototype GIS Database, with a
The bluebirds have returned and the males are scouting                geospatial data management tool for the data collection,
nesting territories. We hope to have an additional nesting            maintenance and reporting needs of wetland permitting
pair this year as we recently installed a second pair of nesting      (EPA funded project), creation of an object-oriented
boxes on the nursery grounds.                                         ArcWetland Data Model using UML and Rational Rose,
                                                                      development of a web-based application which enables
                                                                      users to view and interact with the vulnerability indices
                                                                      map of surface water/wetlands in Jackson County,
                                                                      Missouri, and she interpreted and applied remote sensing
                                                                      images on the study of land use/cover changes and urban

                                                       The Prairie Post 4
heat island (UHI) phenomenon in Kansas City
Metropolitan Area. Outside of work, Jia lives in
Overland Park with her husband who is also attending
UMKC, working on a degree in accounting. During
their free time they enjoy exploring Kansas and
Missouri. Her favorite food is….             Chinese
(although not the American version of it)!!

We continue to expand our capabilities out here.
Patrick has our computer system not only just
working, but has installed a mega-server that enables
us to utilize the huge files for our GIS work here in
KC. On a more technical note, Ted recently bought a
can opener (manual one) for the office, bringing us
back into modern times. We continue to be busy out
here (really, Carl, we are!), with a large number of
proposals and growing list of projects that are just
now beginning to kick off. As soon as we get the
order of work down, we’ll probably be calling for
some technical assistance from Minnesota and

                                                        The Prairie Post 5

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