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					                              Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes
                                     OrangeMite Studios
                                         July 26, 2009
                             722 Cleveland Avenue York, Pa 17401
Board Members:
Present: William Wolfgang, Donald Crouse, Yvette Hershey, Logan Merkert, Joshua Olewiler, Megan
Kitzmiller, Sara Reddington, Caitlin Spivey
Absent: Brandon Rubinic, excused

    I.      Meeting called to order at 2:07 pm by William Wolfgang.
    II.     Motion to approve June 28, 2009 minutes by William Wolfgang.
            A.          Second by Megan Kitzmiller
            B.          Unanimous 8 to 0. Minutes Approved.
    III.    Treasurer’s Report – Donald Crouse III, Treasurer
            A.          Approval of Treasurer’s report
                        1.       Money spent on Laugh Clown, Laugh
                        2.       Recital cost was covered by $46.00 in donations
                        3.       Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by William
                                 i.      Second by Caitlin Spivey.
                                 ii.     Unanimous Vote 8 to 0. Treasurer’s report
            B.          Approval of Upcoming Expenditures- Various musical props
                        1.       Motion to approve Upcoming Expenditures by Donald
                        2.       Second by Sara Reddington.
                        3.       Unanimous Vote to 0. Expenditures approved.
    IV.     Executive Director’s Report – William Wolfgang, Executive Director
            A.          Insurance Update
                        1.       The insurance has been updated for another year.
            B.          Summer Music Recital, July 25th, 2009
                        1.       Ran smoothly. Many great performers.
                        2.       Attendance was slightly lower this recital.
                3.      For future recitals we would like more publicity and
                        organization for performers, including a run-thru held
     C.         Fall Music Recital, October 10th, 2009
     D.         Fall Play Program 2010
                1.      We can begin thinking about possible plays for this time.
                2.      Evolution, Me, and Other Freaks of Nature-- a possible
                        play for future use, possibly directed by Jackyln Keagy.
     E.         Composer Symposium
                1.      William would like to organize an evening to gather
                        different composers and showcase their work.
                2.      Publicity and communication would be needed in order to
                        make sure the evening is well attended.
     F.         Show Schedule
                1.      Condensing rehearsal schedule with longer rehearsals.
                2.      All board members think about this for the next month and
                        come up with an ideal rehearsal schedule to being
                        collaborating on future schedules.
V.   Artistic Director’s Report – Caitlin Spivey, Interim Artistic Director
     A.         Summer Musical Program
                1.      All bases are covered with various positions such as
                        choreographer and tech. This week will be the beginning
                        of running the entire show.
     B.         Spring Play: Shakespeare in the Barn
                1.      Motion to approve Much Ado About Nothing the official
                        Spring Play.
                2.      Second by Joshua Olewiler.
                3.      Unanimous Vote, 8 to 0.
     C.         Who Dunnit? Raffle to be ran by Joshua Olewiler at intermission
                at each show.
        D.         For future shows advertisements in programs will occur to
                   fundraise and will be organized well beforehand.
VI.     Publicity Coordinator’s Report – Yvette Hershey, Publicity Coordinator
        A.         Isaac’s Community Night Fundraiser with OrangeMite will occur
                   Sunday, August 2, 2009 at the West York Issac’s from 5 to 9 pm.
        B.         Laugh Clown, Laugh was publicized to the newspapers which was
                   the last step in the publicizing process.

VII.    Artistic Coordinator’s Report – Megan Kitzmiller, Artistic Coordinator
        A.         Community Art Gallery-updates
                   1.      Nothing new has been added to the website but there are
                           pending art galleries to be added.

        B.         Possibilities for community members
                   1.      Shane Moore- attends Emerson College for film and might
                           be interested in helping with small jobs in the film
                   2.      Bobby Yagodich has an art and film website that might be
                           incorporated somehow into OrangeMite’s website. There
                           is also a music website he upholds.
                           i.     We will link these on our links site on the website.
                           ii.    We can hopefully add some of his art to our
VIII.   Old Business
        A.         Auditions Committee Report – Sara Reddington, Committee Chair
                   1.      Template for a score sheet and a rubric passed out to give
                           an idea of what will be used for auditions.
                   2.      Made some changes to details.
                   3.      Will make a form for the auditionees with needed areas.
        B.         Personnel Committee Report – Donald Crouse III, Committee
        1.      Committee did not meet this past month, however some
                work has been done on the Artistic Director position
                through suggestions from other board members.
        2.      Suggestions sent to all board members to review.
        3.      Motion to approve Attachment I by William Wolfgang.
                i.     Second by Donald Crouse.
                ii.    Unanimous, Vote 8 to 0. Artistic Director position
                       revisions approved.
        4.      Motion to appoint Logan Merkert as new chair of
                committee by Donald Crouse.
                i.     Second by Cailtin Spivey.
                ii.    Unanimous, Vote 8 to 0. Committee chair approved.
C.      Film Search Committee Report – William Wolfgang, Committee
     1. Approval of Nicole Mann as Film Department Coordinator
        i.      Discussion on interview William Wolfgang and Yvette
                Hershey conducted with Nicole Mann.
                a.     Idea of having Nicole produce an OrangeMite
                       Studios Promotional Video to present to the board
                       at the next meeting to give the board an idea of her
                       work and ability to fill the position.
                b.     Difficult for the board to make a decision without
                       meeting her and being able to ask her questions.
        ii.     Motion to table the approval of Nicole Mann for Film
                Depatment Coordinator position by Caitlin Spivey.
                a.     Second by Megan Kitzmiller.
                b.     Unanimous Vote 8 to 0. Table Approved.
                2. See Attachment II and III
      D.           OrangeMite’s Winter Broadway Revue – Yvette Hershey
                1. Auditions- December 19th, 2009. 2:00 pm.
                2. Rehearsals Begin- Monday, December 21st, 2009.
                3. Performances- January 14th, 15th, and 16th
                4. Venue- Wolf Recital Hall at York College a possibility- waiting
                   for reply.
           5.  Motion to approve all dates
               a.    Second by Sara Reddington.
               b.    Unanimous, Vote 8 to 0. Dates approved.
IX.   New Business
      A. Announcements
      B. General Discussion
X.    Motion to adjourn meeting at 3:52 by Sara Reddington.
           1.      Second by William Wolfgang.
           2.      Unanimous. Vote 8 to 0. Meeting adjourned.
                                         Attachment I

Article II.     Artistic Director

Section 2.01     The Artistic Director shall select works to be produced by OrangeMite Studios
through its theatre program. These plays/musicals will be approved by the Board of Directors;
according to a time frame predetermined by the board.

Section 2.02     The Artistic Director shall select a director from the community or the
OrangeMite Staff to direct any play/musical produced by OrangeMite Studios. The Artistic
Director will direct at least one show per year. This director will be approved by the board of
directors and will be responsible for all aspects of the show.

Section 2.03     The artistic director shall oversee the progress of all shows and make a monthly
report to the Executive Director regarding his/her duties. The Executive Director shall then
present a report at the meeting of the Board of Directors summarizing all relevant information.
                                        Attachment II
OrangeMite Studios
Dover, PA 17315

Dear Board of Directors for OrangeMite Studios,

          I am submitting my resume with the intention of securing the position of Film
Department Coordinator for OrangeMite Studios. Through a serendipitous encounter, I
have had the pleasure of working with Yvette Hershey at a local summer camp. After
several conversations, I learned that Yvette was an actress involved with OrangeMite
Studios, an acting company dedicated to discovering and utilizing local talent as well as
bringing cultural events to the Dover community. I shared with Yvette my experience
studying acting in New York City and she encouraged me to apply for the position.

            I have long believed that talented people do not have to travel to large cities to
find platforms for their skills. Indeed, the collective conscious at the root of all great stories
is everywhere and, at times, can be understood more poignantly within an intimate
community. My experience in NYC was an amazing time in my life simply for fulfilling
the call to adventure that has always beckoned me. But for the majority of performers in
NY, regardless of talent, the experience of cattle calls and high competition is often
frustrating and lonesome rather than the rich exploration and fulfillment of human
experience that the arts are meant to give. Eventually, I returned to PA where I now reside
in Dover. However, the dream of storytelling has remained with me and I am thrilled to be
presented with the possibility of working with you to prosper the efforts of OrangeMite

           While in New York, I studied acting for several years, performed in a few small
plays and extras on movie sets before realizing that writing my deeper calling. I enjoyed
assisting directors with auditions and working on scripts. I am currently a Professional
Writing major and Writing Fellow/Tutor at York College. I have published several essays,
written countless stories, one play and several screenplays most of which are centered on
the York and Dover area.

          Though I am very familiar with many aspects of acting and performance, my
experience with film is limited. However, film is my first love and I am convinced that,
with my other life skills of leadership and coordinator positions, I am capable of overseeing
the film department in a way that will offer continuity to projects as well as be a sturdy
springboard from which performers and crew can realize their full creative potential.

           Discovering OrangeMite Studios has been like realizing the childhood dream of
finding a hidden treasure in one’s backyard; I’m a bit awestruck and feel I have come upon
something deeply important. Thank you for considering my resume and please do not
hesitate to contact me with any further questions.

Respectfully yours,
Nicole Mann
                                              Attachment III
                     3109 Galaxy Rd., Dover, PA 17315 717-858-9151

                                       Nicole Mann
    XI.       Objective

To secure the position of Film Department Coordinator for OrangeMite Studios
    XII.      Experience
                                                                                  York, PA
2007-9                           York, Lancaster and Adamstown County
                                            Library Systems

Workshop Facilitator
         Created and facilitated healthy touch workshop for children and adult relaxation classes
         Utilized basic touch techniques with children to teach healthy touch
         Taught meditation, massage, energy work, and aromatherapy to adults for relaxation
                                                                                  York, PA
2005-2009                       The Children’s Healthy Touch Workshop

Workshop Facilitator
    Created and facilitated healthy touch and sensory learning workshops for children
    Workshop leader at early childhood conferences
    Featured therapist in Massage Therapy Journal, American Massage Therapy Association and York
      Daily Record
                                                                                             York, PA
2005-2009                           Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Freelance Writer
         Coming Home to York, For True Tolerance We Need Love: York Sunday News
         Teaching Healthy Touch in Schools: Mothering Magazine, Feature Article
         I Am a Mother, The Creative Presence: Creations Magazine
                                                                                        New York, NY
1992-2000                                Theatre/Film Experience

         Manhattan Trilogy- Script Editor
         At Twilight- Auditions
         Group Therapy- Actor/Writer
         You’ve Got Mail and Celebrity (Woody Allen)- Extras/SAG Waivers
         Instant Karma- Cory
   XIII.   Education
                                                      York, PA
2008-Present           York College of Pennsylvania

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