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									                                                                                      ________ ___ ,   2008

                                        Visions camp is a summer camp for teenagers operating in Montreal
Board of Directors
                               since 1981 and associated with Community Services of Montreal. Our staff
Timothy Mc Garr                is made up entirely of volunteers who create, plan and run a full week of
Director                       activities for youth between the ages of 14 to 18. For some of them Visions
Pierre Barakat
                               Camp will be the only chance they get to enjoy a summer outing.
Operation Director
                               The costs associated to running the camp can reach the amount of 18,000$ to
Matthew Mc Garr
Board Member
                               20,000$ for the week. These expenses directly affect the fees we charge our
Heidi Clavet
Liturgy Director
                               In order to keep the costs as low as possible for our targeted clientele, we are
Junella Chammas                asking for donations which can be made in the form of money and/or office
Board Member                   supplies and other materials used for our wide range of activities.
Kate Allen
Board Member                   Furthermore, to help subsidize teenagers who cannot afford the full sum for
                               the week, our staff is creating a wide range of fundraising activities including
                               approaching business like yourself for corporate donations

                               Should you be interested in helping Visions camp, we are able to issue tax
                               receipts for any monetary donations made. Our priority is to serve teenagers,
                               who come from low-income families as to allow them this camping
                               experience. Please contact us for any further information, you can also visit
                               our website at

                               Thank you in advance,

                               Pierre Barakat

                   Visions Camp, 32 Thornton Montreal, Quebec, H9B 1X8                      Tel: (514) 812-0760

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