ACRONYMS Portage County 1 July 2007 The following list by langstonwalker


The following list of acronyms is used in the Portage County Emergency Operations Plan

ARC               American Red Cross
ARES              Amateur Radio Emergency Services
ASCS              Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service

CAMEO             Computer Aided Management of Emergency Operations
CAP               Community Action Program
CAP               Civil Air Patrol
CAS               Chemical Abstract Service
CCA               Comprehensive Cooperative Agreement
CERCLA            Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability
                  Act of 1980
CHEMTREC          Chemical Transportation Emergency Center
CISM              Critical Incident Stress Management
COE               Corps of Engineers
CPG               Civil Preparedness Guide
CRN               Computer Reporting Network

DAC               Disaster Application Center
DATCP             Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection
DFO               Disaster Field Office
DHFS              Department of Health & Family Services
DILHR             Department of Industry, Labor, and Human Relations
DNR               Department of Natural Resources
DOA               Department of Administration
DOE               Department of Energy
DOJ               Department of Justice
DOT               Department of Transportation
DPI               Department of Public Instruction
DPW               Department of Public Works

EAP            Emergency Action Plan
EAS            Emergency Alerting System
EM             Emergency Management
EHS            Emergency Human Services
EMI            Emergency Management Institute
EMS            Emergency Medical Services
EMT            Emergency Medical Technician
 EOC            Emergency Operations Center
 EOP            Emergency Operations Plan
 EPCRA          Emergency Planning and Community Right To Know Act of 1986
 EPA            Environmental Protection Agency
 EPI            Emergency Public Information
 EPS            Emergency Police Services
Portage County                    1                        July 2007
ESF              Emergency Support Function
ETN              Educational Television Network

FAC              Food and Agriculture Council
FBI              Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCIC             Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
FCO              Federal Coordinating Officer
FEMA             Federal Emergency Management Agency
FmHA             Farmers Home Administration

HHS              Health and Human Services
HAZMAT           Hazardous Materials
HMEP             Hazardous Materials Emergency Planning

I&G              Information and Guidance
IA               Isolation Area
IA               Individual Assistance
IAP              Individual Agency Plan
ICS              Incident Command System
IEA              Initial Evacuation Area
IEMS             Integrated Emergency Management System
IFGP             Individual and Family Grant Program

JPIC             Joint Public Information Center

LEPC             Local Emergency Planning Committee

MAA              Mutual Aid Agreement
MCI              Multi-Casualty Incident
MOU              Memorandum of Understanding
MSDS             Material Safety Data Sheet
MTR              Major Transportation Route

NAWAS            National Warning System
NIMH             National Institute of Mental Health
NIMS             National Incident Management System
NIOSH            National Institute of Safety and Health
NOAA             National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NRC              Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRT              National Response Team
NTSB             National Transportation Safety Board
NWS              National Weather Service

OJA            Office of Justice Assistance
OIC            Officer-in-Charge
Portage County                       2                             July 2007
OSC              On-Scene Commander

PA               Public Assistance
PAG              Protective Action Guide
PDA              Preliminary Damage Assessment
PER              Primary Evacuation Route
PI/PIO           Public Information/Public Information Officer
POC              Public Officials Conference
PSA              Public Service Announcement
PSC              Public Service Commission

RACES            Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services
RADEF            Radiological Defense
RCRA             Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
RQ               Reportable Quantity
RTECS            Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances

SBA              Small Business Administration
SCS              Soil Conservation Service
SERB             State Emergency Response Board
SIC              Standard Industrial Classification
SMF&V            Service to Military Families and Veterans
SOG              Standing Operating Guidelines
SOP              Standing Operating Procedure
SSO              Shelter Systems Officer

TIME             Transaction Information for Management of Enforcement (law
                 enforcement teletype system)
TPQ              Threshold Planning Quantity
TSCA             Toxic Substances Control Act

UDSR             Uniform Disaster Situation Report
USDA             United States Department of Agriculture

VTAE             Vocational, Technical, and Adult Education

WEM              Wisconsin Emergency Management
WEMA             Wisconsin Emergency Management Association
WISPERN          Wisconsin Police Emergency Radio Network
WMD              Weapons of Mass Destruction
WSP              Wisconsin State Patrol

51-42 Board      County Mental Health Board

Portage County                        3                             July 2007
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