Attitude Statement Scale by malj


									Attitude Statement Scale:

0 = strongly agree                             5 = strongly disagree

There is no right or wrong answer – this exercise is to find out your views at this time
and to see if they alter when you review this documentation 3/12.

Patients:                                             0       1        2   3   4      5
   1.   Any woman is entitled to a termination
        of pregnancy on request.

   2.   The five minute consultation is more
        than adequate in general practice.

   3.   The family doctor does not need
        records because he knows his patients
        so well.

   4.   Visiting patients at home is an
        uneconomical use of a doctor’s time.

   5.   Most consultations in general practice
        deal with trivia.

   6.   It is important that patients become
        dependent on their doctors.

   7.   Patients should not have access to their

   8.   The primary health care team is
        ineffective in care of chronic illness.

   9.   Co-operatives and deputising schemes
        are an essential feature of general

   10. Private practice is not justifiable.

   11. The family doctor should always be the
       leader of a primary health care team.

   12. There is not the time for anticipatory
       care in general practice.

   13. General practice is the easiest of
       medical disciplines to do well.

   14. Self awareness is not important to the
       general practitioner.

   15. The fewer patients a GP refers to
       secondary care, the better doctor he is.

   16. A salaried service would improve
       patient care.
Patients:                                          0   1   2   3   4   5

   17. Each practice partner should become a
       specialist in one or two disciplines.

   18. Free contraception encourages

   19. Doctors should not be conscious of the
       cost of medication.

   20. Patient participation groups are not
       helpful in the provision of patient care.

   21. The general practitioner obstetrician has
       no place in modern obstetric care.

   22. How a general practitioner dresses is
       not important.

   23. Short cuts in examining patients are
       necessary in general pratice.

   24. Doctors should never knowingly
       shorten their patients lives.

   25. Alternative medicine is a last resort.

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