Initial Site Visit Introduction by langstonwalker


									Initial Site Visit Introduction

Site Assessment For Paediatric Hiv Care

Why is this assessment being performed?
   - To gather information about the current services available for HIV exposed/
        infected infants and children

What is the goal of the site assessment?
  - To understand services currently available for HIV-exposed and –infected
  - To identify areas for strengthening services to children
  - To introduce ourselves

What is the process involved in incorporating new pediatric HIV care or strengthening
already existing pediatric HIV care in the facility?
    - What We Offer:
           o One-day didactic training in pediatric HIV
           o Ongoing teaching on topics of interest
           o Ongoing mentorship, clinical consultation

   -   What We Expect:
         o A focused pediatric clinic
                  Care of all children with HIV infection including those not yet
                    eligible for ART
                  Care of HIV-exposed infants
         o Adequate staffing for pediatric HIV clinic days (which at minimum
             should include:
                  Clerk – Registration of all pediatric patients, provision of pediatric
                    and ART mastercards
                  Triage personnel (e.g. HSA, nurse)- weight AND height, vital signs
                  ARV trained nurse
                  ARV trained clinician
         o Equipment necessary for appropriate care of HIV exposed/ infected
                  Three types of scales, regular standing scale, hanging AND infant
                  Height board
         o Standardized basic care of pediatric patients
              Complete nutritional assessments of every patient
              Provision of CPT for all patients
              Completion of pediatric mastercards for every patient registered

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