Important Notice to all TDS Directory Operations Customers

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					Important Notice to all TDS Directory Operations Customers

Dear Customer

TDS as brand owner and publisher of the Yellow Pages, Phone Book, Internet Yellow Pages, The Talking
Yellow Pages and Leisure Pages, is the largest supplier of directional information to South African users.
We print and distribute more than 7,5 million directories annually producing in excess of 92 million business
referrals. All our advertisers have access to our trained consultants to assist them in planning their
advertising campaigns.

Over the years many of our advertisers have been approached by individuals calling themselves Yellow
Page or Directory consultants. They are independent consultants who try to persuade you to reduce your
Yellow Pages costs. For their services they charge you a percentage of the amount they have reduced your
advertising by. This is a decision you can make free of charge, however if you are writing them a cheque
you are not saving money. In fact what you are effectively doing, is decreasing your exposure, so putting
you at risk at potentially losing business.

Other independent consultants are charging a flat fee for updating your entries in the white pages i.e. Bold
Types additional entries etc.Their message to customers are often confusing and create the impression that
they approach you on our behalf or on our request. TDS is the only company who can update your entries
and you still have to pay TDS for the advertising. However as they do not have the correct details or prices
for these updates, information given to you is often misleading and lends itself towards misrepresentation.
We are in no ways affiliated to these consultants and deal with all our customers directly, either telephonically
or one-on-one. TDS updates your entries without charging the extra flat fee and you can therefore save money
to go directly via TDS. Both of the above types of independent consultants are strangers to your business.
Often they mislead you into believing that they are acting on TDS’s behalf. But in actual fact they really do not
have any real knowledge of your business and of the advertising program built up over the years by the TDS
trained consultants.

In recent years, there have also been directory competitors who have brought out a publication in direct
competition to us. Competition is healthy for our industry. While other directories are available for you to
use, most do not enjoy the high usage and proven acceptance that Yellow Pages has. Our products have
proven beyond doubt that they are cost effective and give you the advertiser a beneficial return on your

Please note that the following businesses are not affiliated or associated with TDS and are not authorized to
contact customers on our behalf:

                                                 Effective Enquiries CC
                                                 Directory Solutions CC
                                                 Professional Directory Placements
                                                 Crystal Consultancy
                                                 Super Pages (Pty) Ltd
                                                 Africa Advertising CC
                                                 Access Advertising CC
                                                 ADS 4 Africa

For more information or clarity regarding any of these matters, please call your local TDS consultant or TDS
Customer Care Line 0860 YELLOW (086 093 5569)

Yours sincerely

Macdonald Gumbi

                                                                                              TDS Directory Operations (Pty) Ltd Reg. No. 92/002329/07
                  HEAD OFFICE: Block F, Eastgate Office Park, 24 South Boulevard, Bruma POBox 10474, Johannesburg 2000 Tel: +27 (0)11 677 6000
                         Customer Care No: 0860 YELLOW (086 093 5569) Customer Care Fax 0860 TELDIR (086 083 5347) or +27 (0)11 677 6830
                                     Directors: L.R.R. Molotsane (Chairman), T. Seopa (Managing Director), G.T. Ellis (Australia), M. Goegebuer (Belgium), K.R. Patel, W. Song