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Building BLOCKS
 www.childrenshospitalofil.org                        Summer 2007       •   Volume 8     •   Issue 3

                                   Hayden and Ava
                             3 years old • Morton, IL
                                                                                                     Our Mission ...
Building Blocks              is a quarterly publication of
Children’s Hospital of Illinois, 530 N.E. Glen Oak Ave.,
Peoria, IL 61637. To share comments or suggestions, or to
                                                                   To serve persons with the greatest care and love
be removed from our mailing list, please call (309) 655-3722.       in a community that celebrates the Gift of Life.
Paul Kramer Executive Director
Kay Saving, MD Medical Director
Richard Pearl, MD Chief of Surgery
Pedro de Alarcon, MD Chair of Pediatrics, UICOM-P
                                                                Message from
                                                                     Richard Pearl, MD
Sara Dill Editor, Director of Administration &
    Business Development
Diane Pflederer Director of Clinical Care
Barb Lloyd Photographer                                         Surgeon-in-Chief
Community Advisory Board Officers                                         Children’s Hospital of Illinois
Theresa Murphy President
Jim Stowell Vice President
Sue Yoder Treasurer & Chair, Development
Jeff Kolbus Secretary & Co-Chair, Corporate Development         Thank you, central Illinois, for making this year’s Children’s Miracle
    (Peoria)                                                                                                                                            Richard Pearl, MD
                                                                Network telethon the best ever! It is through your generosity that
Committee Chairs
                                                                Children’s Hospital can continue to help children and their families
Patricia Bash Co-Chair, Corporate Development (Peoria)
Jeannie Brostowitz Family Advisory Board                        cope with chronic illness and acute care each and every day. The dollars you shared provide dental
Kevin Colgan HIPP                                               care, special equipment, and safety items for families in our community.
Paul Dubravec Corporate Development (Bloomington)
Ginny Everett Advocacy                                             During the warm weather months, safety items become especially important. I am encouraged by
Jamie VanBuskirk M.O.S.A.I.C.                                   seeing parents outside being active with their children. I also want children to be safe. I encourage
Bob Woolsey M.O.S.A.I.C.
                                                                all children to wear helmets when biking, riding ATVs and scooters, skating, and even when wear-

                                                                ing their “heelies.” It is always difficult to walk the line between overly monitoring children’s safety and
Members                                                         allowing them to enjoy freedom. As parents and grandparents, model the behaviors you want your
William Albers, MD                 Rodney Lorenz, MD
                                                                children to exhibit, and together we will help raise an entire generation of safety conscious kids.
Rita Ali                           Karen Magers
Vicki Bahr                         Roger Meyer                     If you have questions about any safety issues, please feel free to call the Children’s Hospital
Stephen Bash, MD                   Joy Miller
                                                                Safety Line at (877) 277-6543. An injury prevention specialist will be in touch to answer your
Theresa Best                       Dan O’Brien
Jon Burklund                       Tony Pierce                  needs. You can also check out our Web site, www.childrenshospitalofil.org, for other safety tips
Chris Curfman                      Suzie Pschirrer
                                                                on topics ranging from playground to pool safety.
John Drury                         John Riley
Sister Judith Ann Duvall,          Tim Saurs
  OSF                              James Scherer
                                                                Enjoy your summer!
Sister M. Canisia                  Thomas Spurgeon
  Gerlach, OSF                     Keith Steffen
John Ginder                        Jim Thome
Jay Harms                          Sandra Ullman
Hersey Hawkins                     Mary Ellen VanBuskirk
Bob Hoerr                          Jan Wright Vergon
Linda Kepple                       Jill Vicary

Scott Klaus                        Pete Vonachen                Advocacy                                   3–4             CMN Telethon 2007                       10–12
Jeff Kolbus                        Jack Weekes
U.S. Rep. Ray LaHood               Bill Wills                   Parental Guidance                             5            Milestone Project                                13
Nancy Levenick                     Peter Wong
Rex Linder                         Christine Zak-Edmonds        Feature Story                              6–7             Donor Profile                           14–15
                                                                Foundation                                 8–9             Calendar                                         16
Cover photo: Kelly Oltman, Keepsake Portraits

      2 • www.childrenshospitalofil.org

C      hildren’s Hospital of Illinois applauds the recipients of the 2007 Champion for Children Awards for Advocacy.
       These awards honor people who are truly committed to children and define the spirit of caring. ■

Lynn Goffinet                                                               Kelsey Clemson
Bill Houlihan Professional Award                                            Joey Stowell Youth Award
For 28 years, Goffinet served the Peoria                                    A student at Dunlap High School, Clemson is
community and the state of Illinois as                                      dedicated to improving the literacy and lives of chil-
Lutheran Social Services associate execu-                                   dren through her summer reading program, Teens
tive director and statewide adoption direc-                                 Teaching Tots. Clemson first learned techniques
tor. She championed the reunification of                                    to work with children of differing needs. She then
children and their birth families as well                                   trained a group of high school students to teach
as the development of therapeutic inter-                                    tutoring sessions through the summer.
ventions in central Illinois. Now retired,
Goffinet continues to inspire all of us.
                                                                            Dawn Kocher
                                                                            Christine-Zak Edmonds
                                                                            Volunteer Award
Junior League of Peoria Inc.                                                Kocher is passionate about children
Group Award                                                                 experiencing the physical benefits of
The Junior League of Peoria Inc. comprises more than 450                    gymnastics and learning life lessons—at
women committed to improving the community through volun-                   the same time. She founded and coordi-
teer work. Since 1956, the group has contributed thousands                  nates the Annual St. Jude Benefit Meet,
of volunteer hours and dollars to support projects designed to              which has raised more than $750,000.
address various Peoria-area needs. Some of these projects                   She is currently working with Easter           Dawn is pictured with her
                                                                                                                           husband, John Kocher.
include Keepsacks for Kids, I Like Me, and Kids in the Kitchen.             Seals to make gymnastics available
                                                                            to children with special needs.

                                                                                A special thank you to the 2007 Community Advocacy
                                                                                Awards selection committee:
                                                                                Rich Draeger           Traci Johnston            Vicki Thompson
                                                                                Jan Estes              Nancy Levenik             Christine Zak-Edmonds
                                                                                Jay Harms

                                                                               Thank you also to the nominators, recipients, attendees, and staff
                                                                               for a successful 2007 Community Advocacy Awards Breakfast. We
Representing the Junior League at the award breakfast are (left to right)
                                                                               look forward to next year!
Roslyn Adams, Trish Redman, Emily Cahill, and Theresa Murphy.

                                                                                                           www.childrenshospitalofil.org • 3
           Hats On for
                            Helmet Safety!
           Y    our daughter loves bike riding? She
                should definitely wear a helmet. In
           2006 the Emergency Department at OSF
           Saint Francis Medical Center saw 266
           bicycle-related injuries among kids ages
           18 and younger. Forty of those injuries
           involved head trauma.
              To help protect your child from serious
           head and brain injuries, it’s essential to
           have him or her wear a helmet while bike
           riding. Bicycle helmets are also a good
           choice for recreational roller-skating
           or in-line skating and riding a low-
           speed scooter, according to the U.S.
           Consumer Product Safety Commission.
           For other activities, different headgear is   Students in Mrs. Henry’s 4th grade class show off their brand new helmets while posing in front of the Mobile
                                                         Safety Van. Helmets were provided from funds raised through the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon.
           needed. For example, there are helmets
           for horseback riding and rock/wall climb-
           ing that are specifically designed to pro-      UNDERCOVER Bicycle Helmet program
           tect your child in the event of a fall.         was developed in 2002. Since then, the
              Of course, Children’s Hospital of            program has donated more than 13,000
           Illinois wants to do everything possible to     bicycle helmets to students at 56 area
           keep young people safe. That’s why the          elementary schools. ■

           Pool Safety: Just Being There Counts
           Few activities beat splashing around in a sparkling pool on a hot summer day.
                                                                                                                        Would your child like a FREE
           But a refreshing dip can quickly turn to disaster if safety rules are forgotten.
                                                                                                                        bike helmet? To nominate
           “Always supervise your child at the pool,” says Yvette Whitehurst, program                                   your child’s school for the
           coordinator in the Advocacy Office at Children’s Hospital. And if your child can’t                           UNDERCOVER Bicycle
           swim, stay within arm’s reach and make sure he or she wears a U.S. Coast                                     Helmet program, go to
           Guard–approved life jacket. Also:
                                                                                                                        and click on “Advocacy
           ■ Teach children to stay away from pool and spa drains.                                                      Programs” under “Families
           ■ Install self-latching gates around home pools.                                                             & Patients.” Or to donate
           ■ Be sure your child swims with a buddy.                                                                     money to this effort, please
                                                                                                                        call (877) 277-6543.

           4 • www.childrenshospitalofil.org
Ask the Pediatrician:

                                                                                                                                                                     Parental Guidance
               Giving Oral Medications
Mary Schultz, MD, is a board certified                                                                    to measure your child’s medicine. Use a
pediatrician on staff at Children’s Hospital                                                              standard measuring spoon, the syringe or
of Illinois. For this issue’s column,                                                                     dosing spoon you got from the pharmacy,
Dr. Schultz teamed up with Margaret                                                                       or the oral dropper or dosing cup that
Heger, Pharm.D., a pharmacist at                                                                          came with the medication. Never mix and
Children’s Hospital.                                                                                      match oral droppers from different medi-

                                                  Mary Schultz, MD            Margaret Heger, Pharm.D.
                                                                                                          cations because they may be calibrated

T    o you, it’s good medicine that will
     help your child feel better. To your child, it’s a bitter pill to
swallow. Giving oral medications to reluctant children can be
                                                                                                         differently. When your son is finished with
                                                                              his medicine, throw the bottle—along with the oral dropper that
                                                                              came with it—in the trash.
challenging. But there are creative ways to help the medicine
go down more smoothly—while ensuring your child’s safety.                     Q: I’ve heard that some pharmacies can change a pill
                                                                              into a liquid medication. Is this true, and if so, where can
Q: Our pediatrician prescribed a medication that comes                        I find one?
as a pill, but my son sometimes has trouble swallowing                        A: Yes, some pharmacies can customize medicines to meet
pills. Can I crush and mix them with food?                                    individual needs. This is called medication compounding.
A: It depends on the medicine. Always check first with your                   With a doctor’s prescription, specially trained pharmacists can
doctor or pharmacist because crushing some kinds of pills and                 prepare a medication tailored for your child. If your child can’t
then giving them to your child can be dangerous. For example,                 swallow a pill, the pharmacist may be able to make him or her
time-release pills are specially formulated so that the medicine              a liquid medicine. The pharmacist can also make medicines in
is delivered slowly to the body. If your son takes them crushed,              special doses or customize a medication if your child is allergic
he’ll get more medicine than he’s supposed to all at once. Pills              to an ingredient in a manufactured drug.
with special coatings to protect the stomach, called enteric                      Many pharmacies provide compounding, but in limited amounts.
coatings, should also not be split or crushed.                                You may need to find a pharmacy that specializes in com-
   It’s a good idea to ask your pediatrician whether a prescribed             pounding. Call your local pharmacy and ask for a compound-
medicine comes as a liquid. Many do. But again, pay close atten-              ing pharmacy
tion to dosing. Don’t use the teaspoon you stir your coffee with              in your area. ■

Hitting the Road?
Check Your Child’s Car Seat
                                                                                                           Dad buckles up his baby safely before hitting the road.
Is your child’s car seat ready for your next road trip?
   “In the Peoria area, 98 percent of people visiting community check events have a prob-
lem with their car seat,” says Kristan Creek, program coordinator in the Advocacy Office at                    Help us better target our
Children’s Hospital. “Either the car seat doesn’t fit the child, or it’s improperly installed.”                efforts to increase child pas-
                                                                                                               senger safety. Please take a
   Find out how your child’s car seat measures up at a local car seat check event.
                                                                                                               moment to complete the sur-
Certified technicians will check your seat and teach you about proper child restraint                          vey in the center insert of
practices. For more information, visit www.childrenshospitalofil.org and click on                              this issue of Building Blocks.
“Calendar of Events” under “Families & Patients,” or call (877) 277-6543. You can also
check the calendar on the back page of this newsletter.
                                                                                                                       www.childrenshospitalofil.org • 5
Feature Story
                                 Perinatal Specialists Give Moms and

                S     ix weeks into her pregnancy, Robin Snyder received some
                      surprising news: She was carrying quintuplets. Four
                weeks later, perinatologist Michael Leonardi, MD, gave Snyder
                more stunning news. She would have to spend the rest of her
                pregnancy in bed.
                   “I knew I’d have to go on bed rest, but I didn’t know it
                would be that soon,” Snyder recalls.
                   Because she was pregnant with more than one child, the
                chance that Snyder would deliver her babies early increased
                greatly. She needed the care of specialists in perinatology—
                also called maternal-fetal medicine—who are trained to help
                women with high-risk pregnancies. In a high-risk pregnancy,
                the health of the mother, the baby, or both is in jeopardy.
                “We balance the needs of the baby and the mom to get the                   The Snyders enjoy a day together at Columbia Park.

                best outcomes,” says Dr. Leonardi, chair of Obstetrics and
                Gynecology at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center.                                Coordinated care is especially important for high-risk preg-
                                                                                           nancies—which, says Dr. Leonardi, make up about 15 per-
                Coordinated Care                                                           cent of all pregnancies. Problems arise for many reasons. For
                Perinatologists at OSF Saint Francis work closely with pediat-             example, today many women delay having children, which may
                ric subspecialists at Children’s Hospital to coordinate care for           increase the risk to both mother and baby. In addition, some
                mothers and newborns. When fetal problems are diagnosed                    women develop conditions such as high blood pressure that can
                early, women who live even 100 miles away can arrange to                   complicate a pregnancy. Or they may turn to fertility treatments if
                give birth at OSF Saint Francis. And babies can receive care in            getting pregnant is difficult. This increases the chance of multiple
                Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit without being           births, and these pregnancies require close monitoring.
                separated from their mom.                                                      Snyder received fertility treatments to help her get pregnant.
                                                                                           When tests showed she was carrying quintuplets, her physi-
                                                                                           cian’s first concern was premature labor, or labor before the
                                                                                           37th week of pregnancy. “Half of all twins are born early, and all
                                                                                           triplets are born early,” says Dr. Leonardi.

                                                                                           More than Just a Job
                                                                                           Snyder had weekly ultrasounds to monitor her babies’ develop-
                                                                                           ment. At OSF Saint Francis, perinatologists use three- and four-
                                                                                           dimensional ultrasounds, which increase the chance of detecting
                                                                                           fetal abnormalities. But even the best technology can’t solve
                                                                                           every problem. Dr. Leonardi notes that complications from pre-
                                                                                           maturity depend on how long the pregnancy lasts. Infants born
                                                                                           at 24 weeks have only a 50 percent chance of surviving past the
                OSF Saint Francis Medical Center perinatologists include (left to right)   first year of life. But those born within a couple of weeks of their
                Thomas Gross, MD; Yolanda Renfroe, MD; and Michael Leonardi, MD.
                                                                                           mother’s due date have an excellent outlook.
                6 • www.childrenshospitalofil.org
                                                                                                                                      Feature Story
Their Babies
  A Healthy Start
      Learn more about the special services offered by the Division
      of Maternal Fetal Medicine at OSF Saint Francis Medical
      Center. Go to www.childrenshospitalofil.org and click on
      “Programs & Services.” Then select “Specialty Services” and
      “Maternal-Fetal Diagnostic & Treatment Center.” Or call the
      Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates at (309) 683-6700.

     As feared, Snyder’s babies were born very early, and three
  of them did not survive. But Snyder is thankful for her two           Typical Kids
  healthy children—Hayden and Ava, now age 3 and just as
                                                                        Hayden and Ava Snyder are typical 3-year-olds.
  active as other kids their age. She also praises her doctors and      Ava loves ballet, while Hayden always has a truck
  nurses for the care and compassion she received. During her           in his hands. “Most people would never realize
  two-month hospitalization, Dr. Leonardi arranged for Snyder           what a rocky start they got,” says their mom,
                                                                        Robin Snyder.
  to have bookshelves in her room to display photographs and
  other personal belongings. A manicurist even came to visit.           While Hayden has mild cases of developmental
  And when Snyder had trouble eating solid food, the nurses             delay and cerebral palsy, Ava has had no ill
  brought her banana popsicles.                                         effects of prematurity. “They both love to talk and
                                                                        sing, and they say the funniest things,” Snyder
     “Everyone was phenomenal,” says Snyder. “It’s not just their
  job. They really cared about me and my family.” ■
                                                                        The kids entered an early intervention program in
                                                                        which they underwent many types of therapy.
                                                                        Now, Hayden and Ava are in preschool. Snyder is
                                                                        in school, too—nursing school. She’ll finish in
                                                                        December 2008.

                                                                        Going through a difficult pregnancy steered
                                                                        Snyder, a former teacher, to a new career. “This
                                                                        has been a life-changing experience,” she says.

  Robin keeps Hayden and Ava smiling while she pushes them in swings.                             www.childrenshospitalofil.org • 7
                                                                                                                     Children’s H
                                                                                                                                  ospital of Ill
Foundation                                                                                                          organize fu
                                                                                                                     and awaren
                                                                                                                               nd-raising ev
                                                                                                                                                inois thanks
                                                                                                                                             ents and ra
                                                                                                                                                               all who
                                                                                                                                                            ise money
                                                                                                                                 ess on our be
                                                                                                                                                 half. By givi

             Helping Hands the Community
                                                                                                                            hope you ar                       ng, we
                                                                                                                                        e also receiv

              Fund-Raisers Throughout
             Metamora High School Timed Writing Contest                                                                 Sigma Chi Derby Days
             For the past five years, Marcia Kelley has mixed learning with “fun-raising” for her                       From April 16 through 21, the men
             students—raising not only money but also awareness for Children’s Hospital. Kelley                         of Sigma Chi at Bradley University
             coordinated a record-breaking 10-day fund-raising blitz that raised over $4,100!                           hosted a fund-raiser benefiting
                Students in each hour of Kelley’s keyboarding classes competed against one                              Children’s Hospital of Illinois. This was
             another to complete the most timed writings, with anonymous sponsors making dona-                          the last Derby Days to be held at the
             tions for each correct writing. The keyboarding hour that completed the most timed                         fraternity’s current location. Activities
             writings was acknowledged with a special visit by Children’s Hospital manager Stacy                        included sidewalk painting, the Derby
             Litersky. To show the students the impact that their time and effort will have on the                      Darling talent show, and the Serenade
                                                                 hospital, Litersky presented exam-                     (dance competition). The highlight of
                                                                 ples of equipment and programs                         the week was a tribute to the 1990s
                                                                 that the donations will help support.                  television show Double Dare held on
                                                                                                                        the Bradley Quad on April 21. During
                                                                                                                        the Double Dare games, Miracle Kids
                                                                 Marcia Kelley (bottom middle) and her third-
                                                                 hour keyboard class pose for a photo in her            and Bradley students participated in
                                                                 classroom, where the fund-raiser was held. In
                                                                 the past five years, Kelley and her keyboarding
                                                                                                                        egg tosses and water balloon fights
                                                                 classes at Metamora Township High School               and were even slimed with green
                                                                 have raised more than $12,000 for Children’s
                                                                 Hospital.                                              slime! The fraternity raised $13,400.

             Score Fore Kids Golf Event
             Thank you to all who participated in the 8th COUNTRY Score Fore Kids
             Golf Outing held at the Den at Fox Creek in Bloomington on May 3.
             More than $55,500 was raised for Children’s Hospital.
                Crystal coolers were presented to the overall flight winners—David
             Schilkoski, Jim Schilkoski, Mike Henry, and Arnie Lizakowski. But the
                                                   true winners of this event are the
                                                   children of central Illinois who will
                                                   benefit from your generosity. Save
                                                   the date for next year: May 2, 2008!

                                                   Congratulations to Jim Jones (second             Dan O’Brien, president of Extreme Motors and Children’s Hospital
                                                   from left)! Not only is he a longtime            Advisory Board member, is pictured (second from left) with his team
                                                   sponsor of this event, but he was also the       and Hannah Trask, past patient of Children’s Hospital. Once again,
                                                   winner of the $2,000 raffle. His foursome        Extreme Motors sponsored hole-in-one contests on three different
                                                   includes (left to right) Dave Endsley,           holes. O’Brien’s foursome includes (left to right) Larry Anderson,
                                                   Jason Sorenson, and Doug Parker.                 Mike Curran, and Mike Talkington.

             8 • www.childrenshospitalofil.org
             8 • www.childrenshospitalofil.org
The Helping Hands of One Special Person

                  Reach Across the Nation
Thousands of families at Children’s Hospital of Illinois have lis-
tened to the sweet sounds of Cookie Bannon and her guitar
during the past three decades. This singer/songwriter, also the
community representative for Children’s Hospital, spends about
65 percent of her work time at children’s bedsides, entertaining
and soothing them. The other 35 percent she spends giving
talks about the hospital to community groups. In April, Bannon
made her talents national, when she joined in the Children’s
Miracle Network (CMN) Celebration in Orlando, Fla.
   “She’s quite an ambassador,” says Robert Lind, president of
the CMN Radiothon division, who invited Bannon to take part.
“Everyone who met her was inspired.”                                 Cookie Bannon sings live on air at the mini-Radiothons being conducted at
                                                                     the CMN National Conference in Orlando, Fla. DJs from KURB-FM in Little
                                                                     Rock, Ark., interviewed Bannon about the special gifts she brings patients
Making the Big Time                                                  at Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

At the event, Bannon cohosted the CMN Radiothon Awards
Luncheon. “That was kind of like doing the Academy Awards!”
she exclaims. She also gave a presentation for broadcasters on
how she improvises songs for patients, sometimes making up
entirely new compositions.
   Bannon did interviews with numerous CMN affiliate radio
stations, too, and met some of the CMN Champions (Miracle
Kids) from the U.S. and Canada. “It was a magnificent experi-
ence,” she says. Dozens of CMN radio stations requested to
play Bannon’s songs after hearing her. So she signed a five-
year contract granting CMN television and radio broadcasts the       One of Cookie Bannon’s duties at the 25th Anniversary CMN Conference in
                                                                     Orlando was to cohost the Annual Radiothon Awards Luncheon. Country singer
rights to use music from her most recent CD, The Other Side          Mark Wills sang at the luncheon, followed by a performance from Bannon.
                                                                     Here, she receives a CMN Radio Award from Bob Lind, president of CMN
of the Bed. Both Bannon and Children’s Hospital will be men-         Radiothon, and Karen Profitta, vice president of CMN Radiothon.
tioned after any segment that uses this music.

So Many Gifts
                                                                          Delight someone with a copy of Cookie
What makes Bannon so inspirational? “She connects,” says                  Bannon’s CD and companion book, The Other
Lind. When Bannon sits with children, looks into their eyes, and          Side of the Bed. It’s available at the OSF Saint
plays a song, “these kids just forget their troubles,” he adds. “I        Francis gift shop, and all proceeds benefit
                                                                          Children’s Hospital.
wish we had someone like her in every one of our hospitals.” In
fact, as far as Lind and Bannon know, no other CMN hospital
has a position quite like Bannon’s.
   When people learn about her unique work and remark
                                                                          What hidden talents do you have that might
on her talents, Bannon responds, “We all have a gift. I totally           help patients heal? How can you share the
believe if everyone had the same gift, nothing would ever get             work of Children’s Hospital with others? Learn
accomplished.”                                                            about opportunities to volunteer with us. Call
                                                                          Volunteer Services at (309) 655-2118.
   “Without working together as a team,” she adds, “we can-
not give what we want to give to the children and families at
Children’s Hospital.”
                                                                                                            www.childrenshospitalofil.org • 9
CMN Telethon 2007
                       Children’s Miracle
                    Network aTelethon $2,906,412!
                        Raises Record-Breaking

                    C       hildren’s Hospital of Illinois celebrated its 22nd Annual
                            CMN Telethon on Sunday, June 3, live on WEEK TV 25, at
                    the RiverPlex in Peoria and Eastland Mall in McLean County. On
                    behalf of the Children’s Hospital Foundation, we thank central
                    Illinois for helping to make this year’s Telethon such a success!

                                                                                                               Telethon host Lee Hall (far right) interviews representatives from Gold’s Gym and
                                                                                                               Children’s Hospital pediatric floors (G200/G1200) who presented checks for their
                                                                                                               fundraisers. From Gold’s Gym, Brandice, Buffy, and Sammy Gordon, and Amy
                                                                                                               Gelsomino (left to right) presented a check for $7,000 from their Get Fit for Kids event.
                                                                                                               Michelle Sheppard (second from right) presented a check for $2,000 from bake sales
                                                                                                               on the pediatric floors.

                    Sister Canisia, Mary Ellen VanBuskirk, and Sandy Gallant get a glimpse of the final 2007
                    CMN total of $2,906,412 as it’s announced live on air!

                                                                                                               Mary Ellen VanBuskirk’s family, Tom
                                                                                                               and Julia Sander, the Children’s
                                                                                                               Hospital Foundation staff, Peoria’s
                                                                                                               Telethon hosts and OSF and
                                                                                                               Children’s Hospital administration
                                                                                                               gathered with Sisters Canisia and
                                                                                                               Judith Ann as we prepared to show
                                                                                                               the results of the day’s fundraising

                                                                                                               Troy and Jena Hobbs, and their little
                    As the Telethon begins, Mary Ellen VanBuskirk’s family is introduced by hosts Kelli        miracle, Larissa, share their story
                    Watson and Chris Zak. Left to right: Jamie VanBuskirk and her husband, Dan                 with McLean County Telethon host
                    VanBuskirk; Kelli; Chris; Mary Ellen and daughters Virginia Madsen and Margaret Heun.      Jenny Li (left).

                    10 • www.childrenshospitalofil.org
                                                                                                                                                                                        CMN Telethon 2007
Ellie McDougall (second from right) sits on the lap of Eric Elwood, MD, with her family as   Telethon host Kelli Watson introduces Shaun and Katlin Bollenbach as they answer
Telethon host Gina Morss (right) comments on the miracle of Ellie’s experience with          phones during the Telethon, while Crystal Bennett (left) from Washington Wal-Mart and
Children’s Hospital.                                                                         Katie Arnholt Kim (right) from Horan Construction are busy taking pledges.

                                                                                             Sister Judith Ann and Sister Canisia gather with the many children at this year’s Peoria
                                                                                             Telethon to celebrate its success and hear Cookie Bannon sing as the event comes
The fabulous McLean County CMN/Children’s Hospital of Illinois committee and
                                                                                             to a close.
volunteers work year round and are essential to the Telethon’s success!

Telethon host Sandy Gallant asks Teddy Ralph about his fundraiser, Notre Dame Irish
Nation. Teddy and his friends sold T-shirts in support of Children’s Hospital that were
                                                                                             Telethon host Gina Morss encourages
worn during sporting events at Peoria Notre Dame High School.
                                                                                             viewers to call the volunteers from
                                                                                             Accenture during the Telethon. Each hour
                                                                                             of Telethon was met with Miracle Matches

                                                                 Telethon host Lee Hall      from corporate sponsors who agreed to

                                                                 interviews Miracle Kid,     match donations up to various dollar

                                                                 Austin Charlet, and his     amounts.

                                                                 dad, Kevin, as they
                                                                 answer phones during        Telethon host Jack Weekes (second from
                                                                 the T.O.U.C.H. hour.        right) accepts a check from the area Wal-Mart
                                                                 Earlier in the broadcast,   Supercenters and Sam’s Club. From left to
                                                                 13-year-old Austin          right: Ann Carpenter and Peggy Shine from
                                                                 presented a $4,000          Sam’s Club Normal, and Tom Smith from
                                                                 check from fundraisers      Wal-Mart Normal.
                                                                 he held himself.

                                                                                                                                         www.childrenshospitalofil.org • 11
CMN Telethon 2007
                    Thank You,
                                   Central Illinois,
                                      for a Record-Breaking Year!
                    Children’s Hospital is grateful      Jack Weekes                      Dairy Queen                    Panera Bread
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                                                                                                                                           Milestone Project
  “The Canticle of the Project:
The Milestone Sun”
               Provides Design Inspiration

P    erhaps the last place any child
     wants to visit is a hospital. After
all, with sterile white walls and maze-
                                                                                              praises various aspects of nature,
                                                                                               which became the basis for each floor’s
like floor plans, hospitals can be scary                                                            “We wanted to give the building a
places. But they don’t have to be. And                                                        theme for many reasons,” Hill explains.
in 2010, when patients and their families                                                  “For one, a theme helps people to intuitively
enter the newly expanded Children’s                                                        find their way through a hospital—from the
Hospital of Illinois, they’ll see just how                                                 parking decks to the elevators, floors, nurs-
warm and inviting a hospital can be. They            The Canticle of the Sun               ing stations, and patient rooms—because
may even forget they’re in a hospital at all,             Floor by Floor                   the theme allows us to designate specialty
which is exactly what the Milestone Project                                                spaces and then tie them into the theme
designers are striving for.                          ■ Pediatric and adult                 through architectural features and signage.”
                                                       emergency services:
                                                                                           When people can navigate a space, Hill
                                                       “all creatures”
Choosing a Concept                                   ■ Pediatric and adult                 says, they feel a sense of control. Because
For several months, hospital staff                     surgery: “earth”                    patients and families often feel they have
have been working with interior                      ■ Pediatric and adult cath/IR         no control in a hospital, giving them some
                                                       lab: “fire and light”
designers Tara Hill of Stanley Beaman                                                      empowerment is key.
                                                     ■ St. Jude’s: “heritage”
& Sears and Jocelyn Stroupe of OWP/P                 ■ Neonatal Intensive Care
Architects Inc. to choose color palettes               Unit: “wind and air”                Color Choices
and other design elements for the                    ■ Pediatric intensive care            A theme also helps in the selection
                                                       unit: “water”
Milestone Project expansion. Overall, the                                                  of color palettes and design elements,
                                                     ■ General pediatrics:
building will include 440,000 square feet of           “moon and stars”                    says Hill. Each subtheme naturally
new space, which will house both pediatric                                                 lends itself to certain colors and visual
and adult departments. That’s a lot of walls                                               elements. Looking at each subtheme,
to paint and ceilings and floors to design.                                                one can easily envision the design
And while choosing colors and other fea-                                                   possibilities.
tures may seem easy, it’s actually a long,                                                      In addition, “color has a big influence
challenging process.                                                               on how patients feel,” says Renee Schreiner, facil-
   “The first thing we needed to do was develop                                    ity designer for the hospital. “And while we want
a big theme for the entire building,” explains Hill. “From that       to add color, we have to be careful with our choices. We have
theme, we could then come up with subthemes for the different         to consider our patients. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, for
departments.”                                                         example, can be a stressful place. So we’ll use blues, greens,
                                                                      and corals in that department, which are soothing and healing
The Canticle of the Sun                                               colors.”
After several brainstorming sessions, the design team decided            Now that the theme for the Milestone Project is in place,
that “The Canticle of the Sun,” a prayer by St. Francis of Assisi,    the designers will continue to work on the finer details of the
would be the project’s overall theme. In the prayer, St. Francis      design, such as the upholstery and artwork. ■

                                                                                                      www.childrenshospitalofil.org • 13
Donor Profile
                                    The Milestone Project:
                                                   Generous Donors

                   W       e are grateful to have received the foundation’s first
                           three leadership gifts to the Milestone Project. The
                   Milestone Project represents plans for an eight-story building
                                                                                                OSF Saint Francis Community Advisory Board. “When the
                                                                                                Milestone Project was first being planned, Helen and I knew we
                                                                                                wanted to have a part in making it happen. We were excited to
                   that will contain a new Children’s Hospital of Illinois, a floor for         know that an opportunity was available to support the NICU in
                   adult cardiology, and a new emergency room with separate                     this expansion project,” says Jerry. “I urge everyone in our com-
                   entrances for adults and children—with the remaining levels                  munity to open their hearts to our smallest citizens and help the
                   sharing services between children and adults. It is the largest              Sisters in their wonderful mission,” he adds.
                   private building project in Peoria history. Construction is
                   expected to begin late this summer, with completion scheduled
                   for July 2010.

                                           Jerry and Helen Stephens
                                           On May 1, Jerry and Helen Stephens
                                           announced—to an elated group of dis-
                                           tinguished guests—a donation of $5 mil-
                                           lion to the Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal
                                           Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Many of the
                                           audience members were moved to tears
                                           by the magnitude of the gift. It represents
                                           one of the largest individual gifts to health-       A very grateful OSF administrative team poses with Jerry and Helen
                                                                                                Stephens (center) and the $5 million check. Pictured left to right are
                Helen and Jerry Stephens   care in central Illinois.                            Keith Steffen, OSF Saint Francis administrator; Sister Judith Ann Duvall,
                                                                                                OSF, Chairperson, OSF Healthcare System; Jerry and Helen Stephens;
                                              Keith Steffen, OSF Saint Francis admin-           and Paul Kramer, Children’s Hospital executive director.
                   istrator, said that the world-class NICU will
                   be known as the Gerald D. and Helen M.
                   Stephens Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
                      Jerry and Helen are of Methodist faith,
                   but they have long admired The Sisters of
                   the Third Order of St. Francis. “The history
                   of the organization and the Sisters who
                   oversee its operations mean a lot to us,”
                   they say. Helen singled out Sister Canisia
                   Gerlach, OSF, as a particular inspiration to
                   her. Another reason behind the generous
                   gift is that Jerry’s only brother died as a
                   young child of spinal meningitis. “I always
                   wondered what it would have been like to
                   have had a brother,” Jerry says.
                      A Peoria native, Jerry is the founder and
                                                                       Jerry and Helen Stephens stand with the newly unveiled architectural rendering of the Neonatal Intensive
                   chairman of RLI Inc. and a member of the            Care Unit.

                   14 • www.childrenshospitalofil.org
                                                                                                                                                        Donor Profile
Help Make It Happen
  The first gift to the Milestone Project came on February 8 to a
  packed audience in which CEFCU announced its largest charitable
  contribution ever—a $1 million gift for what will be named the CEFCU
  Children’s Emergency Department.
     The announcement was made by CEFCU President/CEO Mark
  Spenny, who noted numerous reasons why Children’s Hospital aligns
  with CEFCU’s giving philosophy. “Children’s Hospital is a perfect fit
  in that it serves the very footprint where CEFCU serves as a com-
  munity credit union. And CEFCU members/owners have always
  been extremely supportive of CEFCU’s giving when it comes to
  helping children in need.” Spenny also said that the contribution is
  a continuation of CEFCU’s commitment to children in central Illinois.
  Indeed, every year, CEFCU sponsors the “Brighten a Child’s Life”            Paul Kramer, Children’s Hospital executive director, assists Sister
                                                                              Judith Ann, OSF, Chairperson, OSF Healthcare System; Sue Yoder,
  holiday greeting card campaign. This campaign has raised more than          vice president of marketing at CEFCU; and Mark Spenny, CEFCU
                                                                              president, in holding the $1 million check presented for the new
  $500,000 for Children’s Hospital over the past 22 years.                    Children’s Hospital emergency department.

                                        Susan and Lynn
                                        Helping to support the efforts of
                                        the NICU of the new Children’s
                                        Hospital is a $500,000 gift from
                                        Susan and Lynn McPheeters.
                                        This gift will go toward the family
                                        waiting area of the new NICU.
                                           In making the gift, Lynn
                                        stated, “Peoria has been very
  Susan and Lynn McPheeters             good to us, and it is our desire
                                        to see it prosper in every way.
  Supporting the expansion of already excellent healthcare for children
  through the Milestone Project is one way for us to give back to this
  community.”                                                                 Three generations of CEFCU presidents pose with Sister Judith Ann
                                                                              and the $1 million check. Pictured left to right are Eldon Arnold; John
     Lynn retired from Caterpillar Inc. in 2005 after 40 years of service,    Siefken; Sister Judith Ann, OSF; and current CEFCU president, Mark
  spending the past six years as a vice president and chief financial
  officer. Lynn has previously served as chair and treasurer on the OSF
  Saint Francis Foundation Council. Both Susan and Lynn serve on
  many boards in the Peoria area and at Southern Illinois University. ■

                                                                                                           www.childrenshospitalofil.org • 15
                                                                                                   Calendar of
                                                                                                  EVENTS                                   For more information on any
                                                                                                                                           of these events, call Jayne at
                                                                                                                                              (309) 566-5668 or visit

                                                                                                   2      Tazewell County 4-H Bike Rodeo, Pekin
                                                                                                   3–4    Jump Start Gymnastic Fitness Challenge, Peoria
                                                                                                   4      Car Seat Check, State Farm Claims Office, Peoria
                                                                                                   4      Corn Daze Festival, Minier
                                                 If you see a n                                    9      Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day, all locations

                                                 un buckled child,                                 16     Car Seat Check, Fire Station #1, Pekin

                                                 call our hotli n e.
                                                                                                   8      Car Seat Check, Marigold Festival, Pekin
                                                                                                   11     Car Seat Check, State Farm Claims Office, Peoria
                                                   A public service program of:
                                                                                                   13     Thome/Warfield Golf Invitational, Peoria
              or                                   ✰      Children’s Hospital of Illinois          15     Small Wonders Miracle Walk, RiverPlex, Peoria
        #333 on your                               ✰      Local Law Enforcement                    20     Car Seat Check, Fire Station #1, Pekin
       Verizon Wireless
                                                   ✰      Safe Kids Coalition
                                                                                                   9      Car Seat Check, State Farm Claims Office, Peoria
                                                                                                   12–13 Bradley University Dance Marathon, Peoria
                                                                                                   13     Car Seat Check, Fire Department, Pekin
                                                                                                   18     Car Seat Check, Fire Station #1, Pekin

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