The introduction of the new Super Poppy by langstonwalker

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The New Super Poppy from America
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The Papaver Super Poppy series are an F4 Perennial Hybrid that have taken
over 30 years to develop.

What’s so special about them?
The flowers last longer, & they flower over a much longer season.
Mature plants will give a second & third flush of flowers from May to
September or maybe October, depending on the season, dead head them
as soon as the flowers drop.

Colours range through the spectrum from palest pink & white, to maroon &
purple, from clear, clean long flowering orange, to the darkest dark red.

They are hardy, with sturdy stems, long flowering but do not like overly wet sites.

(Go to Digging Deep for a more detailed description of the Super Poppy)
‘Alpha Centauri’

9cm 'Alpha Centauri' £6:90
1:Lt £8:30
2:Lt £9:60

‘Alpha Centauri’ Prolific, very deep red-pink on a blue cold tone flowers with
pronounced black blotches to the base. Strong stems & foliage. Cut back each
flower head after flowering to prolong the flowering period & to promote a second
flowering. Ht 32" 80 cm

9cm ‘Aurora’ £6.90
1:Lt £8:30
2:Lt £9:60
Clear, clean bright orange flowers which stand out well & can clearly be
seen from a distance. A colour for the 'hot bed', longer flowering.
Flowers held well above the foliage. Cut each flower as it fades to promote
more blooms.
Ht 30" 75cm

‘Bright Star’
‘Bright Star’ same plant 2006

9cm 'Bright Star' £7:30
1:Lt £8:90
2:Lt £10:30
‘Bright Star’ Was added to the range in 2004
Seeing is believing & you will love seeing this poppy in bloom!
A new colour break, Its not red, it not pink in a glorious glowing blue,
pinky-red. It really is star shaped. Nature has outlined the petals edges
with a slightly deeper tone in the same shade. I could eat it!
2004 was the first time we have seen it flower in the UK.
Customers & nursery owners alike are making this plant a ‘star’
Ht 26 to 28 inches 65 to 70 cm.

‘The Falklands’
In 2007 we were asked if we had a poppy that we could name to commemorate
the 25th Anniversary of the Falklands conflict, & we had just the right poppy. It’s a
beauty & one of the best so far. It’s a bright glossy petalled red. We sent 7 plants
out to the Falklands with the returning pilgrims in November 2007 and to our
delight the plants were flowering in February 2008.

It’s a beautiful poppy with deeply cut serrated edged in a clear, clean red.

9cm ‘The Falklands’ £7.90.
1 Lt £9.60.
2Lt £11.30
For each poppy sold Water Meadow Nursery pays a royalty to the Falklands
Veterans Foundation & S.A.M.A. To help fund their work.

‘Heartbeat'      PBR. (Plant Patent pending)
Papaver Super Poppy ‘Heartbeat’ PBR. P.P pending. In my opinion this is one of
the very best poppies ever, it’s tall, with large flowers, straight robust stems,
magnificent double row of petals, and the colour is deep maroon red purple,
with thick glossy petals. This picture does not show the depth of colour.

‘Heartbeat’ PBR. (Plant Patent Pending)

9cm ‘Heartbeat’ £7:30
1:Lt £8:90
2:Lt £10:30
A real showstopper! Formally known as 'Maroon 8 seedling'
and named for ‘Alton Heart Re Hab’ with magnificent shimmering
waxy blooms, & a double row of petals, its taller than most with
very sturdy growth & stiff stems. It is still one of my favourites. Ht 36” 95 cm
9cm 'Jacinth' £6:90
1:Lt £8:30
2:Lt £9:60

(The picture colour isn’t quite right, it should be more red pink.)
Bright shiny lipstick pinky red, blooms in abundance, over glossy foliage.
A very pretty combination. I tried to describe the colour to some one on
the phone & said it was glossy, like the colour of Jane Russell’s lipstick,
she asked ‘Who is Jane Russell?’ Sweet young thing!
I did feel my age! Cut back flowers as they fade for 2nd crop.
Ht 30" 75cm


Such a difficult colour to reproduce! The colour should be darker with a purple
tinge, on all the pictures shown.

Medallion holds the record for the most long lasting flowers, in 2005 a couple of
flowers lasted for 18 days before the petals dropped! It faded right down to a
pale rose colour with purple vein lines and was still beautiful.

‘Medallion’        The colour is too pink in this picture.
This plant is a mature 3 years old in Water Meadows’ Poppy Necklace’.
9cm 'Medallion' £6:90
1:Lt £8:30
2:Lt £9:60
Large, upward facing, plum coloured purple toned blooms,
borne above glossy green foliage. An in vogue shade, that fades prettily to
an old tapestry rose if planted in bright sunlight.
It hold the record for staying in flower the longest.
Cut back after flowering for a 2nd crop Ht 36 inches 90cm.

‘Olympic Flame’ New 2009.
We thought long and hard about naming this new plant. It’s a x from Shasta.
From our own breeding here at the nursery. Its shape and form are exceptional,
with very large blooms held just at the right height to compliment the foliage,
stems are study, straight and the whole plant has such vigour everybody loves it.
The colour is a clear orange red, (but more orange than red)

Papaver Super Poppy series ‘Olympic Flame’ New
‘Olympic Flame’
9cm £7.30

1Lt £8.90.

2 Lt £10.30

 ‘Rhapsody In Red’
('EM2 x EM1' )

‘Rhapsody In Red’
Massed flowering of Papaver Super Poppy hybrid ‘Rhapsody In Red’ a mature
plant 3 years old, which had 28 blooms the first flowering & 8 blooms later in
9cm 'Rhapsody in Red' £6:90
1:Lt £8:30
2:Lt £9:60
Ht:28 to 32 inches 72 to 82 cm

Super Poppy ‘Rhapsody in Red’.
2003 is the first year we saw this plant it flower. It’s a dark,
bright, red almost the same colour as Beauty of Livermere,
but not growing too tall (28 to 32 inches) with a double row of
thick glossy petals. It had three massive bursts of
Flowers lasting over 1 month. We think its one of our best.
We will not have any stock of this variety until Mid to late 2009.

'SHASTA' Close up of the bud opening .

9cm 'Shasta' £6:90
1:Lt £8:30
2:Lt £9:60
Ht:24 inches 60 cm

Prolific pale lime white base to the flowers & depending on the
temperature, this ‘picotee’ style plant will have pale to medium pink colour
to the edge or suffusing the petals. A lovely form. I am including another picture
of the same plant taken the following year to show the difference.
Cut back to promote a 2nd crop of flowers and you will be rewarded.
One of our most popular varieties.

'SHASTA' After flowering for two weeks.

9cm ‘Serena’ £6:90
1:Lt £8:30
2:Lt £9:60

Large flowering pale pink with a hint of grey,
maroon elongated blotch to the base, with
a charming 'rosette' of stamens to the seed
capsule. Flowers held well above glossy
green foliage.
Cut back for 2nd crop of flowers.
Ht 28" 70cm
‘Snow White’
We have waited a long time for this one. But the wait has been worth it!

It’s the first Super Poppy that we have bred & named in the UK and hopefully it’s
the first of many. The opening buds are Grey toned with a touch of pink in the
base, the petals which quickly turns to snowy white have a distinct deep maroon
blotch bleeding into to the base of the flower.

9cm ‘Snow White £ 7.30.
1Lt £8.90.
2 Lt £10.30

Papaver Super Poppy series ‘Snow White’ New 2009

Details of the Stigmatic Disc & beautiful marking to the base of each petal.
We think it’s wonderful, ready to order from mid June 2009 delivery.

‘Tequila Sunrise’
       Fully Mature plant flowers

Immature plant flowers

Super Poppy ‘Tequila Sunrise’
9cm 'Tequila Sunrise' £6:90
1:Lt £8:30
2:Lt £9:60

‘Tequila Sunrise’ This poppy arrived from America with the
name of 'Atlantis' a white picotee poppy but because of the difference in
temperature, (it has flowered here for 8 years)
it produces a flower with a creamy orange base & salmon pinky orange
petals, with cut edges, we love it.
Height 30" 75cm

‘Vesuvius’      ( background showing side profile of ‘Serena’
9cm 'Vesuvius' £6:90
1:Lt £8:30
2:Lt £9:60

Glorious red blooms, The Gentleman’s favourite, for sale for 2006! No mater how
you ladies try to talk them out of an almost orange red it’s no good! The Gents
seem to love this one. It has such thick glossy petals with a satin finish, it
bloomed for the first time in 2003, and as it was newly imported from the States,
we were very pleased with its performance. I like the flame like edges to the
petals. Cut back flower heads as they finish for a second crop. Ht 32 inches 80cm

‘Viva’ Sorry still no stock of this lovely plant
9cm 'Viva' £7:90
1:Lt £9:30
Double row of ruffle edged petals, in a shimmering dark red pink,
glistens in the sunshine, an exquisite poppy, but sadly
it does not propagate well, there is always one! but we are not
giving up! it may take a couple more years to get our stock plants
up together, of this lovely plant but it will be worth the wait.
Its magnificent! Ht 32 inches 82cm

If you are looking for an enjoyable day out, and would like to learn more
about these beautiful poppies, why not join us for one of our special
‘Super Poppy days’ during May or June

                      I hope you have enjoyed seeing these lovely poppies.
                      If you would like anymore help please let me know.
                             Happy Gardening,

                              Sandy Worth.
                              Water Meadow Nursery

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