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									Myths and facts about natural remedies for depression

If you’re feeling depressed, you probably don’t have too much time left over to debate over
the pros and cons of natural remedies for depression. It is probable that your existing
depression is sucking the life out of your energy levels, so you’re likely to be reading this
article in a state of mental frailty. Sound like you?

Help is on the way – read on!

In today’s society, the average American citizen is on five – yes five – different medications!
If that doesn’t shock you, nothing will. If you’re not on any medications at all right now, just
imagine the number of meds other people are taking to make that average work out?

The amount of unnatural chemicals we put in our bodies stagger even medical experts,
many of whom agree that there is something going wrong in the way we handle ourselves on
a day-to-day basis. The rate of prescription of antidepressants – like Wellbutrin, Prozac,
Cymbalta, Paxil and Zoloft – has soared exponentially in the last few years.

But with this over-prescription comes certain knowledge that the underlying problems are
simply not being addressed. Pills are being thrown at people, often without a concept of
why those patients are depressed in the first place.

On the other hand, a growing movement is developing as an alternative to the mainstream
drugs companies.

Natural remedies for depression are becoming increasingly widespread as well – so, we’ll go
into a few of the myths and facts about natural remedies versus antidepressants below.

Natural remedies for depression | myths and facts
MYTH: Natural remedies for depression aren’t as effective as drugs like Prozac.

FACT: Actually, they can be more effective than SSRIs! Whereas a drug simply treats the
outlying symptoms of what is wrong with you, a natural remedy often has the power to really
heal from the inside. Certainly natural remedies are much more likely to be used as part of a
properly holistic regimen of wellbeing.

MYTH: Tradition antidepressant side effects aren’t bad enough to warrant looking for
natural remedies for depression as alternatives…

FACT: The side effects of drugs used to treat depression in the modern world of
pharmaceuticals can be even worse than the depression they’re trying to treat! Some of the
common (and rather horrifying) side effects listed on common antidepressants include:
increased heart rate; dizziness; stroke risk; abdominal pain; nausea; life-threatening hepatic
failure and a small risk of death!

MYTH: Natural remedies for depression aren’t safe because they aren’t regulated by the

FACT: While it is true that certain natural remedies aren’t regulated by the FDA, this doesn’t
mean they’re not safe. Some of the natural methods like homeopathic remedies have such
incredibly small doses of the potent ingredient that if they don’t work on your depression,
they won’t have any effect at all in a negative way either.

Of course, you need to use your best judgment regarding the safety of some really outlandish

In his great book, “Depression Free Method,” Dan Micheals examines some incredibly
effective ways of changing bad thought into good and effectively retraining your brain.
Natural remedies for depression don’t come much more solid than this!

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