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					De Lisle Catholic Science College – Year 8 Dimensions

Dimensions theme 2 – New world
Global Dimensions


In this theme students will be developing an understanding of global and
cultural issues through the study of two areas of South East Asia that
the college has links with. Schools in both Miri (Sarawak, Malaysia) and
Chang Mai (Thailand) are partnered with schools in Leicestershire. In this
project students will consider the cultural differences and similarities
between the United Kingdom and one of the areas and create a guide for
visitors that will record their learning.

Students will have opportunities to make contact with students in the
partner schools via email (Depending on technical support!) A small group
of students from De Lisle have taken part in a video conferencing session
with students in Sarawak.


Students will produce a graphic product in the form of a leaflet, booklet
or information folder. This will be a guide to the area that they have
chosen and will include a broad range of information for travellers in the
area. Possible topics for inclusion into the booklet could include:

      Language
      Food
      Travel
      Customs
      Religion
      Clothing
      Music

This product needs to be produced using graphic techniques – not using
DTP software on the computer. Items can be printed using computers and
then pasted into the leaflet / booklet.

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De Lisle Catholic Science College – Year 8 Dimensions

Core Learning

Data Smart – I have provided a range of resources in the project box
(leaflets, booklets, guide books etc). In addition, there are a very broad
range of resources available on the internet.

Creative Smart – Presentation of information in guide

People Smart – Opportunities for paired working
Word Smart – Use of text to present information. Use of language.


12 hours school based learning
Home learning – minimum 4 hours

Lesson       Activity                           Resources
1            Introduction to theme              New World power point and
             Identifying areas for              movie (Chang Mai and
             investigation through group        Sarawak)
             discussion. Explore perceptions
             of South East Asia
2            Product Analysis.                  Leaflet (Copies?)
             Paired work analysing an           Recording Sheet
             existing leaflet / guide. Record   Planning Sheet
             points for inclusion into own
             product. Project planning
3 -6         Investigation + Research           Range of source material
             including a taught lesson on
             types of information / the
             extraction of information from
             various sources.
7 – 11       Leaflet / Booklet production       Range of graphic media
12           Evaluation and assessment          End of module assessment
             sheets                             sheet


An assessment sheet for each student will need to be completed
During the evaluation there is a peer to peer assessment activity
All students complete a personal review

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De Lisle Catholic Science College – Year 8 Dimensions

I would like to create a display of the outcomes in a public area.


All paper based resources will be in the project box.
Please keep it tidy.
I will distribute assessment sheets when required.

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