Introduction to Debate by jonathanscott


									Introduction to Debate                               Name: _________________________
Quiz over basic argumentation

                                    Section One: Propositions

Directions: Listed below are various propositions of fact, value and policy. To be a successful
debater, you need to be able to identify each. On the line to the left of each, write either fact,
value, or policy.

_____________ 1. The earth is flat

_____________ 2. Liberty is more precious than law

_____________ 3. Uniformity in education leads to mediocrity

_____________ 4. A storm took place last night

_____________ 5. The United States should restrict immigration

_____________ 6. Every American should be given a job

_____________ 7. It is better for the news media to be biased

_____________ 8. Disruptive students should be removed from the classroom

_____________ 9. It is better to punish disruptive students by suspension rather than detention

_____________ 10. GBN Debate is the best debate team

                                Section Two: Types of Reasoning

Directions: List below the 4 types of reasoning and explain each in one sentence. (This is not
inductive or deductive as those are categories of reasoning that these can fit under).




                      Section Three: Dewey Model on Reflective Thinking

Directions: Show me that you understand the steps of Dewey’s Thinking Model by following his
steps. I will start by defining a problem for you. You need to take that problem through the next

Define a problem: Students are too tired when they arrive at school.

15. Analyze it

16. Propose possible solutions

17. Test the solutions against each other

18. Select a final solution

                              Section Four: Claim Data Warrant

Directions: For the following statements, identify the Claim, Data, and Warrant. Each answer is
worth 3 points.

19. This is the hottest summer since 2000. My electricity bills are going to be outrageous.




20. Very few students studied. The teacher did a poor job of covering the material. The students
are not going to do well on this test.




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