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					                                          Santa Rosa Senior Center

                            Introduction to e-mail / Internet
                                          Some Websites
Govern ment Agenc y                                         Websit e
City of Santa Rosa ----------------------------------------
County of Sonoma ----------------------------------------
Sonoma County Superior Court ------------------------
State of California ----------------------------------------
        Franchise Tax Board ----------------------------
        Department of Motor Vehicles ----------------
United States
        Department of Veterans Affairs ---------------
        Internal Revenue Service -----------------------
        NASA ---------------------------------------------
        President of the U. S. ----------------------------
        House of Representatives------------------------
        The Library of Congress------------------------
         The Supreme Court------------------------------
News Media -------------------------------Website
        San Francisco Chronicle---------
        Oakland Tribune-------------------
        San Jose Mercury News ---------http://www.mercurynews.comlmld/mercurynews/
        The Press Democrat---------------
        The Bay Guardian -----------------
                ABC --------------------------------------
                CBS --------------------------------------
                F OX -------------------------------------
                N BC -------------------------------------
                P BS --------------------------------------
                UPN --------------------------------------
                KTVU Channel 2 --------------------
                KRON Channel 4---------------------
                KPIX      Channel 5 (CBS)-------------
                KGO       Channel 7 (ABC)-------------
                KQED Channel 9 (PBS)-- ----------
                KNTV Channel 11 (NBC) ----------
                KBWB Channel 20 (WB) -----------
                KRCB Channel 22 (PBS) -----------
                KICU Channel 36 (CBS) -----------
                KBHK Channel 44 (UPN) -----------
                KFTY Channel 50--------- ----------
                                                           Santa Rosa Senior Center
                                                        Introduction to e-mail / Internet
                                                               More Websites

Information/Shopping Services------Website
AAA -------------------------------------------------------
Acronyms (what does http://p mean?) -----------------
Amazon (books I shopping) ----------------------------
Any Who (white pages, yellow pages and reverse) --
Craig's List (free SF area classified ads) ---------------
Encyclopedia (free) ---------------------------------------
Internet Movie Database (people, places & films) ---
Map Quest (maps and driving directions) -------------
Walgreen's Pharmacy (locate / shop)-------------------

Search Engines                    ---------- ------- -Website
Each of these search the Internet and present their findings in their own way so the results may be unique.
About (information about many subjects) ---------------------
Alta Vista (worldwide or USA, translation available) ------- http://
Ask Jeeves (first plain language questions) ------------------
Excite (multi-country, customizable)----------------------------
Find What (business solutions)-----------------------------------
Gigablast (large, fast index)---------------------------------------
Google (currently the most popular) ---------------------------
Hot Bot (hottest search robot) -----------------------------------
Look Smart (audience-inspired solutions)---------------------
Lycos-------------------------------- -------------- ---------------------
MSN -------------------------------- --------------
Netscape -------------------------------- -----------------------------
Overture (market/country based searches)-------------------
Web Crawler --------------------------------------------------------
Yahoo! (probably the most publicized) ------------------------

And many, many more
Metasearch Engines ---------- ----- Website
  Each of these use sites like those above to search the Internet and then present the combined findings in their own way.
Dog pile -------------------------------- -------------------------------
                                                                              Uses Overture, Google, Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves, Look Smart,
                                                                              About, FindWhat, and more!
lxquick ---------------------------------------------------------------- -
Momma (The mother of all search engines)------------------
Momma (for health concerns)-------------------------------- ----
                                                              Web Browsers
Software programs on your computer that interpret and translate their own and other web sites.
Subscription ISP 1 Browsers ----------------- Website
AOL ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----
Earthlink (uses internet explorer) -----------------------
Other Browsers
FireFox (newest), Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera (inspiration for others)