Regenerative Medicine Introduction to Principles of Advanced by jonathanscott


									        Regenerative Medicine: Introduction to Principles of Advanced Tissue
                                      Engineering Techniques

Workshop Description:

The overall goal of tissue engineering is to create functional tissue grafts that can
regenerate or replace our defective or worn out tissues and organs. Examples of grafts that
are now in pre-clinical studies or clinical use include engineered skin, cartilage, bone, blood
vessels, skeletal muscle, bladder, trachea, and myocardium. Engineered tissues are also
finding applications as platforms for pharmacological and physiological studies in vitro. To
fully mobilize the cell’s biological potential, a new generation of tissue engineering systems
is now being developed to more closely recapitulate the native developmental milieu, and
mimic the physiologic mechanisms of transport and signaling. Organotypic bioreactor
systems allow diffrentiation of different cell sources and development of real tissues in
vitro. The results obtained help in the development of new drugs and potentially full
regeneration of tissues and organs.
We discuss the interactions between regenerative biology and engineering, in the context of
(i) creation of functional tissue grafts for regenerative medicine (where biological input is
critical), and (ii) studies of stem cells, development and disease (where engineered tissues
can serve as advanced 3D models).
Short test at the end of the workshop will show the overall understanding of the topic.

Workshop objectives:

   –   By presenting these topics in one subject, students will have the opportunity of
       learning details of certain aspects of tissue engineering and be able to place them in
       the broader context of the overall strategic approach used to solve a clinical
   –   By presenting the practice as well as the principles, students will come to appreciate
       the real-world difficulties encountered in translational research.
      –   They will identify the problems, analyze and evaluate them and propose potential

      –   Miomir Knezevic
          Head of the Unit for Collection and Processing of Haematopoietic Stem Cells
          Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia
      –   Hossein Mahboubi
          Tehran University of Medical Sciences
      –   Mohammad Mojtahed
          Tehran University of Medical Sciences
      –   Ali Mojtahed
          Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Target Audience:
Medical Students, Biology Students, Biomedical Researchers and everyone who is intrested
in Biomedical fields.

Workshop Schedule:

 No.                         Subject                            Trainer                 Period

              Regenerative medicine and tissue
  1                                                           M.Knezevic                60 min
              engineering- general introduction

            Bioreactor systems and biomaterials
  2                                                           M.Knezevic                30 min
                 used in tissue engineering

                              Break & Poster presentation (45 minutes)

          Clinical cases in regenerative medicine- a H.Mahboubi/M.Mojtahed/Ali
  3                                                                                     60 min
                      view of a physician                   Mojtahed

  4                    Short anonymous test                   All lecturers             30 min
Lesson plans:

Lesson title 1: Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering- general introduction

Learning Objectives:
   • Students will learn historical development of the field, importance and
       projections for the future. Involvement of other disciplines and technologies
       in regenerative medicine.

                   Topic                                Method                 Time

Historical perspective and importance         •   Lecture                   15 min

Correlation between transplantation and
                                              •   Lecture                   10 min
regenerative medicine

Cell sources for tissue engineered tissues    •   Lecture                   35 min

Lesson title 2: Bioreactor systems and biomaterials used in tissue engineering

Learning Objectives:
   • Students will learn why static cell cultures can not perform as bioreactor
       cultivated cells. Basic types of bioreactors and bioprocesses will be described.
       Biomaterials used in tissue engineering- their limitations and benefits....

                   Topic                                Method                 Time

Bioreactors and bioprocesses- data
                                              •   Lecture                   10min
acquisition and control

Biocompatible and biodegradable
                                              •   Lecture                   10 min
materials in tissue engineering

Future prospects                              •   Lecture                   10 min
Lesson title 3: Clinical cases in regenerative medicine- a view of a physician

Learning Objectives:
   • Different clinical cases will be presented and discussed. Pros and contras will
       be commented and future prospects will be described. What can clinician
       today expect form regenerative medicine?

                   Topic                              Method                 Time

Regenerative medicine in clinic today        •   Lecture                  30min

Which new therapies are in pipelines?        •   Lecture                  20 min

Future prospects                             •   Lecture                  10 min

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