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									                                                     Volume 14 Issue 13    November 2006
                     Newsletter of the Association of Directory Marketing, Inc.
              KN/SRI Lowers CMR Subscription Price for Syndicated Data
F      KN/SRI has lowered the CMR subscription price for YPMR year-end 2006 reports to
        $5,000 – a 40% decrease from the $8,400 cost for year-end 2005 reports. Burt
L       Michaels, VP and Managing Director, said “In partnering with publishers to underwrite
        the cost of the YPMR program, the goal was to have CMRs contribute about 2% of the
A       total cost of the research through subscriptions (publishers support 98% of the cost).
        The lower subscription fee is expected to be offset by an increase in the number of
S       subscriptions in order to still meet this goal.”
H       The Yellow Pages Market Reporter (YPMR) syndicated research program for year-end
        2006 includes 226 directory distribution areas (DDA’s) from Boston, MA to San
        Francisco CA and from Seattle, WA to Orlando, FL covering more than half of the
        adult population residing in more urban A and B counties. These DDA overall and
        specific directory usage reports will be delivered in January/February 2007 and are
supported by 26 publishers including: Ad-Ventures, ALLTEL, Ambassador Yellow Pages,
AT&T, BellSouth, Dex Media, Directory Plus, Downey Publishing, Gordon Publications,
Hagadone Directories, Impact Directories, MacGregor Publishing, Metro Directories, Names &
Numbers, Ogden Directories, Paradise Media Group, R. H. Donnelley, Saia Publishing, Tahoe
Telephone Directories, The Berry Company, User-Friendly Phone Book, Valley Yellow Pages,
Verizon, West Coast Yellow Pages, White Directory Publishers and Yellow Book USA.
YPMR, currently the only statistically reliable measure of specific directory usage at the local
DDA level, is a “must have” for CMR’s to make accurate decisions about the directories in
which to buy ads for national and regional advertisers. It is a growing challenge in today’s
market where usage is fragmented into 12 or more directories in the average DDA (e.g.,
including suburbans, metros, companions, regionals, rescoped products and more). To
subscribe, contact Miriam Murphy at 908-497-8003 or mmurphy@knowledgenetworks.com.

                               Video-on-Demand Yardstick
Starting in December, Nielsen Media Research will release video-on-demand ratings, similar to
its famous TV ratings. Advertisers and TV networks have complained that there was no
independent agency to track on-demand viewing. Until now, advertisers had to rely on viewer
data that the cable companies chose to release, and ad executives complained that viewership
was difficult to compare across cable systems. The New York Times, 11/16/06.

ADM Committee Chairs. On October 16, at the ADM Annual conference in
Williamsburg, VA, ADM Board Chairman Stuart McKelvey named these 2007 Committee
Chairs: Gene Daly, Ketchum Directory Advertising, Board Nominations; Chris Cummings,
Marquette Group, Annual Conference Site Selections; Jennie Park, Ads Nationwide, 2007
annual conference agenda; Stuart McKelvey, TMP Directional Marketing, ADM
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Marketers Demanding Better Count. Kimberly-Clark, Colgate-Palmolive, Ford Motor,
BMW, Hewlett-Packard, the ING Group, Visa and PepsiCo say by the middle of 2007, they will
demand online publishers hire auditors to certify their ad and viewer counts. The Interactive
Advertising Bureau supported these marketer stating that Web publishers need to have their ad
tracking systems monitored and certified by the Media Rating Council. The council has
certified media tracking since the 1960s and is the main arbiter of Web site tracking. NYT,

In 2005, Internet ads accounted for just 4.7%, or $12.5 billion, of $267 billion spent on
advertising, according to Interactive Advertising Bureau, a trade association of online
publishers. The New York Times, 10/30/06.

Nielsen Studies Web/TV Relationship. Nielsen Media Research launched its national
TV/Internet fusion database to study the relationship between TV and Internet use including
TV viewing by visitors to web sites. The TV/Internet database combined Nielsen’s national
people meter sample of more than 30,000 respondents with Nielsen/NetRating’s sample of
27,000 in-home participants. Mediaweek, 10/16/06 & MediaPost.com, 11/2/06.
Outdoor Growing. Outdoor holds just a small proportion of the ad market because it
charges lower rates, but it is the fastest growing segment after the Internet. U.S. outdoor
spending is expected to increase 10.8% to $6.34 billion this year, according to media buyer
ZenithOptimedia. The Wall Street Journal, 11/8/06.
Newspaper Circulation Falls Sharply. Overall, average daily newspaper circulation
dropped by 2.8% during the six-month period ended September 30, compared with the same
period last year, according to Audit Bureau of Circulations. Circulation for Sunday papers fell
by 3.4%. The figures are the steepest in any comparable six-month period in at least 15 years.
The New York Times, 10/31/06.
The LA Times Seeks Readers. In view of newspaper’s declining circulation, stagnant ad
revenue and rising costs, the Los Angeles Times dedicated three investigative reporters and a half-
dozen editors to find ideas, at home and abroad, for re-engaging the reader, both in print and
online. The New York Times, 10/12/06.
Easier to Do Business With. The Newspaper Association of America set up a
committee to make the industry easier to navigate, such as possibly standardizing business
practices. WSJ, 11/7/06.
Newspapers are still a very profitable business, with metro dailies earning between 12 and 25
cents for every dollar of revenue, which is still way ahead of most American companies.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/11/06.
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Newspapers Sell Ads on Google. Google will sell advertisements in the print editions of
50 major newspapers. Google, which already auctions advertisements on millions of Web sites,
will take bids for newspaper ads, as well. Hoping to reach a new crop of small businesses and
online retailers, large companies such as Gannett, the Tribune Company, The New York Times
Company, the Washington Post Company and Hearst have agreed to try the system in a three-
month test. NYT, 11/6/06.
Negative Ads Damaging. In Ad Age’s report card on consumer magazines, the writer
admonishes magazine publishers for ads that disparage the competition noting that it doesn’t
help grow the pie. While publishers take bites out of each other, web players and other media
lick their lips and eye magazines’ slice. Ad Age, 10/23/06.
AT&T launches Insurance Editorial Guides. AT&T will offer new Consumer
Insurance Editorial Guides starting with directories closing mid-December 2006. Guides will
be available in all directories where Editorial Guides are currently available. Section will appear
at the back of the Insurance heading and include these topics: Homeowners & Renters; Auto;
Life; Medical; Dental; Wills; Business-Liability; Motorcycle; and Marine. For call tracking
visuals, contact Diane Hurst, e-mail diane.hurst@att.com.
AT&T Heading Search on CMR Website. A new Heading Search tool is available on
AT&T's National CMR website, www.nationalyp.com. The tool helps CMRs identify headings
available in AT&T directories which include words that meet clients’ needs. Look for the tool
under “Other Selections,” “Heading Search” link, at www.nationalyp.com.
SureWest Moves In-House. SureWest Directories is moving its national sales group in-
house. Kent Guay is national sales manager, working with CMRs. Kent previously worked in
sales and collections positions with GTE Directories, Contel and Citizens Utilities. Contact
Kent at: 916-772-4028 or k.guay@surewest.com; CMR site: http://surewest.com/national/.
Orange County South, CA Rescope. Yellow Book USA’s Orange County South, CA
directory has been rescoped into three directories. The existing rescoped directories are:
                  Directory                           Close      Pub     Dist.
                  Saddleback Valley, CA (103723)      12/6/06    2/07    107,000
                  Laguna Beach, CA (105488)           12/6/06    2/07    96,500
                  San Clemente, CA (105489)           12/6/06    2/07    62,000
National orders on the Orange County South directory (103723) will need to be resubmitted on
the appropriate directory code, depending on the scope. Clients who advertise in all three
directories should submit order on the South Orange County Market code, 105606 (Close
12/6/06, Pub 2/07). Go to www.nationalsales.yellowbook.com; for a user name & password,
call Patti Hughes, 610-731-2530.
Verizon Deal with YouTube. Verizon Wireless and YouTube are negotiating a deal in
which the mobile-phone company would offer its 57 million subscribers access to a selection of
YouTube’s videos, formatted especially for cellphone screens. The Wall Street Journal, 11/8/06.

    To receive the ADM Flash via e-mail, contact Tomeika Slappy, ADM, at tslappy@admworks.org.
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Genesis News…Genesis Partners with Your Town. Genesis Publisher Services represents
Your Town Yellow Pages, Pub Code 0597, which has 18 books in Texas and Oklahoma.
Genesis partners with Everyday YP. Genesis Publisher Services is the new service bureau for
Everyday Yellow Pages, which publishes five directories in the greater Dallas metro area. Contact
Tony Vermass, Genesis, at 616-831-2800 x8858; email, tvermaas@genesispubservices.com

Peterson Joins Genesis. Laura Peterson joined Genesis Publisher Services as national
sales coordinator, working with CMRs. Previously, she worked for Construction Yellow Pages
as a sales team leader. Contact Laura: 616-831-2800 x8838; lpeterson@genesispubservices.com.
Berry Company Launches New Sales Tool. The Berry Company launched Berry
Real ResultsSM, an interactive sales tool that provides local, heading-specific research customized
for advertisers with a return-on-investment analysis. It combines both print and Internet real-
time statistics for specific headings, locations and industries. Visit
Take Local Search Guide Survey. The Local Search Guide, the Yellow Pages
Association who’s who of IYP, local search and search tool providers, features a local search
survey on its homepage. To take the survey, visit http://www.localsearchguide.org. Survey
results can be viewed instantly.
GCI Yellow Pages Iditarod Sales Contest. Windstream Yellow Pages announced
coverage of the Anchorage GCI directory increased 60% with inclusion of Mat-Su Valley & the
Kenai Peninsula. As a GCI Yellow Pages sales incentive, one CMR, advertiser and a guest will
win a trip to Alaska to participate in the start of the Iditarod Dog Sled race from Anchorage to
Nome. Visit www.windstreamyp.com or contact Betsy at 330-650-7274.

                     ADM Welcomes A New Supplier Member!
                    Bridgeton, MO 63044
                    David Green, Manager – Sales & Marketing
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Date/Time                                  Meeting                                              Location
Wed., Nov. 29 -                        The Kelsey Group ILM:06                             Sheraton Philadelphia City Center
Fri., Dec. 1                           Interactive Local Media 2006 www.kelseygroup.com/   P hi l adel phi a, P A

Wed., Feb. 28 -                        AAAA Media Conference &                             The Venetian
Fri., March 2                          Trade Show www.aaaa.org                             Las Vegas, NV
Mon., March 19 -                       The Kelsey Group                                    Santa Clara Marriott
Wed., March 21                         Drilling Down on Local www.kelseygroup.com/         Santa Clara, CA

Wed., March 28-                        ADP Annual Convention &                             Renaissance Austin Hotel
Sat., March 31                         Partners Trade Show www.adp.org                     Austin, TX
Sun., April 29-                        YPA Annual Conference                               Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
Tues., May 1                           www.ypassociation.org                               Las Vegas, NV
Thurs., Sept. 6 -                      ADP Mid-Year Convention &                           The Grand America Hotel
S u n ., S e p t. 9                    Publishers Trade Show www.adp.org                   Salt Lake City, UT
Sun., Sept. 9 -                        ADM Annual Conference                               The Grand America Hotel
Wed., Sept. 12                         www.admworks.org                                    Salt Lake City, UT

M o n ., S e p t. 1 7 -                The Kelsey Group                                    Hyatt Regency Reston
W e d ., S e p t. 1 9                  DDC2007 www.kelseygroup.com/                        Reston, VA

Wed., Nov. 28 -                        The Kelsey Group                                    Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel & Conf. Center
Fri., Nov. 30                          ILM:07 www.kelseygroup.com/                         East Rutherford, NJ

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                                           by maximizing the value of directory advertising.
                ADM’s Membership totals 109 icluding 62 CMRs and agencies, 28 directory publishers and 19 suppliers.
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