Introduction to oenology in the heart of Burgundy

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					          Introduction to oenology in the heart of Burgundy

1 DAY                                                                        640 € */person
                                                                                         Excl. VAT
                                                       Number of participants: 10 minimum / 18 maximum

In the company of experts, awaken your senses to the pleasures of oenology, discover the subtleties
of the most delicious wines in the heart of Burgundy, in the Côte de Nuits, at Gevrey Chambertin,
one of the most reputed French villages of the Pinot Noir.

          EXPLORE THE REGION                                           TASTING

  Explore the region by following         the          Learn how to recognise a wine with the
  « Route des Grands Crus »                            “Vino-Image® “ tasting method in order to
                                                       better appreciate a wine’s qualities and
  Discover the area, the climate, the                  flavours
  « cépages » (grape varieties), vintages
  and winemaking techniques                            Develop     your      olfactory
  Learn about the most famous vineyards in
  Burgundy and the hierarchy of the                    Discover the art of tasting
                                                       Learn wine vocabulary
  Visit a cooper’s workshop and discover the
  secrets of cask-making in order to                   Learn how to read a label and how to serve
  understand how barrels are essential in              wine (glass, temperature, decanter...)
  the production of a fine wine
                                                       Learn how to store wine
  Appreciate the making of a fine vintage
                                                       Through a tasting session of 5 wines,
  with   a    visit of  a   wine    cellar
                                                       discover the different climates of a Village

                                                       Through a tasting session of 4 wines
                                                       discover how vintage is used in the making
                                                       of the aroma

                                                       Combine wine and cookery flavours (sour,
                                                       sweet, spicy…)
  Participants must be aged 18 or over
                                                       Create and maintain your own wine cellar

Visit “Domaines” and discover the secrets of cask making

Improve your tasting techniques by listening to your senses

A delicious gourmet lunch of local specialities in the heart of the vineyards
(« gougères », « jambon persillé », cheeses…)

 Direct producers’ rates will be applied if wine is purchased at the winery

     We organise a «Tour œnologique» for groups of 10 - 18 participants

     We meet the participants at the Dijon train station and drop them off there at the end of their stay

     The « Burgundy wines – awaken your senses » session can also be organised in your company

     We can also combine the « Burgundy wines – awaken your senses » session and events in your company (oenology
     in music, company dinner and oenology, openings and oenology…)


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                                                 75 avenue Parmentier

                                                       75011 PARIS

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