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									Introduction to the SmartBoard
Introduction to the SmartBoard

When you log on to a PC that is connected to a Smartboard, the software that
makes it interactive will load automatically so nothing to worry about there!

Orienting the SMARTBOARD
When you plan to use the interactive board, it is worth orienting it before the lesson
starts. This will make sure that the on-screen cursor corresponds to the pen or your
Please wait until you are fully logged on and then do the following:

Click the two buttons on the pen tray simultaneously. When you do this the
Orientation screen will appear.
                                                     Follow the instuctions on the
                                                     screen.You can use either the
                                                     mouse or your finger to do this.

                                                     REMEMBER! A press on a
                                                     SMARTBOARD interactive
                                                     whiteboard is the same as a
                                                     left-click with a mouse.

                                                     To open an application such as
                                                     an Internet browser, double-
                                                     press the application icon with
                                                     your finger.

Introduction to the SmartBoard

Introduction to the SmartBoard

Basic Tools - The pen tray
The Pen Tray:

This is the basic way to
annotate your work. To write
over your desktop image or
application, pick up a pen
from the pen tray and write on the interactive whiteboard. The whiteboard
automatically puts a transparent layer on the board so you are not actually
writing on your original work. To write in a different color, pick up a different-
colored pen. Pick up the eraser from the pen tray and move it in a smooth
motion over your notes to erase them.

NOTE: The interactive whiteboard only recognizes the last tool removed
                                                        from the pen tray.
                                                        For example, if you
                                                        already have a pen
                                                        in your hand when
                                                        you pick up the
                                                        eraser, the interactive
                                                        whiteboard will
                                                        assume you want to
                                                         erase, regardless of
                                                         whether you touch
                                                         the board with a pen
                                                         or an eraser. To avoid
                                                         confusion, return
                                                         each tool to its
                                                         proper slot when you
                                                         have finished using

Introduction to the SmartBoard

Basic Tools - The Start centre
The Start centre:
Start Center is a compact, movable toolbar that contains your most frequently used
SMART Board features and applications.

The SMARTBOARD Start Centre loads automatically when you log in and you will
notice it on the right hand side of your screen.

Introduction to the SmartBoard

Basic Tools - Customising the Start centre
Customising the Start centre:
To customise the Start Center, press the More button and select Customise Start

For example, you can add a Screen Shade button to the Start Center and use it to
gradually reveal information during presentations.

Press Browse to add unlisted applications to the Start Center, including third-party
presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

To rearrange the order of the Start Center buttons, select an item press Move Up or
Move Down.

Introduction to the SmartBoard

Basic Tools - The floating tools toolbar
The floating tools toolbar:
The features you use
most are literally at
your fingertips with
the Floating Tools
toolbar. To launch
the Floating Tools,
choose Floating Tools
from the Start centre

Introduction to the SmartBoard

Basic Tools - Customising the floating tools toolbar
Press the More button in Floating Tools and select Customise Floating Tools to
choose from a variety of toolbar buttons. You can choose as many buttons as you
like to fully customise Floating Tools with the buttons you need. You can also add
certain buttons multiple times. For example, if you are going to use different shapes
in your presentation,you can customise a number of Shape buttons and add them
all to Floating Tools.

To add a button, for example the Stamp tool, to the Floating Tools do the following:

1. Press the More button in Floating Tools, and select Customise Floating Tools.
2. In the Customise Floating Tools dialog box, select the Stamp tool from the
   Available Tools list (on the left side of the dialog box).
3. Press the Add button to add the Stamp to the Current Toolbar.
4. Repeat the process to add as many of the available tools as you like.

Introduction to the SmartBoard

Introduction to the SmartBoard

Using the NOTEBOOK software: The Toolbars
You can launch The Notebook software by clicking on the shortcut in the Start

The Notebook software toolbar gives you access to a number of tools to help you
work with your Notebook file.

Introduction to the SmartBoard

Using the NOTEBOOK software: The Toolbars
Full Screen Toolbar:
The Full Screen toolbar allows you to work with your
Notebook file while in full screen mode.

See explanation of buttons below.

Side Tabs:

There are three tabs on the right-hand side of the Notebook interface.

Press the Page Sorter tab to allow
you to see a thumbnail image of
each page in your Notebook file.

Press the Gallery tab for
collections of SMART’s custom
pages, clip art, Flash animations
and videos you can add to your
Notebook file.

Press the Attachments tab to add
hyperlinks to or
attachments from other software
applications in your file.

Introduction to the SmartBoard

Using the NOTEBOOK software: Lesson plans
You can now download the NOTEBOOK software from the application explorer on your
desktop so you can design your lesson on your PC. You can also design your lesson in
MS Word, a PDF or MS Powerpoint and then copy and paste what you have done into a
Notebook Document before the lesson starts. Please remember that although this may
seem like a lot of work, once a document is done you can save it to be used again and

Using the Smartboard in your lessons can be as simple as annotating over extracts of
writing, images or video. It can also be really exciting and have lots of interactivity.

First of all we are going to look at simply annotating text.
You should have already customised your menu’s to include the tools that you will find
useful in your lessons. To annotate, the tools most useful tend to be; a highlighter pen, a
red pen, a green pen, the screen shade, the spotlight and the eraser tool.

                                          Now do the following:

                                          1. Select and copy the extract you need.

                                                            2. Click on the Notebook icon
                                                               on the Start centre.

                                                            3. Paste your text into a
                                                               Notebook document

                                                            4. Save the notebook file in
                                                               My Documents under the
                                                               lesson title.

                                                            5. You can now begin
                                                               annotating your extract.

Introduction to the SmartBoard

Using the NOTEBOOK software: Lesson plans
Adding Interactivity.

When you feel comfortable annotating text in your lessons, you may want to explore
the option of adding a little interactivity to your work. This does not mean creating
amazing graphics or animations, it simply means that students will be involved in
your presentations. The following exercise is an example of how you can create an
interactive lesson from existing course material.

I have focused on the Macbeth unit in the Blended GCSE English Course.

1. I found a quiz that is available in the course booklets, I requested the PDF
   from Wendy and then I copied the questions and pasted them into a Word

2. I then copied the answers from the
   next page of the PDF and placed
   them in text boxes over the top of
   the answer boxes. I used bold text
   for this so when the answer is
   revealed it will stand out.

Introduction to the SmartBoard

Using the NOTEBOOK software: Lesson plans

Adding Interactivity.

3. Once I had filled in all the answers, I saved my document and then I logged
   on to the PC that was attached to the SMARTBOARD.

4. I opened my document, copied all the work I had done and pasted
   it into a new NOTEBOOK document (remember you can access the
   NOTEBOOK software via the START centre menu)

5. Next, I wanted to hide the answers in the document so I customised my
   pen tool to make it white and then carefully blocked out all of my answers
   (see below)

6. Once I had blocked out my answers, I saved my NOTEBOOK document.

Introduction to the SmartBoard

Using the NOTEBOOK software: Lesson plans

The document is now ready for the lesson.

8. The lesson can involve everybody. You can get your document up on the
   screen and ask the students the questions, the students can then take turns
   to come up and write their answers on the board.

9. To find out if they
   are right, the
   students can use
   the eraser to rub
   away the writing
   and reveal the
   correct answers.
   Just make sure at
   the end of the
   lesson that you DO NOT save the changes you have made. This process
   means that the document is ready to be used again.

Once you are confident with the software, the possibilities are endless! it only takes
a short time to build up a bank of resources that can be used again and again by
the whole team.

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