Report on Echocardiogram Hebi Mining Affairs Bureau Hospital Name by jonathanscott


									                             Report on Echocardiogram
                        Hebi Mining Affairs Bureau Hospital

Name: Dang Huniu                  Gender: Female               Age: 10 months

Date of Examination: Jan. 22, 2007

Describe of Sonography:
  The internal diameter of aortic root: 13mm.
  The valve orifice area of bicuspid valve: 4.40cm2.
  The internal diameter of pulmonary artery root: 12mm.
  The internal diameter of left atrium: 19mm.
  The thickness of interventricular septum: 5mm.
  The internal diameter of left ventricle: 32mm at end-diastole, 24mm at end-systole.
  The thickness of left ventricular posterior wall: 5mm.
  The anteroposterior diameter of right ventricle: 8mm.
  The thickness of right ventricular anterior wall: 3mm.
  The peak flow rate of aorta: 85cm/s.
  The peak flow rate of pulmonary artery: 60cm/s.
  The systolic function of left heart: end-diastolic volume 32ml, end-systolic volume
14ml, stroke volume 19ml, EF 58%, FS 25%.
  The peak flow rate of E-wave: 77cm/s, A/E 0.92.

Presentation of Sonography:
   2-D: The morphous and size of every atrium and ventricle in the heart was normal.
The opening and closure of each valve were fine, and the echo was smooth. The echo
of ventricular wall thickness was normal, and the motion of ventricular wall was
concordant. The succession of interatrial septum and interventricular septum was
fine. There was no abnormal echo in the pericardial cavity. The internal diameter of
aorta and pulmonary artery was normal.
   CDFI: There was no abnormal bloodstream at every valve orifice.

Diagnosis of Sonography:
  The structure and blood flow in the heart presented no abnormality.

Signed by: Li Jie

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