Feedback report on Phase one of the Junior and by jonathanscott


									Feedback report on Phase one of the Junior and Middle Management Programme

What a fantastic opportunity we had as Credit U Holdings to be a part of the JAMM Programme and to
be represented on the Working Group (WG) committee as well. Being part of the WG has also been a
tremendous learning experience for me as it is reassuring to know that all the role players from the
bigger financial institutions are facing similar training issues to those in the micro-finance industry.

The JAMM Programme has filled a huge gap that the Credit U had regarding the development of our
junior and middle managers, where the focus has primarily been on the functional competencies
needed to be effective in the workplace. We have been able to address a long time need to look at
developmental programmes for our staff.

The feedback received from ALL the staff from Credit U that attended phase one has been phenomenal
and once word got our about the programme, nominations for phase two came streaming in. We are
very privileged to have Ishara Satyaprakash who was awarded the Middle Management Programme Top
Achiever award as part of our staff compliment.

Much work had gone into the development for phase one and congratulations must go to Trudy Paul
and her team from the IoB, BANKSETA for the initiative and opportunity, Heather and the team at Pure
Innovation for the sterling work in the selection process (and all the statistics) and the WG committee
for having the industry and the learners best interests at heart.

We are looking forward to the continued success for the remainder of this initiative.


Graham Burnett

Manager: Training and Development
Blue Financial Services Limited

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