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									                                              OOCL Logistics (Singapore) Pte. Limited ( Company Reg. No. 199001029D )
                                              65 Chulia Street #42-00 OCBC Centre Singapore 049513 Tel: (65) 6437 1808 Fax: (65) 6536 7572
                                                 An OOIL Group Company

                                                                    SHIPPING NOTE
Shipper(Full Name and Address):
                                                                                        Booking No.
                                                                                        Cargo Delivery address:
                                                                                        OOCL Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd
                                                                                        Blk 513 Keppel Distripark
                                                                                        #01-128 Kampong Bahru
                                                                                        Tel: 6272 7827 Fax : 6272 7825
Tel:                                 Contact Person:                                    Office Hour : 9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM
Consignee (Full Name and Address):                                                      Received from:

                                                                                        Received Date/Time:

Notify Party (Full Name and Address):

Intended Vessel/Voyage                                                                  Port of Loading

Port of Discharge                                                                       Place of Delivery

MARKS & NOS.                         NO.OF PACKAGES                 DESCRIPTION OF GOODS                                       GROSS WT. (KG)               MEASUREMENT (M3)

No.of package (in words) received by CFS:

Accept for shipment the packages described above subject to company's conditions of business.
OOCL Logistics (Singapore) Pte. Limited

                    CFS Representative
A) Received the above descibed goods or packages or consignments subject to all terms and conditions stipulated in the Bill of Lading and/or the undersigned's Standard Trading Conditions, which
shall constitute the contract under which goods/packages/consgnments are received, copies of which are available from the Company ro its agent on request and may be inspected at its office.
B) Good received for storage and/or pending shipment are not insure by OOCL Logistics (Singapore) Pte Limited and/or its agents and are entirely at the risk of the cargo ownders/agents.
C) We are not responsible for any delay of vessel and shut out of cargo. Any demurrage and incidental charges incurred shall be for the account of cargo owner.

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