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									                CARE JOB CONNECTION COUNSELLOR


• Relevant Post Secondary education in Counselling, Education, Social Work,
  Psychology or a related field, and business-related training

• 3-5 years experience working with similar client populations
• Work experience in marketing, sales and promotion
• Business experience and existing contacts with employer community
• Experience with and ability to use MS Office including Word and electronic
  databases to record placements
• Preference will be given to candidates with a knowledge of Federal and
  Provincial legislation, policies and programs
• Experience with local labour market


Personal Suitability:
A. Shows respect for diversity and ability to work effectively and productively
   with diverse clientele
B. Contributes as a team player and takes initiative
C. Maintains comfort with change and learning; demonstrates a commitment to
   professional development
D. Possesses an awareness of one’s own capabilities and understanding of
   when to draw upon others’ expertise
E. Demonstrates a positive attitude and professional conduct

Abilities and Skills
Ability to:
A. Assess clients for program/session suitability
B. Develop productive interactions with clients and assist individuals/groups
   towards self-understanding, self-development, work search strategies and
   career planning
C. Ability to work under pressure, manage competing priorities, and meet
D. Able to handle confidential information with discretion and adhere to
   professional guidelines (including those in the Canadian Standards and
   Guidelines for Career Practitioners).
CARE Job Connection Counsellor                                               1
April 1, 2007
E. Prepare and maintain detailed and confidential records.
F. Utilize highly developed oral and written communication skills
G. Develop rapport with employers and business community

Knowledge of:
A. Adult learning principles and facilitation of interactive group workshops
B. Local Service Canada and Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance
   programs, as well as a thorough knowledge of local and community
   employment and education-related programs and services
C. The career development process, barriers to employment, career counselling
   techniques and the Job Loss Cycle
D. How local, regional, national and global labour markets function
E. How to acquire and utilize labour market information
F. Relevant income supports (e.g. Employment Insurance, Employment
G. Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Practitioners
H. Employment labour standards and legislation an asset

CARE Job Connection Counsellor                                             2
April 1, 2007
                                 JOB DESCRIPTION

Reports to: Resource Centre Manager

The Job Connection Counsellor (JCC) assists Multiple Barrier Clients to connect
with appropriate employment. Through developing a professional working
relationship with the employer community, and other service providers who deal
with employers, the JCC identifies and assesses employment opportunities for
clients. Relationship-based services foster greater job retention for the clients
we serve, as well as a desire on the part of employers to hire more people with

The Job Connection Counsellor' main priorities are to:

    •   Connect with the local employer community to research and generate
        employment opportunities in the competitive labour market for Multiple
        Barrier Clients
    •   Conduct relationship-based marketing to employers to encourage them to
        hire clients and support them in their orientation to work
    •   Create opportunities for employment including part-time and full-time paid
        employment placements, job shadowing, and informational interviews
    •   Match clients with suitable employment opportunities
    •   Facilitate job search and employability workshops and other group

• Develop, maintain and update a database of employer information, including
   location, contact names, current number of staff, types of positions and hiring
• Update and maintain database of confidential client files; keep accurate
   records and statistical information
• Evaluate results, record weekly activity and submit monthly reports to

Build Relationships with Employers
• Establish CARE as a resource for local businesses to hire persons with
    barriers; through relationship-based marketing, promote CARE clients to
 • Seek and generate new employer leads for clients
 • Develop and utilize the CARE employer database to access and follow up on
    employment leads
 • Attend trade shows and other events to network with employers and join
    local business associations and committees
• Educate employers as to the benefits and rewards of hiring employees with
    barriers, as well as the challenges of employing this target group to best

CARE Job Connection Counsellor                                                  3
April 1, 2007
    prepare them for possible differences when this group is assimilated into the
    regular routines
•   Visit businesses and employer workplaces to establish employer needs,
    clarify job requirements, identify possible sources, prospects and job leads
•   Develop a hiring practices questionnaire to obtain valuable information on
    local employers’ hiring practices
•   Evaluate worksites to ensure safety standards and appropriate working
    conditions are met
•   Make presentations to individual employers, groups and businesses
•   Respond to job orders from employers
•                a process for referring suitable clients to employers
•   Follow-up on referrals made to employers and notify clients and Career
    Counsellors of employers'    selections
•   Monitor ongoing employer satisfaction with placements and services
•   Liaise with other service providers who are also in contact with employers to
    ensure local employers are not inundated with requests and contacts

Connect Clients with Work
• Interview clients referred from career counselling (also taking employability
   workshops); confirm job readiness, discuss any concerns, provide counselling
   in relation to specific employer needs, review prospective employers/available
   jobs which match clients’ employment goals
• Liaise with Career Counsellors to identify appropriate candidates and confirm
   client’s intentions and interests
• Facilitate interviews and meetings between client and potential employer
• Arrange work placements; options may include part or full time paid
   employment, mentoring, job shadowing, and job sharing
• Provide on-the-job coaching, as required
• Monitor placements to ensure that both client and employer needs are being
• Implement identified on-the-job supports and accommodations
• Organize and post general job listings for clients who attend workshops and
   use the CARE Resource Room
• Attend case conferencing sessions with CC and client to review individual
   client RTWAP goals and requirements
• Support clients in obtaining experience through job shadowing and volunteer
• Provide counselling staff with updates and feedback on client interviews
• Participate in developing and presenting employability workshops

CARE Job Connection Counsellor                                                 4
April 1, 2007

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