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					                   Learning About College Placement Tests
1. Who needs to take a college placement test?

      a.   Recent high school graduates
      b.   English language learners
      c.   Adults going to college for the first time
      d.   All of the above

2. When do you take the test?

      a.   Before applying to a college
      b.   After you have been accepted at a college
      c.   While still in your GED program
      d.   On the first day of classes at a college

3. What does a college placement test tell you?

      a.   What courses you should be placed in at college
      b.   If you will be accepted to a college
      c.   What your IQ is
      d.   If you need to retake your GED

4. How can you prepare for a college placement test?

      a.   Go to the library and take out a few GED test practice books in Math and Language Arts
      b.   Use a test prep review website
      c.   Check your college's website to see if they offer a sample test
      d.   All of the above

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