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									      Mina Abd El malek Habib Salem
     13 st Antaky. El naam Ein Shams, Cairo, Egypt.
            02- 26329636 Mobile: 0149998449

Personal Information:
Marital Status    : Single
Nationality       : Egyptian
Military Status   : Exempted
Date of Birth     : 01/06/1987
Place of Birth    : Cairo, Egypt

Career Objective:
Sales and marketing.

Educational Background:
Secondary General                                  : secondary
Year of graduation from secondary                  : 2004
University                                         : Tebas academy
Degree                                             : B.Sc. Accounting
Year of graduation from the University of          : 2008
Graduation Project                                 : Ministry of Finance

Language Skills:
Arabic                  : Mother Tongue
English                 : Good (write & reading)
Technical Skills:
 Microsoft Windows: Using me, 2000, XP, Vista Editions & NT,
2000, 2003 Server.
    (Administering, Implementing, Maintaining and troubleshooting)
 ·Excellent skill in using Internet applications.
 ·Implementing and using PCs Programs, Applications, Multimedia and

Microsoft Office: Using 97, 2000, XP, 2003 and 2007.
   1- Professional awareness from National Egyptian Development
      Association (neda).
   Course contact: 27th July to 13rd August, 2009.
   1- Teamwork skills.
   2- Communication skills.
   3- Sales and Marketing.
   4- Optimum use of the time.
   5- Positive personal.
   6- Business Etiquette.
   · I'm still take course of Human Resources.

· Renewal of old cars and selling them from 2007 to 12/2008.
· Alico Live Insurance from 04/2009 to 03/2010 sales.
· Barclays bank from 04/2010 to 05/2010 sales.

Soft Skills:
· Interactive and fast enough to learn new technologies and sciences.
· Advanced Research Abilities.
· Ability to bear responsibility.
· Ability to work in a group or individually according to the job
· Work under Pressure.
· Self Motivated.
· I have a driving license and I have a car.

1- I am able to work a week from the date of notification.
2- I can work a full time.
3- I can work in Egypt or Arab Countries.

      Best Regards...
   Mina abd el malek

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