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									N EW C OURTLAND

Spring 2008                                         HOMEWORDS

   NewCourtland Elder Services —
   Advanced Resident Care Through the Use of Technology
                                                             For more than a decade, NewCourtland has cultivated

            ewCourtland Elder Services has embodied
            a forward-thinking culture of change that        partnerships with companies including HealthSense,
            resonates throughout all of its nursing homes,   VistaKeane, Resource Systems, Mediture, and
  housing communities and services. Among the many           Millennium to ensure that the resident experience
  ways NewCourtland demonstrates its advanced approach       is fully enhanced by mutually empowering caregivers
  to elder care is through its use of state-of-the-art       and those they serve with fully customizable and
  technology — technology that directly affects              non-invasive resources that enable elders to live
  high-quality resident care and creates a more satisfying   healthier, longer and more independently. These
  work environment.                                          partnerships and subsequent technologies also provide
                                                             tools to the NewCourtland Network staff that enhance
  NewCourtland Elder Services is a growing infrastructure
                                                             efficiency and reduce errors, which allows more time
  of 14 locations with more than 600 e-mail users.
                                                             for staff to focus on direct elder care.                     one
  NewCourtland continues to grow and use technology
  to improve and enhance clinical, operational, resident     “The technology we use paints a clearer picture of
  and staffing systems.                                      what is needed and what is provided to the residents,”
                                                             said Janet McNemar, Nursing Home Administrator,
                                                             Maplewood Manor.
                                                             “NewCourtland has always considered the whole person
                                                             in terms of needs and capabilities. Each resident and
                                                             each staff member is considered individually. So when
                                                             new technologies are introduced, NewCourtland ensures
                                                             that the equipment and software will enhance what is
                                                             done for the resident,” added Christine Dennis,
                                                             Executive Director of Nursing, Cheltenham York Road.
                                                             NewCourtland Elder Services is dedicated to developing
                                                             technology solutions that extend the reach and improve
                                                             the effectiveness of care providers across the Network.
                                                             “The right technologies promote safety and wellness,”
                                                                                                  continued on page two

   Kareem Leonard, an RN at the NewCourtland LIFE Center,                on that note...                          two

   uses Tru-Chart, the program’s Electronic Health Record                news                            four – seven

   (EHR) technology (see story page 6).                                  profiles                   three, five, seven

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               ON THAT NOTE...                                   cover story

                                                             Using Technology
                                                             continued from page one

                            “NewCourtland's emphasis
                                                             explains Gail Kass, President and CEO
                            on the use of technology is      of NewCourtland Elder Services. “By
                                                             identifying and implementing technology
                            in no way inconsistent with      solutions, the effectiveness of care providers
                                                             in various healthcare settings is dramatically
                            our people-centered culture.     improved.”

          In fact, it demonstrates our commitment to our     Whether it’s the use of sensor technology
                                                             in the NewCourtland Apartments, Cottages
          hard working staff who benefit greatly from all    and LIFE Program, or the use of Care
                                                             Tracker and Millennium in the Network
          of the ways that these technologies help them
          to get the best job done for benefit of their
                                                                  “The right technologies
          residents and clients. We always place the
                                                                          promote safety
          needs of people at the center of our decisions.”                and wellness.”
two                              GAIL KASS
                                                                                 GAIL KASS
                            President & CEO
                                                                             President and CEO,
                         NewCourtland Elder Services                   NewCourtland Elder Services

                                                             nursing homes, technology allows for
                                                             resident-centered decisions with a focus on
                                                             the capabilities of each individual elder.
      “When I look at the many                               “NewCourtland is able to utilize technologies
                                                             that keep our elders both safe and
      advancements in technology                             independent while also providing peace of
                                                             mind to family members. NewCourtland
      and innovation that                                    Elder Services is committed to the use of
                                                             cutting-edge technologies that deliver care in
      NewCourtland consistently
                                                             sensitive ways, helping elders to age in place,”
                                                             said Kim Brooks, Vice President of Housing
      folds into its operations, I am excited to be a part
                                                             and Community Based Services.
      of the ever-changing landscape of improvements         As NewCourtland Elder Services moves
                                                             into the next decade of service to the
      for our residents, our employees and the aging         region’s aging populations, the use of
                                                             technology will become a greater asset
      population of Philadelphia.”                           to providing the highest quality of care
                                                             on the most customized basis.
                        BETSY GEMMILL
                       Chair of the Board
                    NewCourtland Elder Services

Clinical Technologies That The
NewCourtland Elder Services                                                 CAROL SIEGLER
Network Utilizes:                                                             Director of Clinical Care
•   MEDITURE – A fully customized and
                                                                         Carol A. Siegler, a Registered Nurse with
    complete Electronic Health Record
                                                                         a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a
    (EHR) technology for the LIFE Program
                                                                         background in critical care and nurse
•   CARE TRACKER – Clinical care touch                                   management, joined NewCourtland
    screen documentation for activities                                  Elder Services in 2001 as a Resident
    of daily living                                                      Nurse Assessment Coordinator (RNAC).
                                                 In 2002, Ms. Siegler transitioned into the position of Clinical
•   MILLENNIUM – An electronic                   Resource Manager and oversaw the coordination and facilitation
    medication administration and                of the RNACs for the NewCourtland Network nursing homes.
    pharmacy support                             In 2007, she became the Director of Clinical Care, currently
                                                 focusing on process improvement as it relates to both clinical
•   TELEHEALTH – A suite of remote
                                                 information technology (IT) and clinical reimbursement
                                                 within the Network.

Business Technologies That The
                                                 • Ms. Siegler has 14 years of experience with all aspects
NewCourtland Elder Services                        of Medicare PPS, Minimum Data Set (MDS) completion,
Network Utilizes:                                  case mix, care planning and electronic submission.
                                                 • She also has 13 years of experience in Long Term Care
•   KRONOS – Biometric timekeeping                 settings, including extensive management, education and
    and attendance                                 Quality Improvement experience.
•   GREAT PLAINS – Integrated purchasing,        • Her background includes extensive knowledge of the
                                                   regulations for the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare
    accounting and reporting software
                                                   (CMS) and Pennsylvania Department of Health as they
•   VISTAKEANE – Integrated accounting,            pertain to Long Term Care.
    purchasing, census, accounts receivable      • Ms. Siegler holds a BSN from Holy Family College,
    and clinical                                   Philadelphia, Pa., and is a current MSN/MHA candidate;
                                                   she holds a Professional Nurse Licensure in Pennsylvania, as
•   Silk Road Applicant Tracking System            well as a certification as a Resident Assessment Coordinator,
                                                   Certified (RAC-C) from the American Association of
•   Campus-wide electronic security                Nurse Assessment Coordinators.
    integration with emergency call
                                                 • Her current affiliations are with:
•   Business intelligence data warehouse            - American Association of Nurse Assessment
    and portal                                        Coordinators (AANAC)
                                                    - Sigma Theta Tau, National Honors Society of Nursing
•   Voice-over IP phone system integration          - National Gerontology Nurses Association (NGNA),
                                                      Founding Director Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter
•   Integrated distance learning and education
                                                    - National Association of Health Care Quality (NAHQ)
•   Network-wide video conferencing                 - American Health Information Management Association
    capability                                        (AHIMA)
                                                    - Health Information Management Systems Society
•   Network-wide wireless infrastructure              (HIMMS)

       Courtland at Home Opens the Door to Better Care
       Combining a unique blend of a highly trained, compassionate,
       dependable and friendly staff members with the innovation
       of easy-to-use assistive technology, Courtland At Home is
       a distinctive home healthcare agency that is committed
       to providing skilled nursing, home health aid and skilled
       rehabilitative services to those in need.                        Core Services of Courtland at Home:
                                           By leveraging the power          • Skilled nursing (RN, LPN)
                                           of technology to deliver         • Personal care (Home Health Aide)
                                           continuing care,                 • Support (Homemaker)
                                           Courtland At Home                • Therapy (PT, OT, ST)
                                           enables clients to stay in       • Geriatrics
                                           the comfort of their own         • Rehabilitation
                                           home for a longer period         • Remote vital signs monitoring
                                           of time with safer               • Medication dispensers
                                           outcomes while giving            • Activity sensors
                                           them and their loved             • Emergency response devices
                                           ones unprecedented           The Pennsylvania Homecare Association has estimated
                                           peace of mind.               that 75% of homecare patients in Pennsylvania do not go
four   Through the use of non-invasive sensors and remote               back into the hospital.
       vital sign monitoring of blood pressure, weight and blood
       sugar levels, Courtland At Home is able to ensure that as        Courtland At Home provides a remote solution to help
       health and patterns of living change, the most up-to-date        manage and to watch for trends in chronic and acute
       information is captured and responded to and that                conditions. This assistive technology can be activated in a
       intervention happens accordingly.                                residential home, an apartment or in a retirement community.

           Unique Benefits of NewCourtland’s Sensor Technology Partnership with HealthSense
           HealthSense touts its main distinctions as:
           • Accurate alerts based on activities of daily living        • Among the first commercially available monitoring

             (ADLs), not just timers responding to motion                  services relying on “smart” technology.
             sensors. This technology observes activities from          • Competitively priced monitoring fees as a result
             multiple perspectives such as bathing, eating                 of exclusive partnership.
             and other ADLs.                                            • Currently exploring use of sensor technology to
           • Fully customizable versus off-the-shelf package               aid in biometrics.
             with limited number of sensors.

             “I feel that HealthSense is of great benefit to the residents and management. It keeps management
             in touch and aware of issues residents may be having that we would otherwise not know. It gives
             me a sense of security that the residents have guardian angels in a sense.”
                                                                                        —PHOEBE WALKER, Property Manager
   news                                                 profile

Housing Options                                                                  TOM MORGAN

Secure Peace of                                                              Director of Information Technology

                                                                             Since April 2003, Tom Morgan has
Mind for Families                                                            provided direction and overall information
                                                                             technology strategic planning for
The two-bedroom NewCourtland Cottages on                                     NewCourtland Elder Services and its
the Germantown Home campus are designed                                      Network in his position as Director of
specifically for people disabled with dementia to                            Information Technology. A graduate of
be able to live in a secure home setting with a       Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., Mr. Morgan holds a
caregiver, who often is a family member or loved      Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management Economics with a minor
one. The one-bedroom Apartments on the same           in Computer Science. Through his supervision, the priorities for
campus include full amenities for elders age 62       NewCourtland’s technology are set for website management,
and older. The residents of these housing options,
                                                      telephone technology integration and network management,
as well as the Courtland at Home clients, can
                                                      software systems procurement and development, and hardware
take full advantage of NewCourtland Elder
                                                      integration and acquisition.
Services’ sensor technology.
“This sensor system has been a blessing. It has
helped get me medical attention on a few              • Mr. Morgan has more than 15 years of expertise and
occasions where before I could have been left           advanced knowledge in technology trends, information
without help for a long time. I’m very glad to          systems and the administration of corporate information.          five
have it,” said Mitzi Boegly, a resident of the        • He served on the Commission on Graduates of Foreign
Apartments on the Germantown Home Campus.               Nursing Schools (CGFNS) Board of Directors.
                                                      • He is currently assisting with the integration of Silk Road,
                                                        the new applicant tracking system (ATS) for the centralized
                                                        recruitment functional area of NewCourtland Elder Services.
                                                      • Mr. Morgan has expertise in researching and implementing
                                                        several cost-saving technology-based improvements, including
                                                        corporate-wide fax server and remote email access, as well as
                                                        the implementation of an integrated voice response system.

Forward-thinking technological solutions
allow NewCourtland Network nurses to give
elders state-of-the-art, non-invasive care.

“NewCourtland Elder Services is able to provide
our elders the most technological and modern
conveniences, which in turn allows them the
security and independence they need to live
safely on their own,” said Shanda Brown,
Regional Housing Manager for NewCourtland
Elder Services. “I am proud to work for an
organization like NewCourtland that meets all
guidelines of HUD housing while still being able
to offer safe and comfortable apartment living
with sensor technology, providing an extra layer          Nadine Coleman, an LPN at Maplewood Manor, uses the
of security and assurance without being intrusive.”       Millennium pharmacy solution for prescription fulfillment.

      Clinical Data Gets A Whole New Definition
      Like technology as a whole, “nursing informatics” is a   the Network and used to capacity,” explained
      relatively new concept that was added to dictionaries    Hudicka. “One of the ways in which this is being
      as recently as 1992. This approach combines the          accomplished is through the EHR system at
      scientific endeavors of analyzing, formalizing and       the NewCourtland LIFE Program,” she added.
      modeling with how data is processed into information
      and knowledge, and how                                                       LIFE — (Living Independently
      knowledge-based decisions and                                                For Elders) uses an innovative
      inferences for patient care are                                              and individualized approach
      made and then best used to                                                   to providing healthcare and
      broaden the scope and enhance                                                social services for those that
      the quality of the profession.                                               have a need. LIFE is designed
                                                                                   to help people with long term
      Eileen M. Hudicka, NewCourtland                                              care needs remain in their
      Elder Services’ Clinical Systems                                             own homes while providing
      Specialist, works side-by-side with                                          and coordinating all health
      both the clinical and information                                            and healthcare services.
      technology functional areas of the organization.         The LIFE Program fosters independence and
      In doing this she serves as the nursing informatics      wellness of each individual.
      translator by bringing clinical decisions into an
      electronic environment.                                  “In keeping with national mandate that most
                                                               Americans have electronic health records in the next
      “Clinical systems and technology mean change.            10 years, the NewCourtland LIFE Program has risen
      NewCourtland Elder Services has put a system in          to this challenge,” said Patricia Johnston, Nurse
      place that helps develop the computer skills of the      Practitioner for LIFE. “The LIFE team has crafted
      end user so that the nursing staff can understand        “Tru-Chart” — a web-based, computerized health
      the new technologies on an individual basis.             record which allows staff to communicate and
      NewCourtland believes in innovation, but they also       document electronically, as well as access a patient’s
      believe in staff development so that new technologies    charts securely and remotely for around the clock care,”
      can be integrated into the nursing sector throughout     she explained. “This program will have a positive
                                                               impact on our participants by allowing for improved
                                                               coordination of care and increased accuracy.”

                                                               The EHR system features an interdisciplinary health
                                                               record along with a real-time care plan and electronic
                                                               medication ordering. Additionally, it provides a
                                                               snapshot overview that outlines the current status
                                                               of each LIFE participant.

                                                               The EHR solution has allowed the LIFE Program
                                                               to open as a paperless operation. NewCourtland
                                                               LIFE partnered with a vendor to create the only
                                                               comprehensive system for the PACE (Program
           Linda Williams (left) and Louise Roache, are
           two of the original founding participants of
                                                               of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly) industry. This
           the NewCourtland LIFE Program.                      solution is now on the market and available to
                                                               other providers.
    news                                                      profile

Millennium Total Pharmacy                                                             EILEEN HUDICKA
Solution Delivers                                                                        Clinical Systems Specialist
As a reflection of its commitment to providing the
highest quality of care to residents, NewCourtland                                   Eileen M. Hudicka came to the
Elder Services recently embarked on a Network-wide                                   NewCourtland Elder Services Network
implementation of Millennium — a state-of-the-art                                    in 2007 with more than 25 years of
pharmacy service. Millennium Pharmacy Services, a                                    experience in healthcare and
company that shares NewCourtland’s philosophy                                        expertise in nursing and hospital
of quality and innovation in long term care, now                                     administration, development and
provides a “total pharmacy” solution to residents           implementation of training materials, project life cycle
through the MPSRx360° system. MPSRx360° affords             development, and implementation of a Physician Order Entry/
residents increased accuracy in prescription fulfillment,   Clinical Documentation System. Her clinical knowledge
real-time medication information, and enhanced              and knowledge of clinical systems have led the way for
communication between medical staff and patient care.       NewCourtland to create an informatics nursing position
                                                            in which Ms. Hudicka manages information processing and
                                                            communication technology through the integration of nursing
       “Our nursing staff is able                           science, computer science and information science in order to
                                                            manage and communicate data, information and knowledge
    to concentrate on providing                             in the nursing practice.
          the highest quality of                                                                                            seven
          pharmacy care to our                              • Ms. Hudicka received her Bachelor of Science degree in
                                                              Nursing and minored in Psychology at Widener College
    residents with Millennium.”
                                                              in Chester, Pa.
                  KATHIE BROGAN                             • She also holds a Master of Science in Nursing from
                 Chief Nursing Officer                        the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in
             NewCourtland Elder Services                      Clinical Nurse Specialist/Adult Health and Illness-Pain
                                                            • She has served as a Guest Lecturer at the University
This new technology allows the entire resident                of Pennsylvania School of Nursing on the topic of pain
medication system and physician orders system                 management.
to be computerized, which means immediate
                                                            • Ms. Hudicka is a frequent presenter on multiple
processing of order updates and shorter turnaround            nursing topics.
times for fulfillment. “This is a safer way to deliver
                                                            • She has attended multiple continuing education
medication to our residents,” said Kathie Brogan,
                                                              opportunities in Nursing Management, Pain Management,
Chief Nursing Officer of NewCourtland Elder
                                                              and Nursing Informatics.
Services. “Plus, Millennium is a system that allows
                                                            • She was with the University of Pennsylvania Health
us to be more efficient by decreasing duplication,
                                                              System for nearly 25 years as a Clinical Manager of
and increasing accuracy.”
                                                              Information Systems, a Hospital Administrator, a
Since its inception in July 2007, more than 300 RNs           Nurse Manager, as well as a Staff Nurse.
and LPNs have been trained on the Millennium                • Ms. Hudicka developed and managed the Nursing Task
system. “I love the Millennium technology. It’s               Force to Implement a Clinical Systems Eclypsis
faster, better care at the touch of a finger,” Brogan         International Users Conference in New York and
added. “Our nursing staff is able to concentrate on           the Delaware Valley Health Information Management
providing the highest quality of pharmacy care to             (HIMMS) local Philadelphia chapter conference.
our residents with Millennium.”
          take a bow

           Congratulations! The NewCourtland Education Center                         independently through a series of free educational workshops,
        was approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education                      and was launched by Angela Brown, Public Relations Manager
        to operate as a Private Licensed School. Currently the Ed                     for NewCourtland Elder Services.
        Center is the training center for CNA Specialists.                               Seven Care Pavilion employees recently received their
           Pam Mammarella, Vice President of Communications and                       Activity Director Provisional Certification (ADPC) from
        creator of the Comfort & JoyTM program, was awarded the 2007                  the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals
        Commitment to Cultural Access Award at the Art-Reach                          (NCCAP). Joyce Green, Robin Hunt, Veronica Jackson,
        16th Annual Jazz Brunch and Silent Auction. Mammarella                        Kim Mason, Rennie Moore, Delnita Sims, and Esmine
        and the C & J program were recognized for the “use of the arts                Snell will have six years to complete a combination of college
        as a tool to improve the lives of the elders they serve.”                     courses, work experience and continuing education, to
        Comfort & JoyTM is an award-winning, intergenerational                        receive their Activity Director Certification (ADC), which
        program of interactive arts and entertainment activities that                 qualifies them to become Recreation Directors in long term
        is practiced throughout the NewCourtland Network.                             care facilities, or can lead to a degree as a Certified
                                                                                      Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS).
          NewCourtland Elder Services’ “Living Well, Learning Well”
        community education initiative was honored with the 2007                         Congratulations to Kevin Stewart, IT Systems Development
        MarCom Gold Award by the Association of Marketing &                           Analyst, for recently becoming a Certified Professional in
        Communication Professionals (AMCP).                                           Health Information Technology (CPHIT). This certifies
                                                                                      that Stewart has mastered knowledge of planning, selecting,
        “Living Well, Learning Well,” is an outreach program designed
                                                                                      implementing, using and managing health information
        to equip inner-city seniors to live longer, healthier and more
                                                                                      technology and electronic health record applications.


        1845 Walnut Street, 12th Fl., Philadelphia, PA 19103

                Care Pavilion Cheltenham York Road Cliveden Courtland at Home Germantown Home Kearsley* Maplewood Manor
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                                  NewCourtland Elder Services is a non-profit organization and an Equal Opportunity Employer.
                                                                Managed by Courtland Management Services.

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