Anolon Chef Clad 10-Piece Cookware Set 96

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					                       Anolon Chef Clad 10-Piece Cookware Set

                                                              Anolon Chef Clad 10-Piece
                                                              Cookware Set

                                                              Product By Anolon

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                                                                    10-piece set includes 1-, 2-
                                                                     and 3-quart covered
                                                                     saucepans, 6-quart covered
                                                                     stockpot, 8- and 10-inch open
                                                                    Constructed of aluminum
                                                                     with a professional clad
                                                                     stainless steel interior for
                                                                     fast, even heating
                                                                    Interior safe for use with
                                                                     metal utensils; cast stainless
                                                                     steel handles; glass lids allow
                                                                     monitoring of progress
                                                                    Suitable for use on all
                                                                     cooktops, including glass and
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                                                                    Safe to use under the broiler;
                                                                     dishwasher safe; limited
                                                                     lifetime warranty

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                                                    Product Description
  This cookware set is an exceptional value, including all of the pans needed to equip your kitchen with the most used
  cooking pieces. As the set contains only basic pieces, you'll really use each and every pan. It includes saucepans for
  whisking a homemade sauce or cooking your morning oatmeal, a big stockpot for soups, stews or boiling pasta, and
skillets (probably the most used pan in any kitchen) that will help you turn out perfect crepes or a simple grilled cheese
  sandwich. The set also includes a saute pan, a wide, straight-sided pan that can perform many of the functions of a
  skillet, but features deep sides for extra capacity, perfect for one dish meals. Start your dish in this pan by sauteing
onions and browning meat, then add your liquid and other ingredients into the same pan to finish on the stovetop or in
                                                     the oven.

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                                      Anolon Chef Clad 10-Piece Cookware Set

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