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					39 Highland Street, Worcester, MA 01609                                                             888-774-8011

                          BEST BUY REALTY
                                 CAREER OPPORTUNITY

 We offer the most generous sales commission
                                                           Why Best Buy Realty:
 structure in the area!
                                                               At Best Buy Realty, we commit ourselves to
 Our Mission:                                                  building strong relationships with our customers
                                                               and with our clients thus making us one of the
 Our Mission is simple… to keep our overhead                   most successful small firms in the area.

 low so we can offer competitive sales                         Most of our business comes from referrals. We
 commissions and as a result we provide the                    understand the challenge this market bears and we
                                                               also understand the foreclosure and short sale
 greatest quality of service to our customers.                 market as we closed nearly 100 transactions within
                                                               the past year.

                                                               We consider the real estate practitioners we hire as
                                                               teammates and the sales agents find themselves
                                                               more productive in closing sales when they receive
                                                               a higher commission split.

                                                           Best Buy Realty

                                                 “The Best Homes at the Best Prices!”
                          WHY JOIN
                        Best Buy Realty?

               •    Are you already working from home and work
                    independently but pay for unnecessary fees to
                    your Broker or to your Broker’s franchise?

               •    Do you already have a strong sphere of
                    influence but still find yourself wasting hours
                    at the office doing mandatory floor time or
                    attending ineffective meetings?

               •    Are you frustrated because your Broker tells
                    you that you’re not worth a higher commission
                    or you have to pay in thousands of dollars to
                    reach 95 to 100% commission?

               •    Are your commission checks getting smaller
                    and smaller as your Broker is finding ways to
                    increase your fees?

               •    Are you wasting your time answering the
                    company phone for several hours without
                    receiving any valid leads?

               •    Are you tired of the office politics or mundane
                    tasks your office administrator insists you do?

              If you answered YES to any of the above
             questions, than we have a program for you!

           I challenge you to ask your Broker for a higher
           commission split. When they tell you that you are not
           worth it or they patronize you with giving you a title
           instead of what you deserve, then come see us. We
           already know you are worth it and we willing to
           compensate you generously for your expertise.

            The old school of real estate business models has
                        changed. Has your Broker?

          Best Buy Realty

“The Best Homes at the Best Prices!”
39 Highland Street, Worcester, MA 01609                                  888-774-8011


At Best Buy Realty, we believe in compensating
highly for your experience. We also want you to build
a business out of selling real estate. We believe that
the more commission you receive from a sale, you will
reinvest it back into your own business.

Your compensation split will be based on the number
of transactions you closed within a twelve month
period. If you qualify, you will then have the decision
to either be compensated on a flat fee basis which you
pay the Broker a few hundred dollars per transaction
or you may chose a traditional but generous
percentage split. There are no additional fees!
Whichever program yields you more money back in
your pocket is your choice.

We offer more than a generous commission split:

    •   At no charge to you, we pay for your E&O

    •   You may qualify for bonuses as you reach
        transaction mile stones.

    •   You are entitled to use our satellite office for
        your real estate needs.

    •   At no cost to you, you will have an access line
        that is a virtual phone system.

                                              Best Buy Realty

                                  “The Best Homes at the Best Prices!”
                                   OUR PROMISE
           We value our real estate salespersons and we promise to provide you with a commission
           compensation you deserve so you may continue to grow your business and provide the
                             greatest quality of service to your customers.

                                                          39 Highland Street
                                                          Worcester, MA

Call today to learn more about our commission

              888-774-8011 X 3

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