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					                                              les that he is still Building Maintenance            ing for Bausch & Lomb. H e was recently
PERSONALS                                     Engineer for the Southern California Gas
                                                                                                   transferred into the thin films and inter-
                                                                                                   ference filter department however, where
                                                             1939                                  he is now free to devote aln~ost all of
                                                R. K. Pbnd writes that he is keeping               his time to research problems of his own
                                              busy with programs and arrangements as               choosing.
                                              President this year of the New York                    Marion E. Hines has been a member
                  1921                        Alumni Association. The Ponds bought                 of the technical staff at Bell Laboratories
   Edward L. Champion, Vice President of      an old home with a beautiful half-acre               since September 1946, where he works on
Gibbs & Hill, Inc., consulting engineers,     lot in Fanwood, New Jersey, last year                vacuum tube development. Thc depart-
was transferred from the firm's New York      and are having a big time with improve-              ment moved into the new laboratory at
oflice to Los Angeles, to assume direction    ments inside and out. They have two                  Murray Hill, N. J. last bummer. Marion
of the company's western activities on        daughters, one 8%, and one 2%.                       was remarried in 1947, and ha5 a boil,
January 1. He is living in Pasadena again,                      1940                               Sheldon, born August 5, 1949.
and looking forward to renewing old              Robert L. Wells, M S . , has been work-                             1941
acquaintances.                                ing with the Westinghouse Electric Co.                  Gil Jones, of Richmond, Va. writcb
                  1922                        in Pennsylvania since his graduation from            that he is still working for Stone and
   Clyde Keith, after fifteen years in mo-    Tech. He is manager of the Design and                Webster in Virginia on power station con
tion picture sound recording work for         Project Section in the Aviation Gas Tur-             struction projects, and is now certified in
Electrical Research Products, Inc., and       bine Division of the Engineering Depart-             both electrical and structural engineer-
the E. R. P. Division of Western Electric     ment, and says that "several of the newer            ing. He is hoping to see a lot of his
Co. in N. Y., is now employed by Bell         Navy fighters are powered by our turbo               classmates at the 10th class reunion this
Telephone Laboratories at Murray Hill,        jet engines." Bob's family includes Heidi,           year.
N. J. Clyde is the retiring Editorial Vice    2, and Charles, 3 months.                               Homer Jacobson is teaching chemistry
President of the Society of Motion Pic-          Herbert Sargent, M.S. '44, went to                at Brooklyn College, and is doing research
ture and Television Engineers.                work for the California Research Corp.               on the application of information theory
                  1925                         (Standard Oil of Calif.) in Richmond                to biological receptors, and to linguistic
  V . Douglas Sellers of Pasadena, has        last October, after being with the U. S.             comn~unication. He'd like to hear from
been appointed public information chair-      Rubber Company in New Jersey for the                 any Techmen in the same field.
man of the local 1951 Red Cross Fund          past five years. The Sargents have a                                   1942
Appeal.                                       two-year-old daughter.                                 Ker~rzeth Urbach is now in the Instiu-
                  1927                           Ludwig Epstein, M.S. '41, writes from             ment Engineering Department of the Allen
   Dick Mendenlzull, Ph.D., writes from        Rochester, N. Y., where he is still work-           B. DuMont Laboratories in Clifton, N. J.
Summit, New Jersey, that he is now select-
ing instruction, studying text materials,
and acting, in general, as a Dean for
the Communication Development Train-
ing program for new engineers at the          partners in creating
Bell Laboratories.
   George E. Moore, also of Summit, N.                                       K & E drafting instruments, equipment and materials
I., has been with the Bell Laboratories                                      have been partners of leading engineers for 81 years
since his graduation from Tech. H e has                                      in shaping the modern world. So extensively are these
been working on Physics Research since                                       products used by successful men, it i s self-evident that
the war, and before that, on vacuum tube                                     K & E has played a part in the completion of nearly
development. George has three children,
Kathleen, 15; Stephen, 1 3 ; and John, 11.
   Gene Riggs writes from Rivera, Calif.,
that he is now engineer for the Downey
High School District, and besides inspect-
ing the construction of two new junior
high scl~ools, he supervises all mainten-
ance, janitor work, and the operation of
school buses.
   Paul M. Terry recently became a Vice
President of C F Bran11 & Company of
Alhainbra, after twenty one years of wr-
vice. He started as a surveyor in field
operations, headed up the design depart-
ment for many years, and then the per-
sonnel and publicity functions. Paul has
a daughter, Phyllis, at Stanford, and a
two-ycar-old son, Steve.
  Francis G. Tracy, Jr., writes from Carls-
bad, New Mexico, that he is on the Board
of Directors for the Carlsbad Irrigation                               KEUFFEL & ESSER CO.
District, is a self-employed farmer, and                                               ES7. Le67

the father of five children-3    boys, and                               N E W YORK       HOBOKEN, N. 1.
                                                                           Chicago     St. Louis  Detroit
2 girls.                                                               San Francisco   10s Angeles Montreal
  John T. Curtdyou writes from Los Ange-
   Wolfgang Panofsky, Ph.D., will join           at-Fort Knox, Kentucky, where he is now         search gioup in the joint ORNL-NEPA
the Stanford faculty as Professor of             instructing in map reading, field engineer-     Accelerator Laboratory which is now be-
Physics on July 1. He was director of an         ing, and armored engineer support a t           ing activated. The Van de Graaff Electra-
Office of Scientific Research and Deve1011-      the Armored School.                             static Accelerator, built by t h e High
ment project from 1942-45, and since                 John Seagrave, M.S. '48, will' be married   Voltage Engineering Corporation of Cam-
then he has been with the Radiation              to Sara Hull Gibson, of Seattle, Wash.,         bridge, Mass., will be set up there dur-
~aborator~   and Physics Department of           next summer. John holds a lieutenant            ing the next three months. Conway says
the University of California at Berkeley.         Ij.g.) commission in the USNR.                 the machine is the first of its kind to
                  1944                               James L. McCarthy, formerly with the        operate in excess of five million volte,
  Lean Green. Jr.. M.S. '4,7, recently be-       Bureau of Reclamation at Great Falls,           and it is expected to be turning out
came engaged to Miss Eleanor Samuels             Montana, is now with the Arabian Ameri-         nuclear data next hummer.
of Covina, California.                           can Oil Company at Dhahran, Saudi                                   1949
   William Anderson Tookey and Nancy             Arabia.                                           Robert H. Blaker, Ph.D., formerly of
Dowling of   an  Marina were married on                             1947                         Blue Sulphur Springs, W. Va., had a
December 19. After graduation from Tech,           Barton Crumly, M.S. '49, was married          year of postdoctoral work a t the Uni-
Bill went on to get a law degree from            to Rohyn Hatch in West Hollywood last           versity of Liverpool in England, and is
U.S.C.                                           August. He's now at Stanford-as he was          now in the Organic Chemicals Depart-
  Robert C . McAnlis writes from Lorn-           last year-working on his Ph.D. This year,       ment at Jackson Laboratory, Deepwater
[JOC,where he is doing dust control work         hy the way, he holds a Gerard Swope             Point, N. J.
at the Johns-Manville plant. Bob has two         Fellowship from the General Electric              James A. M c l n t o d writes from Great
daughters-Kaley   Kathleen, 2 ; and Bar-         Company.                                        Notch, N. J., that a daughter, Susan
bara Lynn, born last November.                                      1948                         Marie, was boin last March.
  Ralph Babcock Pastoriza, received his             William E. Smyth writes from Fort Dix,          Dick Boera, MS., writes from the snowy
Bachelor of Laws degree from George              N. I., that he is not pleased to announce       East that he, an engineer, is prospering
Washington University, i n Washington, D.        that he has become a member of the              in his own restaurant business on Staten
C., on November 11.       '                      United States Army pursuant to the selec-       Island. He wants to pass the word along
                  1946                           tive service.                                   to all you industrial slaves that there's;
  Major John W. Barnes has had a                    Lewis A. Robinson has been with the          nothing quite like being your own boss-
variety of assignments since he received         Research & Development Laboratories of          no matter what the job.
his M.S. at Tech. Until the summer of            the Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. at Paulsboro,                             1950
1947 he was Chief of the Demolitions             N. J., since leaving Tech. He is, at               Vie van Lint is a graduate assistant in
Branch of the Engineer Research and De-          present, assigned to the Process Develo1~-      Physics here at Tech, with the pleasure
velopment Laboratories at Fort Belvoir,          ment Section, and concerned with thermo-        of guiding some freshmen through MRW.
Va. The following year he attended the           for catalytic cracking engineering studies.     Vic was married last summer.
Advanced Engineer Officer Course a t Bel-        The Robinsons are expecting their first            A. E. L a r ~ h ,Jr., writes that his class-
voir, then served a year at Fort Churchill       family addition in June.                        mates from Fleming might be happy to
in Manitoba, Canada-where        he com-            Conway W . 'Snyder, Ph.D. '48, writes        know that he has become engaged to
manded the Engineer Test Detachment                              -
                                                 from Oak Ridge. Tenn.. that h e is em-          Connie Wille "after all these years". Connie
and supervised Arctic testing of military        ployed as a Senior Physicist by the NEPA        is now a senior at the University of Cali-
engineer equipment. He returned to the           Division of the Fairchild Engine and Air-       fornia in Berkeley, where Al works in
U. S. in August 1949, and was assigned           plane Corporation, and will head the re-        the Radiation Laboratory.

            BERKLEY ENGINEERING                                                Oil Properties Consultants, Inc.
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                                                                                         Secondary Recovery and Evaluation
             Industrial Instruments and Regulators                                               Registered Engineers
             Remote Reading and Control Systems
         Engineered Condensation Drainage & Automatic                                  Petroleum Engineering
                  Boiler Feeding Systems                                                   Associates, Inc.
        Flow and Pressure Regulating Valve Specialties                                     Complete Laboratory Service
                                                                              Core-Analysis          PVT             Fractional Analysis
                                                                              Florent H. Bailly, '27               Ren6 Engel, Ph.D. '33
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