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									                                    Junior Portfolio List

                  Put documents in your binder in the following order:

        White, plastic, one-inch binder with plastic sheets for all items; tabbed dividers
        Title page and Cover Page with thematic cover graphic
        Table of contents
        Dividers with thematic icons and tabs
        Introduction letter
        Data sheet
        Personal Essay – typed final
        Career Essay with outline – typed final
        College Comparison Essay –typed final
        Bridges printouts
        Bridges Career profile and career path assessments
        Research material: Outlook, Career Zone, Career Voyages, college web sites, etc
        Inquiry letter: internet inquiry printout to colleges about programs available and requests for info.
        Formal Resume
        Performance Evidence
         ___a. Transcripts and documents (ex. last year’s report card, transcript record printout)
         ___b. Volunteer service, job evaluations, and other performance evidence
         ___c. Test results and assessment data (PSAT, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, or STAR test scores)
         Achievements
         ___a. Certificates/awards; Honors; special recognition (anecdotal evidence typed)
         ___b. Extra-curricular school or community activities evidence/written description plus photos
         ___c. Hobby and/or interest samples (photos, statements, anecdotal evidence)
         Letters of Reference (2)
         ___a. Two letters of reference from non-family adults
         ___b. Three additional names/addresses of those who can provide a letter of reference
         Applications completed
         ___a. college, vocational training program application
          ___b. Job application completed
          ___c. 1 Completed scholarship application with all required criteria met
         ___d. Scholarship essay-final typed copy to go with application

        Exemplary graded essays from classes to demonstrate skill levels (i.e. writing, research, analysis, etc.
         Essays and research papers or other projects from classes this last year
        Speaker Notes on interview and resume from ITT Tech plus skills/aptitudes form
        All rough drafts at the back of the portfolio in a section

Electronic Data
      Power Point completion on Career – posted on NING. April 28 in computer lab.
      Ning postings of both research papers – Career and College papers – by April 24.
      Google Docs posting of college comparison paper - editing and comments on college essay. April 21.
      Editing and commenting of student papers – by April 30.

Extra Credit: College materials mailed to you as a result of the request for info letter; printed career brochure
(modified from your power point); Career conferences attended; interview scripts with people in your career used in
your essays.


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