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									       BUSINESS CAREERS
       Program Overview                                                  This is an open-entry, open-exit program, averaging
          Goodwill created the Business Careers Training Program       three months in length, depending upon the individual’s
       to train and coach individuals with barriers to employment      goals, past-related experience, and progress during the
       in the skills necessary to obtain and retain employment in      course of study.
       administrative support positions. Training components             As with all Goodwill training programs, job placement
       reflect employer expectations, interpersonal skills and prac-   and retention are key elements of success. Every partici-
       tical work activities. Office simulations and workstations      pant receives training in resume, interviewing and job
       are incorporated to prepare trainees for future employment.     search preparation.
         Goodwill offers customized training, based on an
       individual’s personal skills, abilities and experience.         Participant Eligibility
                                                                         17 years of age or older
       This one-on-one instruction includes:                             Documented disability or barrier to employment
       Computer Literacy Skills                                          Overall academic requirement of seventh grade in
       – Windows                                                         reading recognition, comprehension and math are
       – Word                                                            recommended
       – Excel                                                           Pertinent background or referral information (i.e.,
       – Outlook                                                         medical, psychological, individual plan, voucher,
       – PowerPoint                                                      authorization)
       Office Management Skills                                          Funding approval for programming
       – Document Preparation
                                                                       How to Make a Referral
       – Records Management
                                                                         Individuals may contact Goodwill’s Human Services
       – 10-key Calculator
                                                                       Department directly.
       – Customer Service
       – Data Entry                                                       Agencies, non-profit organizations, or other social
       – Phone Etiquette                                               service providers may contact Goodwill on behalf of their
       – Machine Transcription                                         clients or refer them directly to the Human Services
       – Financial Skills                                              Department at Goodwill.
       – Record Keeping
       – Bookkeeping /Accounting                                       For More Information Contact
       – Medical Office                                                Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin, Inc.
                                                                       James O. Wright Center
         The Business Careers Training Program is supported            Business Careers Training Center
       by knowledgeable, volunteer professionals who comprise          6055 North 91st Street
       a Business Advisory Council (BAC). The BAC and other            Milwaukee, WI 53225-6518
       businesses in the community are instrumental in shaping         Phone: 414-353-6400
       the training that prepares participants for successful          Fax: 414-358-4298
       employment.                                                     TTY: 414-353-6860

                                                                       Waukesha Community Service Center
                                                                       1400 Nike Drive
                                                                       Waukesha, WI 53186
                                                                       Phone: 262-970-6013
                                                                       Fax: 414-547-5942
                                                                       TTY: 414-547-5896


                                                                                Providing quality service is important to Goodwill. Goodwill Business Careers
                                                                                Training Program is accredited by CARF, The Rehabilitation Accreditation
                                                                                Commission, a national organization, which establishes standards for rehabilita-
                                                                                tion programs and facilities throughout the United States. A dedicated staff
                                                                                and active volunteers also contribute to the quality of these programs.


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