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									                                           Scottsburg High School: High Schools That Work College and Career Readiness
                                                                                                Indiana Career Pathway Plan
Cluster: Business, Management, and Administration                                                                                       College:
Career Pathway: Administrative and Information Support                                                                                  Degree/Program:
                                                                                                        High School Graduation Plan

                                                            Math                    Science                  Social Studies/Health/PE                         Career Preparation Courses                            Other Elective Courses
                                    Language Arts
                                                          6 credits                 6 credits                        9 credits                                     for this Pathway                                    for this Pathway
                                      8 credits
                                                                                                                                               Computer Applications                                              Interpersonal Relationships
                                      English 9           Algebra I
                           9                                                        Biology                        Physical Ed                 Business Foundations           Career Planning and Success              World Language I

                                       English         Geometry and                                       World History/World Cultures          Desktop Publishing
                                                                            Integrated Chem-Physics                                                                                                                 Wolrd Language II
                          10          10/World          Algebra II                                             Health & Wellness                Web Page Design I                     Accounting 1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Computer Applications II
                                                       Algebra*/Trig*                                         US History/American           Business Law (or) Web                                                   Entrepreneurship
                          11         11/American                                   Chemistry                                                                                 Marketing Foundations
                                                      or Pre-Calculus                                              Studies*                     Page Design II                                                     World Languages III
                                    English 12 or                                                            Government or Political        Advanced Accounting                                                   World Languages IV
                                                        Calculus* or          Fourth Year Science
                          12        ENG 101* &                                                                     Science*                     or Business                     Business Internship                 Adult Roles &
                                                         Statistics*            Recommended
                                     ENG 102*                                                                     Economics                     Management                                                         Responsibilities
                                                                                                             Postsecondary Plan –
                                   Freshman Year
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Natural Science Course
                         Year                                                         College Algebra*                                                                     Humanities
                                    Business and Professional Speaking                                                      Health and Wellness                                                                   Foreign Language
                          13                                                          Computer Literacy                                                                   HIST 119/120
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    World Cultures

                                   Sophomore Year
                         Year                Basic Marketing                             Statistics*                           Intro to Financial                        Principles of MIS                        Legal Environment
                          14                Principles of Macro                         Org and Mgt                           Principles of Micro                      Social Science Course                       Intro Managerial
                                   Junior Year
                         Year               Eng 200- Literature                 Fundamentals of Finance                            Calculus*                          Quantitative Methods                     Operations Management
                          15              Natural Science Course                 Managerial Accounting                        Eng 300- Composition                 Human Resource Management                  Ethics and Critical Thinking

                  *- SHS Dual Credit Course or Advanced Placement Opportunity

                  Note: College Algebra or Trigonometry could be substituted into the four-year math plan. The Courses highlighted in yellow are courses that Scottsburg High School hopes to add to the course offering selections in the coming
                  years. These course offering selections are subject to the limits and restrictions of dynamic variables such as school budgetary issues and school staffing issues.

                  NOTE: The Post-secondary options were developed using research from a variety of colleges and universities. The actual course work that might be required could differ dependent upon the actual major or minor chosen and
                  the respective university in which you attend.

                  DISCLAIMER: The Indiana Career Pathway Programs are currently in the process of being re-written. Changes to the Scottsburg High School version of these documents will be made in conjunction with the changes and/or
                  recommendations of the Indiana Department of Education.

                  SHS Recommendation: For this pathway, the SHS Guidance Department recommends that a student double up their math course load and that they complete five-years of math classes.
rs of math classes.

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