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Scandlines ferry, the “Mecklenburg-Vorpommern”, back on course

The ferry vessel, the “Mecklenburg-Vorpommern”, will resume operation on the Rostock –
Trelleborg line on 10 March 2003. With 25% more cargo capacity and more extensive
services for passengers and truck drivers, the “Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” will be even
better able to meet the requirements of modern ferry transport in the future.

Between 20 December 2002 and 7 March 2003, the FS “Mecklenburg – Vorpommern” was
extended and refurbished at the “Remontowa” shipyard in Poland at a cost of around € 9
million. The previous cargo capacities have been increased to include an additional truck
deck with access via an internal ramp as well as a side cargo port. This means that the ferry
now offers 3,300 load metres of cargo space. “With this action, Scandlines is responding to
the general growth in demand on the transport market and the calls from our customers for
higher capacity, especially for the peak departures on the Rostock – Trelleborg route”, says
CEO Axel Bertram, explaining the company’s decision.

Scandlines also expects a further rise in transport volumes both in the combined cargo and
rail goods traffic segment in the future. This sector has experienced new momentum through
extended services for private rail transport companies within the framework of the North –
South Freight Freeways partnership.

The conversion work also included modernising the passenger facilities.
The FS “Mecklenburg – Vorpommern” now offers room for 600 passengers and truck drivers
with 161 cabins and 87 couchettes in 2 lounges. The additional services also include a
cinema, a children’s playroom, a self-service restaurant with 224 seats, a bar/lounge with 55
seats, a sauna and a solarium. This means that from March 2003 Scandlines will not only be
offering increased cargo capacity on the Rostock – Trelleborg ferry line, there will also be
improved service facilities for passengers.

Rostock, 4 March 2003

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