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									Sample Birthday Messages
by F ERO Z


Birthdays are special occasions in everyone’s life. It is that day of your
life, which calls for celebration. Thus, this special day is incomplete
without any birthday messages, which are conveyed for the long life of
the individual celebrating his birthday. Below are some of the sample
birthday messages.
Sample Birthday Messages
   Everyone says that birthdays are not a moment of celebration as
    you get to live one year lesser, but I say, “Who the heck cares?”
    Life is short, enjoy every moment of it. Happy birthday, many
    happy returns of the day.
   The number of birthday candles on your cake may increase. At the
    same time, I wish that the number of years in your life also
    increases. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!
   I wish that all your dreams come true. I wish that you have the
    best birthday party this year.
   It is that day of the year, when you move a year closer towards
    applying for your senior citizens card. It is that day of the year,
    when you complete one more year on this planet. It is that day of
    the year when we can wish you Happy Birthday.
   Wishing you the best birthday of your life. I wish you don’t have to
    spend it alone, but with your best of friends.
   A special day is always meant to be spent with special people. Your
    birthday is a special day and it is an honor that you are making us
    feel special by spending your birthday with us.
   May you have a long life and on this happy note let us celebrate
    your birthday together. Happy Birthday to you.
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