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          APPLICATION 2009

           “CHDOs Will Shine in 2009”

                  Submit Application To:

             Performance and Field Management
      Office of Planning Preservation and Development
                Ohio Housing Finance Agency
                     57 East Main Street
                   Columbus, Ohio 43215
                                   Ohio Housing Finance Agency
                     Office of Planning, Preservation, and Development (PP&D)

                             “CHDOs Will Shine in 2009”


   1. Refer to the “2009 CHDO Operating Grant Program Guidelines” when completing the
      application. An applicant may only apply for one grant, the HDGF pool or the Housing Credit
      (HC) Gap Financing pool. Please consult with OHFA staff should there be a question as to the
      appropriate type of grant.

   2. Be certain to adequately respond to each question and submit all attachments.

   3. The application must be divided into tabbed sections according to the index provided and placed
      in a three-ring binder.

   4. One original hard copy of the application must be submitted for OHFA review. An entire hard
      copy should be retained for the applicant’s files.

   5. Proposals must be received by OHFA no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 1,
      2009. Faxed copies will not be accepted.
                                                                        General Information

          Ohio Housing Finance Agency Community Housing Development Organization Application

          General Information
Non-Profit Information

a.         Non-Profit Name
          City or Township:
                   Zip Code:

b.                       Date of Incorporation:                                   Date Incorporated with the State of Ohio:
                       Federal Tax ID Number:                                   Date of certification as State Certified CHDO:

                           Contact Information          Last Name:                                             First Name:
c.                                                            Title:                                            Salutation:
                                                      Telephone #:                       (ext)                      E-mail:
                                                             Fax #:                                      Web Page Address:

                                Executive Director      Last Name:                                               First Name:
d.                                                    Telephone #:                                                     E-mail:

          Ohio Housing Finance Agency Community Housing Development Organization Application

          Threshhold Review


     1.   The CHDO must have a project that conforms to one of the following scenarios in order to be eligible to apply for funds.

                                The CHDO, not the parent affiliate was/is involved with at least one active/successful OHFA HDGF funded project from either the
                                2006, 2007, or 2008 program years within their designated service area, or has a 2009 application which has a reasonable
                                chance of receiving funding.

                                The CHDO, its parent, or a partnership of which the CHDO or its parent is the managing general partner was/is involved with a
                                project that participated in either the 2006, 2007, or 2008 HC Gap Financing program or is planning a proposal with a reasonable
                                chance to receive funding in 2009.

     2.   The organization is a State Certified CHDO.

     3.   What is your Housing Credit Tier Rating?                                                                      Year:

     4.   Did the CHDO attend Stategic Plan training sponsored by the Ohio CDC Association in 2008 or 2009?
     Ohio Housing Finance Agency Community Housing Development Organization Application

     Competitive Review

1.   The CHDO has served the local community at least one year prior to the date of this application. (Provide
     minutes, advertisment for a community activity, or a certificate of occupancy as documentation.)
2.   The CHDO's by-laws, charter or resolutions include a commitment of affordable housing. (Attach that segment
     of the by-laws, charter or resolution)

3.   Does the CHDO have public or for-profit entity control?
4.   Please describe the capacity of your organization and your ability to deliver housing projects.

5.   Would you characterize your staff as having a strong grasp on housing development? What are their
     qualifications? (Attach a staff roster, table of organization and resumes)

6.   Do you have a plan in place to ensure the delivery of services should the Executive Director resign or a key
     staff member leave the organization? Describe any cross training. (Attach a copy of the board approved
     succession plan)
7.    What steps have you taken in the last year to increase your capacity? This may include staff training
      relevant to housing development, increasing staff, the purchase of new equipment to improve business
      processes, Board development, or the use of consultants.

8.    Please describe your Board of Directors. Does board membership reflect the community and the full range
      of skills needed on the board? Include member's occupations and whether or not they meet the requirement of
      low-income community representation.

9.    What individual skills or expertise does your Board possess that will ensure effective oversight of the full range
      of activities carried out by the CHDO?

10.   A CHDO must have active community involvement. How does your agency engage the local community for
      planning or decision making? How do you engage the low-income residents of your service area?
11.   What strategies have you used to include representation of traditionally underrepresented groups, i.e. renters,
      seniors, the disabled, homeless?

12.   With the CHDO playing a direct development role, it will produce and complete housing projects that are
      responsive to community needs. Explain the process used to continually reassess community needs and
      local market conditions.

13.   What activities have you conducted in the past year in your community? (Block parties, grand openings, other
      special events, etc.) Attach a copy of a news article or advertisement for the event.

14.   Does your organization conform to the financial accountability standards of 24 CFR 84.21, "Standards for
      Financial Management Systems."?
      If yes, note attached evidence here:
      (Notarized statement by the president or CFO, a certification from a CPA, a HUD approved audit summary)

15.   Does your organization have a dedicated staff position for all accounting functions? Briefly describe the
      regular duties performed on a monthly basis.
16.   Explain how your organization uses accounting records to make strategic decisions. Attach your most recent
      annual audit, operating budget, and financial report to the Board.

17.   Describe your "designated service area" in detail. What are its challenges and assets? What services do you
      offer in that area?

18.   Describe the residents in your service area and their greatest housing needs.

19.   OHFA will support CHDO's who actively develop affordable housing within their designated service area
      through the use of HOME and/or Housing Trust Funds.

      Please complete the table with information on your OHFA funded projects. Include open and active projects.
                                                              Role (Developer,                     Status (Planning,
                        OHFA Tracking                         Owner, Sponsor, Budgeted             Under
  Project Name          Number            Location            etc.)            Developer Fee       Construction,
20.        From those projects listed above, how did you use the developer fees earned?

21.        For LIHTC projects, the CHDO should possess effective project control. The CHDO may, but does not have to
           be the owner. The CHDO must have an agreement with the owners or partners to allow it to make key
           decisions with regards to the selection, financing, improvement and management/disposition of the project.

           For projects in which you were not the sole owner, attach a copy of the partnership agreement. Which terms
           did you negotiate? What strengths did you bring to the deal? Were you instrumental in the funding
           applications assembly?

22.        What five factors are considered "must haves" in your site selection process? List these in order of importance.

23.        Describe the role of your organization in the development of past projects from site selection to funding
           to lease-up or sale. How did your commitment make the project a success?
24.   What role does your agency have in project design? What value added designs have you purposefully included
      in a project to meet the needs of its target population?

25.   What measures do you take to effectively market a property?

26.   Would you consider your OHFA projects a success, why?

27.   An active CHDO is engaged in the housing community and keeps abreast of industry-wide housing issues
      and housing policy. What steps have you taken to meet this standard?

28.   How do you evaluate the capacity of a development team member?
29.   Of the development team members you have partnered with in the past, did you consider the
      partnerships to be a success? Why?

30.   What partnerships have you developed with onther non-profits, civic groups, or churches to further your
      agency's mission?

31.   Do you participate in local municipal planning processes? In what role?

32.   Provide an example of a time when your organization faced an adverse condition with a housing project
      and how you were able to overcome it.

33.   If you have a strategic plan, please include it in the attachments. (This is not a requirement)

   Tab   Item
   1     Completed answers to questions 1-33
   2     Back-up Documentation corresponding to question #1 of Tab 1
         Proof of service to local community
   3     Back-up documentation to questions #2 of Tab 1
         Commitment to affordable housing
   4     Back-up Documentation corresponding to question #5 of Tab 1
         Staff Qualifications
   5     Back-up Documentation corresponding to question #6 of Tab 1
         Succession Plan
   6     Back-up Documentation corresponding to question #13 of Tab 1
         Advertisement of news article covering event
   7     Back-up Documentation corresponding to question #14 of Tab 1
         Evidence of Financial Management Standards
   8     Back-up Documentation corresponding to question #16 of Tab 1
         Financial Documents
   9     Back-up Documentation corresponding to question #21 of Tab 1
         Partnership Agreement
   10    Attach a copy of agency Strategic Plan

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