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					                        Sunergy Solar Powered 6.5' Lamp Post w/ 3
                        Lanterns and Planter

                                                               Sunergy Solar Powered 6.5' Lamp
                                                               Post w/ 3 Lanterns and Planter

                                                               Product By World Factory

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                                                                     Constructed from durable
                                                                      aluminum and poly resin in
                                                                      Black powder-coated finish
                                                                     Included optional non-planter
                                                                      base for ground mounting
                                                                     3 Lamp heads each
                                                                      containing 6 pieces of
                                                                      beveled glass
                                                                     6 super bright white LED per
                                                                     Includes 6 rechargeable
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                                                     Product Description
Light up your landscape with this elegant solar powered lamppost. Equipped with three lanterns and a planter base, it's
 an attractive accent by day and a welcoming source of light by night. The diameter of the shaft is 1.75-Inch at the top
                                               and 3-Inch at the bottom.

Simply place the lamppost where it will receive direct sunlight--there's no wiring or installation required. One large solar
  panel conveniently located at the top of the post collects the sun's energy and stores it in two C rechargeable NiCad
          batteries. The lanterns automatically turn on at dusk, providing bright, white light via 18 total LEDs.

  When filled with soil, the planter acts as a sturdy base--fill it with flowers for an extra-pretty touch. And moving the
     lamppost is a snap! Put it in any sunny area on your property, and transport it from spot to spot as needed.
Provides up to eight hours of light per charge. On/off switch. Cast Aluminum post and lanterns. Plastic planter. Some
                                                  assembly required.

                         Approximate measurements: Planter base 22""Diam, Post 79"" H.

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                         Sunergy Solar Powered 6.5' Lamp Post w/ 3 Lanterns and Planter
and Planter

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