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Peltor MT15H69FB 09 Com Tac II Headset 161


									                       Peltor MT15H69FB-09 Com-Tac II Headset

                                                         Peltor MT15H69FB-09 Com-Tac II

                                                         Product By Peltor

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                                                               Military approved Peltor Com-Tac
                                                                II Headset, water resistant for
                                                                outdoor usage
                                                               Military green ear cups with 2
                                                                input jacks on backside of either
                                                                ear cup
                                                               Protects against hearing loss with
                                                                a passive attenuation of 20dB
                                                               Includes microphone mounting
                                                                post (A44) (microphone not
                                                               1.1-pounds; requires 2 AA
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                                                    Product Description
  ComTac II Tactical Hearing Protectors - Tactical Headset Only GreenManufacture ID: MT15H69FB-09The ComTac II
 Tactical Headset is designed for tactical operational direction. This unit features a radio plug in port and a microphone
      port for two way communications and direction during operations. The unit is easily retrofitted to a two-way
communications set up. The electronics will instantaneously suppress harmful impact noises up 82 db inside the earcups
 while amplifiying ambient noises/voices up to 18 db which will give the a distinct advantage in operational situations.
 Headset Only.Features:- Excellent Helmet/ Head cover clearance- Weatherproof touch pad volume control- Electronic
   headset for military applications requires 2 AA batteries- Fits under PASGT MICH and ACH helmets- Covert black
            cup/wire arm color- Easily retrofitted to a 2-way communication set-up- NRR 21 - Microphone not
                                         includedSpecifications: - Color: OD Green
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Peltor MT15H69FB-09 Com-Tac II Headset

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