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									          CTE Substitutes for the LA Core 4
                 Course                                Substitutes For
                               Agriculture Education Courses
ABC Carpentry in Agriscience                     Applied Arts
ABC Electricity in Agriscience                   Applied Arts
ABC Welding Technology Agriscience               Applied Arts
Agriscience Construction Technology              Applied Arts
Agriscience Power Equipment                      Applied Arts
Animal Science                                   Science
Biotechnology in Agriscience                     Science
Cooperative Agriculture Education                Social Science
Environmental Studies in Agriscience             Science
Equine Science                                   Science
Floristry                                        Applied Arts
Forestry                                         Science
Horticulture                                     Science
Landscape Design, Construction, &                Applied Arts
Small Animal Care/Management                     Science
Veterinary Assistant                             Science
                                Business Education Courses
Introduction to Business Computer Applications Applied Arts
Accounting II                                    Applied Arts
Administrative Support Occupations               Social Science
Business Communication                           Social Science
Business Computer Applications                   Applied Arts
Computer Multi Media Presentations               Applied Arts
Cooperative Office Education                     Social Science
Desktop Publishing                               Applied Arts
Entrepreneurship                                 Social Science
Keyboarding Applications                         Applied Arts
Lodging Management II                            Social Science
Telecommunications                               Applied Arts
Web Design                                       Applied Arts
Web Design II                                    Applied Arts
Word Processing                                  Applied Arts
                               Marketing Education Courses
Advertising & Sales Promotion                    Social Science
Cooperative Marketing Education I                Social Science
Entrepreneurship                                 Social Science
Marketing Management                             Social Science
Marketing Research                               Social Science
Principles of Marketing II                       Social Science
Retail Marketing                                 Social Science
Tourism Marketing                                Social Science
                                Other (General CTE Courses)
CTE Internship                                   Social Science
Digital Media II                                 Applied Arts
General Cooperative Education II                 Social Science
STAR II                                          Social Science
Oracle Academy Courses: DB Programming
with PL/SQL                                      Science
                 Course                                Substitutes For
         CTE Substitutes for the LA Core 4
                    Family and Consumer Sciences Education Courses
Advanced Child Development                       Social Science
Advanced Clothing and Textiles                   Applied Arts
Advanced Nutrition and Foods                     Science
Early Childhood Education II                     Social Science
Family and Consumer Sciences II                  Social Science
Food Services II                                 Science
ProStart II                                      Social Science
                            Health Science Education Courses
Allied Health Services II                        Science
Dental Assistant II                              Science
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B) Science
Health Science II                                Science
Medical Assistant II                             Science
Sports Medicine III                              Science
                              Technology Education Courses
ABC Carpentry II TE                              Applied Arts
ABC Electrical II TE                             Applied Arts
ABC Welding Technology II                        Applied Arts
Advanced Electricity/Electronics                 Science
Advanced Metal Technology                        Applied Arts
Advanced Technical Drafting                      Applied Arts
Architectural Drafting                           Applied Arts
Process Technician II                            Science
                          Trade and Industrial Education Courses
ABC Carpentry II                                 Applied Art
ABC Electrical II                                Science
ABC Welding Technology II                        Applied Art
Cabinetmaking II                                 Applied Art
Commercial Art II                                Applied Art
Computer Service Technology II                   Science
Cosmetology II                                   Applied Art
Culinary Occupations II                          Applied Art
Custom Sewing II                                 Applied Art
Graphic Arts II                                  Applied Art
Horticulture II                                  Science
Networking Basics                                Science
Photography II                                   Applied Art
Routers and Routing Basics                       Science
Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing        Science
T&I Cooperative Education (TICE)                 Social Science
Television Production II                         Applied Art
Upholstery II                                    Applied Art
WAN Technologies                                 Science
Welding II                                       Applied Art

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