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					                    SAVE THE
                    TURTLES!!                                                                  Some sea turtles found
                                                                                                 in Hong Kong are
                                                                                                 tracked down by a
                                             Written by: Jacqueline Lam
                  The sandy beach at Sham Wan, adults and children – slept on the            their eggs.
              Lamma Island is the only known beach and would be quiet when the                   Chan said that although Hong
              regular nesting site of the Green sea turtles were here.” said 65-             Kong has stopped the poaching of
              Turtles in Hong Kong. The site is year-old Chan Kit-wan. “We                   sea turtle eggs, he is worried about
              also one of the few remaining picked up all the eggs, one by one,              the fate of the turtles’ worldwide.
              nesting sites in Southern China. It from behind as the turtles worked              Turtle butchers are still found in
              is a very important place for sea hard to squeeze them out right in            some places of the world. In
              turtles because they need to front of us.”                                     Indonesia, people barbecue turtle
              reproduce sea turtles and hatch           “They smelled like rotten fish,      meat during religious feasts.
              eggs. They are an extremely but they became a delicacy after                       “If we don’t stop people
              endangered species.                    we steamed them with oil, salt and      hunting them and their eggs, if we
                  Before every nesting season, soya sauce,” recalled Chan’s                  don’t protect them immediately,
              people from the Wetland Park husband, 73-year-old Chau Kit-                    it’s highly likely that they will
              clean the beach and pick up all the ling, whose ancestors settled on the       become extinct,” Chan said.
              rubbish. This is to prevent sea island several hundred years ago.                  The male turtles spend their life
              turtles getting stuck in the rubbish      They also said that the eggs         in the sea. The females, who swim
              or weeds. If they did, and no one bounce like ping-pong balls!                 long distances from their feeding
              discovered the turtle, it may die.        Now, Hong Kong people are            grounds to lay eggs in their
                  The number of female Green even tracking sea turtles by                    birthplace, return to the nest only
              Turtles nesting on the beach satellite. However some worry that                every two to six years. That makes
              changes from year to year.             the campaign to save the turtles        counting the turtles difficult.
                  Many people are still killing sea could be too little, too late,               Susanna Ho, said officials
              turtles for their shell to make           “There aren’t many sea turtles       finished a study on life in the
              medicine and food. Most Hong left,” said former mechanic Ming                  waters around Lamma Island about
              Kong people are struggling to help Chow, who ate his last turtle egg           a year ago.
              the sea turtles. Old villagers on 42 years ago, when he was just 13.               If people stop poaching around
              Lamma Island told of their “We should really protect them.”                    the world, sea turtles will soon
              memories of distant summer nights         Even now, the beach on Lamma         have peace again.
              when they crawled silently onto is closed during the nesting season
              the beach to see giant Green of the turtles, because if people go
              Turtles hatching eggs.                 onto the beach, they will distract
ghly that they will becomeus – men andsaid. “That’ll be very sad.” turtles that are laying
                  “All of extinct,” Chan women, the female sea
en and women, the female sea
ghly that they will become us inct,” Chan said. “That’ll be very sad.” turtles that are laying

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