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					                                                               “The Collie Connection”
                                                                           at DR Farms
                                                                   Dan & Nicci Rhodes
                                                                 9591 Stillmeadow Ln.
                                                                       Iola, TX 77861
                     COLLIE PUPPY SALES CONTRACT
On         , 1DR Farms agrees to sell the described Collie puppy below to:
Name: _________________________ Address: _______________________________
City: ____________________State: _____ Zip: ______ Phone: __________________
E-mail address: __________________________________ for the sum of 2$_________

                                    Collie Puppy:
Color:            ___Sable          ___Tri        ___Blue Merle                ___White
Coat Type:        ___Rough          ___Smooth
Sex:              ___Male           ___Female
Date of Birth:    ____________
                        Sire:                          Dam:
                        DR Thunder                     DR Cheyenne
AKC Registration #      DN00241504                     DN07285003

AKC Registration papers will be furnished for the puppy upon payment in full. It is
understood the DR Farms does no make any guarantees as to the show quality of this
puppy. That said, the puppy is highly representative of the breed and is
temperamentally sound as a companion pet. This dog is guaranteed for 48 hours against
any health or temperament irregularities. It is strongly recommended that the new
owner have the puppy examined by a reputable Veterinarian as soon as possible. The
puppy has received the required vaccinations and the shot record is provided to the new
   • Distemper/Parvo with Leptospira (DHPPL)

It is important that your Veterinarian does not medicate your Collie with
Ivermec/Ivermectin, as it could be harmful to your Collie! Although Ivermec/Ivermectin
is commonly used in many treatments for canines, the Collie breed is not one of the
breeds that it should be used on! Ivermec/Ivermectin MAY CAUSE DEATH FOR
YOUR COLLIE! Your Veterinarian will tell you that Heartguard is fine for use on Collies
which is true however; since there are several alternatives that do not contain
Ivermec/Ivermectin such as Interceptor, DR Farms does not recommend
Ivermec/Ivermectin for your Collie.

If the Collie is being shipped as a part of the sale any required health certificate will be
acquired on behalf of the purchaser.
It is normal for a puppy to be a bit unsure when they are first introduced into a new
home. They may exhibit anxiety such as crying until they have become more familiar
with their new home. DR Farms recommends that you have your puppy entered in
Obedience training classes which are available in your community.

A full refund will be provided during the initial 48 hour period for any reason as long as
the puppy and registration papers are returned to DR Farms. DO NOT fill out the AKC
owner registration paperwork, mail it to AKC, or register the puppy on the AKC website
online until you are certain you will be keeping the puppy!

No other guarantees, other than in the case of hereditary, life threatening defects which
have developed during the dogs first year, and render it unsuitable as a pet, are given.
A defective dog will be replaced as soon as one becomes available. No monetary refunds
are given after the initial 48 hour period.

The buyer agrees never to surrender this dog to an animal shelter, ASPCA, or
any other organization that uses euthanasia as a means of dealing with
unwanted animals. DR Farms agrees to take back any puppy/dog it has bred no
questions asked if it ever becomes necessary for the owner to give up the dog.

We strongly recommend spaying/neutering the pet within the first 12 months for the
dogs health and to prevent an unwanted litter. This is recommended to be done for your
Collie puppy before ___________.

New Owner Signature: ________________________________ Date: ______________

DR Farms: _________________________________________ Date: ______________
 DR Farms a Collie breeder and AKC member is proud to have sold Birds & Animals
Unlimited several of our puppies that are performing in a number of high profile
situations. As an AKC breeder we are very dedicated to not only breeding a quality collie
puppy but we are also proud that we stay in touch with the owners of our puppies to
provide an additional educational resource.
 If the Collie puppy is being shipped as a part of the sale the shipping cost including, but
not limited to any required health certificate, kennel crate cost, and any shipping cost
required by the shipper will be in addition to the agreed contract cost listed above.
DR Farms will arrange for the shipping and reserves the sole right to reject the
requested manner, conditions, or time of shipping as the health of the puppy is
ultimately our number one concern.

We can be found on the World Wide Web at: or can be
reached by Email at

Thank you for your future love and care you will provide your new companion!

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