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Gerri Detweiler - Consumer credit expert
 Dedicated consumer advocate ensuring that credit practices better
  serve, inform and protect consumers
 1,500 interviews including CNN, The New York Times, Dateline,
  Readers Digest and the Today Show
 Testified before Congress

Daniel Massey – Director, Product Management
 Extensive knowledge of credit and banking industries
 Developed and managed cutting edge web-based financial products
 Managed enterprise support centers for top-tier financial institutions
               Session 3

Around the Clock Identity Theft
    Detection & Protection
       Standard Precautions
       Uncommon Knowledge
       Early Detection Checklist
       Fraudulent Detection & Resolution
              Standard Precautions

         What You Already Know
   Shred all documents you intend to discard
   Check your mailbox regularly; add a lock
   Never give out your entire social security #
   Change passwords often
   Use passwords that are not easy to guess
   Provide personal/financial information sparingly
             Uncommon Knowledge

              Online vs. Offline
   Online is safer than paper transactions
   Online fraud is less severe, less costly
   Fraud detected earlier online than on paper
   Online victims experienced 1/8 financial loss
   Majority of identity fraud crimes are self-detected
Identity Theft Incidents
                24 x 7 Protection

                  Move Online
   Develop an understanding of financial activity
   Pay your bills online
   Set up online alerts
   Monitor your credit report monthly
   Keep anti-virus, spyware & backup systems
                Fraudulent Activity

 Review changes in your credit report each month
 Watch new inquiries, accounts, address changes
 Watch financial accounts for unusual activities, set
  up alerts for early notification
 Research suspicious activity quickly
 Monitor accounts for over a year after breech
 Watch for latest scams
              Fraudulent Activity

   Contact id theft insurance company
   Get a police report
   Fill out ID theft affidavit (
   Order free credit reports
   Dispute fraudulent accounts and inquiries
   Keep excellent records!
   Place a fraud alert on your credit report
   Contact attorney if needed
          24/hour Watchdog!

 Affordable / Comprehensive
 Monthly credit report from CSC/Equifax
 Online account monitoring with alerts
 ID theft insurance through AIG
Integrated Dispute Letters

               • Professional templates
                 authored by credit
               • Easily personalized
               • Detailed instructions
               • Ensures results.
                    Insurance Benefit

                ID Theft and
           Credit Fraud Insurance
 $25,000 coverage, no deductible
 Provided by AIG (the leading international insurance organization)
 Insurance coverage includes:
       • Legal Defense Fees And Expenses
       • Lost wages, including self employed
       • Out of pocket expenses (ex: Notary costs)
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