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									                                   Advisor Agreement
                           Southern Connecticut State University
                                    501 Crescent Street
                                  New Haven, CT 06515

To the Office of Student Life:
As a member of the University, I am willing to serve as the faculty advisor to

a recognized organization at Southern Connecticut State University.
I agree, if I am appointed by the University to serve in this capacity, to carry out the following

       A. To be knowledgeable about the purpose and program of the organization;
       B. To ensure that the officers and members of the organization are informed of
          University policies, rules, and procedures;
       C. To ensure that University policies, rules, and procedures governing student activities
          and student organizations are followed;
       D. To ensure that officers of the organization are selected according to the procedures
          stated in the organization’s constitution;
       E. To ensure that all funds, including Student Activity Fees, are maintained and
          expended according to the rules and procedures established by the Student
          Government Association Board of Finance;
       F. To be aware of all meetings and activities of the organization and to attend meetings
       G. To attend and supervise all activities, programs and events sponsored by the
          organization on and off campus as deemed necessary by the Office of Student Life
          and/or the univeristy. The advisor is expected to be in attendance from the start of an
          event to its conclusion;
       H. To ensure that requests for University services or appeals of administrative decisions
          are processed through the faculty advisor;
       I. To immediately inform the Office of Student Affairs when the organization is
          disbanded or becomes inactive.

       J. To ensure that the organization fulfills any and all obligations required by the Student
          Affairs Committee.

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