Premium Hitachi Wand System 750

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					                        Premium Hitachi Wand System

                                                              Premium Hitachi Wand System

                                                              Product By Hitachi

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                                                                    Includes: Hitachi Wand
                                                                     (Retail Value $40)
                                                                    Wand Controller ($39)
                                                                    The Love Seat ($99)

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                                                    Product Description
   The Love Seat is a cushion made from a soft hypoallergenic foam, fully machine washable, that will hold most wand
 massagers and let your hands be able to roam. Simply insert the massager through the hole, letting the head stick out,
and get ready to ride. You will feel all the vibrations without having to hold the wand! This makes it great as you can use
your hands to pleasure yourself in other areas or your partner. It can also be used while being intimate with your partner
as you can straddle the cushion backwards for from behind positions. We highly recommend using the wand controller as
 it will give you easy access over the speed of the wand and will help to keep your hands free. Measurements: 14 inches
                                               in length and 8.5 inches in width.

                                         Comes with all items shown in picture.
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Premium Hitachi Wand System

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