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									                           How To Avoid Acne Issues

It is clear acne is largely a genetic issue and it could be in many cases inescapable, but don't be upset
there are plenty of different ways to treat acne and prevent current acne from spreading and avoid
further breakouts.

First essential rule is, drink plenty of water. Water plumps and hydrates your skin; it also cleanses
the body of all the waste products and harmful toxins that can contribute to spots. You have possibly
noticed how someone who drinks many water is likely to have much better glowing skin compared
to someone who does not. Take numerous glasses of drinking water every day and see the

Use a good but delicate face wash. It is important to find out your skin type first, if you have a lot
of spots your skin type may just be oily, if you have spots in some areas but several dry skin in
others, your skin is combo, In case your skin is neither greasy or dry, your skin type is normal and if
your skin is very dry and hypersensitive and you never suffer from spots, your skin type is dry.

People who suffer with acne usually have either oily or combination skin, however everyone can get
the odd spot from time to time. Never use anything stringent or hard on acne, this will only irritate
and make the situation even worse. Never over wash your face, twice a day is sufficient, cleaning
more than twice per day could over-stimulate the oil glands in your face resulting in extra acne

Spend money on several Tea Tree oil. Tea Tree oil is an organic antiseptic and has fantastic
antibacterial qualities, used for centuries as a home remedy to treat many conditions and is extremely
beneficial for healing pimples as well as to aid stop acne breakouts from developing. It is possible to
purchase Tea Tree oil available as face washes, bars of soap or perhaps as a stick to be applied
directly to the pimple. It has the tendency to be quite drying on the face so it is best to limit its use
and never use it around the eyes.

Ensure that while you are washing your face, if you use a towel to dry your face that you do not use
the exact towel for cleaning anywhere else. The microbes and bacteria on the towel may possibly
transfer to your face and promote much more acne. Never use a towel that is too rough, if you
already have acne your skin can still be sensitive and rigorous massaging of the towel on the face
will not only irritate the skin but make it painful and could worsen acne symptoms.

If you have particularly acute acne do not squeeze them out, you have to look for medical assistance.
Certain kinds of acne can leave irreversible ugly scarring; you have to be treated with the appropriate
medication to prevent this from developing. Regular acne will disappear at their own accord without
you having to do anything at all but they usually are dried out by applying an over the counter spot

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