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									Active Listening System Overview
 December 6, 2010
Allegiance Overview

 Allegiance enables enterprises to collect actionable, real-
 time feedback from customers, employees, and partners
 providing decision makers with immediate and
 measurable information for an accountable response.

 The Allegiance Active Listening System combines:
  •   Customer Loyalty
  •   Employee Retention
  •   Partner Relations
  •   Ethics Hotline
  •   Informative Surveys
  •   Mystery Shopping

 In a single, integrated, 100% Internet-architected product suite
Allegiance at a Glance

  Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

  700+ companies; 3 million+ employees & students

  Customers/partners throughout North America & Europe

  Proven experience across multiple industries

  Privately held, strong financial position

  Outstanding customer references
The Problem: Employee Retention

-   Average employee turnover is 20-
    50% per year

-   Average cost of a lost employee is
    equal to 150% of their annual salary

-   One complaint represents the
    feelings of seventeen others with
    the same concern

Source: Bain & Co., Forum Corporation
The Problem: Customer Loyalty

                                     -   Average company loses 15 to 20%
                                         of their customer base each year

                                     -   40% of customer complaints
                                         reported that they received ‘Nothing’
                                         in response to complaining about
                                         their most serious problem

                                     -   85% of online consumers and 55%
                                         of offline consumers will take their
                                         business elsewhere if they have a
                                         bad customer experience

Source: Customer Care Measurement and Consulting, A.T. Kearney Consulting
Market Demanding Better Solutions

        “Your customers can and should be a dynamic
        source of ongoing innovation and inspiration for
        your organization. If you don’t have infrastructures
        or apps that make it easy for them, you should.”
        Michael Schrage
        CIO Magazine

        “If people are not valued for their worth,
        productivity, creativity, or other contribution, they
        will leave to work for a place that does value them.
        …employee retention is key to customer retention.
        When employee turnover increases, a company’s
        customer defection rate will likely rise.”
        “The High Price of Turnover”
         Rick Villegas
Active Listening System Delivers
Integrated, Comprehensive Solution

       Enterprise Feedback Management

Customer   Employee   Partner     Informative   Mystery     Ethics
Feedback   Feedback   Relations     Surveys     Shopping   Reporting

             Active Listening System Platform

       Make more informed company decisions
       Obtain recommendations to address concerns
       Decrease ethical violations
  Existing Solutions Fall Short

Communication Break-down   ALS Feedback Control Center


       HR     GC
                    COO              ALS
        CFO    CMO
Active Listening System @ Work


                             Scenario One:
                              Open Response
                                                      Action   Your Company


     Partners                             Allegiance Hosted Service
Active Listening System @ Work



                           Scenario Two:
                            Triggered Event
                                                              Your Company
                           www                       Survey


     Partners                           Allegiance Hosted Service
Executive Dashboards
Management Console
Feedback Detail
Analytics and Recommendation
The Allegiance Advantage

  Gather critical feedback in real-time
  Consolidate from all „touch points‟
  Delegate to accountable person
  Real-time tracking, trending, and reporting for informed
  decision making
  Truly anonymous third-party system
  Faster resolve of issues and concerns
  Improved service quality & customer/employee loyalty
  Quick return on investment
Customer Loyalty Impacts Profit

    A 5% increase in customer retention can increase
    profits by as much as 100%


                                  Acquisition – Defection = Plateau
    ALS has increased customer feedback from
    6% to 20% on average
    Source: Harvard Business Review, ALS Usage Report
Employee Retention ROI Alone is Huge

  Based on industry research, a hypothetical case study:
  •   Headcount: 1000 employees
  •   Average compensation: $36,000 / yr.
  •   Average cost of lost employee: 1 x annual wage
  •   Average turnover rate: 20% / yr.

  Aggregate waste equals $7.2 million per year

  10% reduction in annual turnover equals a savings
  of $720,000 (equal to a reduction from 20% to 18%)

  Mountain America CU reduced turnover by 38%
  with Allegiance
  Allegiance @ Work in Finance

                                      Zions Bank Selects Allegiance to
                                      Deliver Suite of Enterprise
                                      Feedback Tools

                                      - Banking, Credit, and Cash Management
                                      -$50 Billion in Assets, 450 Branches
                                      - Consolidation of all feedback
                                      - Reduced response times more than 10X
                                      - Increased Customer Satisfaction & Profit
“With our implementation of the
Allegiance feedback system Zions
Bank has moved toward a business
philosophy that consistently places
the customer and employee front
and center.”
    Allegiance @ Work in Healthcare

                                            Robert Wood Johnson Hospital
                                            Increases Response Efficiency and
                                            Overall Service Quality

                                            - Leading Academic Medical Center
                                            - Treating 15,000+ Patients Annually
                                            - Ability to Quickly Respond to Patient Issues
                                            - Reduced Service Cycles, Improved Response
                                            - 2004 Baldrige Presidential Award Winner
“The excellent functionality of the
Allegiance system and the team supporting
it enables RWJUH to significantly enhance
patient satisfaction and employee
productivity in handling patients and
service opportunities.”

  You need to assign a ‘Dedicated Feedback Manager’

 We do the rest…

  Web-based model – limited I.T. burden

  Rapid deployment – up and running in a few weeks

  Flexible customization – meeting your specific needs

  Comprehensive training – ensuring maximum return

  Ongoing support and system consulting – best practices

  Gauge current attitudes of customers, employees,
  partners and others

  Improve workplace culture and keep employees longer

  Build loyalty with customers, partners and employees

  Make informed company decisions based on hard data

  Decrease ethical violations that may be occurring

  Increase your profitability by quickly responding to input

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