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					Putting Insurance Companies To Work For You

   (NAPS)—Car insurance may be
one of the last things that comes
to mind when you think about
saving time, but the insurance
company you choose can actually
have a big impact on your time
should trouble strike.
   If you’re in an accident that
results in a claim, you could spend
days handling the claims/repair
process yourself.
   That’s one reason it’s a good
idea to check out insurance
options that can save you time.
For instance, the concierge-level of   contacts an auto body shop that
claims service offered by The          has       met       strict     quality
Progressive Group of Insurance         requirements. Progressive and the
Companies is a unique claims           shop reach an agreement on the
repair option that takes only 15       cost of the repairs and the shop
minutes to complete. Simply drop       trans-ports the vehicle to the
off the damaged vehicle at one of      facility to begin repairs.
Progressive’s facilities offering                When work is finished,
this service and a claims              the vehicle is returned to the
representative handles the entire      insurance facility, where your
claims/repair process for you—         claims representative and the
from start to finish.                  body shop inspect the repairs.
   Here’s how the process works:                 After the insurance
         You can call or go online     company is satisfied with the
to report a claim—anytime of the       repairs, you are called to pick up
day or night—and schedule an           your car. You inspect the repairs
appointment to bring the vehicle       and, if satisfied, drive off with a
to a nearby facility offering the      guarantee on those repairs for as
concierge-level of claims service.     long as you own the vehicle.
         In about 15 minutes,
you’re in a rental car (if included       Throughout the process, you
on your policy) with assurance         receive updates via phone or
that you’ll receive updates from       online. For more information
your claims representative.            contact Fred Vogel Insurance.
         Your claims
representative prepares a repair
estimate and

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